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Re-edited and expanded from the original seven marketing tools collection appearing on 7thFloor n.12, the one that follows is my own, up-to-date, personal list of cool internet marketing tools that I use regularly to do my own marketing, analysis and promotion work on the net. Identify niche relevance and advertising keywords volume and cost by using Google's own data. Search, compare and identify relevant and in-demand keywords for any product or service market niche. Serve automatically best paying ads on your site automatically selected from all the top international ad networks.
Outstanding toolkit to analyze site issues and problems that may limit visibility on major search engines as well as excellent data about your site content and visitors preferences. Of all the courses available online, cosmetology seems to be the most flexible, thus you hear a lot of salon professionals ask, “Where can I renew my cosmetology license online?”. Maintaining a professional license in cosmetology is the first step in staying employable whether you are an independent contractor or not. If you have not received a letter you can research if your state allows online renewal by simply calling or going to your state board website.
Sometimes before you can renew your local state board may require more units of cosmetology courses. You can obtain state board tests approved hours through various websites and online tests as well.
Before completing your license renewal you will be asked to pay a license renewal fee, this fee is based on the individual state board and varies by state. Like any other licenses, your cosmetology license has to be renewed by law in order to provide beauty services and charge. Fortunately, unlike your driver’s license the cosmetology licensing process is simple and painless— whew, thank God!. However you should consider follow these quick tips to make your renewing process run smoothly.
Thanks again to my ongoing collaboration with Italian future-looking magazine 7thFloor for which I have been producing a small multi-part content section called "Yellow Pages for explorers and innovators", I am bringing to you the extended and upgraded version of a small collection of useful online marketing tools I have selected for their latest issue.

Feel free to share and highlight your own cool marketing tools and to promote your own site if you would like to, by using the comment section right below. Since most post grad cosmetology professionals are applying and renewing licenses, it is good to know where to go to update your license for renewal. Renewing a license is essential and with the Internet era most states allow cosmetologist who hold a license in that state to renew online. When it is time to renew your license online, you will receive a letter from your local state board.
There are no long lines, no practical or written examination, and no photographs showing a bad hair day — ridiculous!
Often, licensing boards experience a rush of renewals at the end of the month and getting your new license will take you longer than expected, which will definitely stress you.
That letter will tell you if renewing online is an option – most states have implemented online renewal. These hours are usually education courses in sanitation, public health, or hair coloring and cutting techniques.
There are plenty of tools that can make writing, creating, and sharing content a bit easier for you. You don’t have to use fancy words or elaborate analogies to catch people’s attention and build your audience. You know your business better than anybody, so that makes you the most eligible and most passionate content marketer you could possibly employ. The best way to go about it is to brainstorm your ideas, write them down, and then decide how to best strategize putting those ideas online for your potential customers.You can create your own blogs simply by writing passionately about your thoughts and ideas.
You could also forward ideas and have other individuals in your business generate content while you add your own personal touch.
Google Drive Google has a long list of valuable tools (most of which I recommend), but Google Drive is very important and one you should put to use. Google Drive is simple, affordable, and a great-go-to tool to help you create valuable content and ease the efforts of sharing it.

Google Drive is Google’s free web-based word processor, spreadsheet, and presentation application.
The online app allows users to easily share documents and collaboratively work on them in real time. With Google Drive, you can share your thoughts and ideas with business partners or others on your team and be able to collaborate.
Google Drive is a great place to keep your editorial calendars for easy sharing and collaboration during the content-planning process.
Another awesome feature is the ability to access your content from any computer or device, which makes managing content very efficient. You can share media including movies, images, music, and PDFs with other users and see changes being made to documents in real time while simultaneously being able to create and reply to comments and receive feedback.
If you have found yourself in need of specifically crafted content, then this is the place to go. Ebyline is an efficient way to create content quickly and easily so that you don’t have to do it yourself.
This eliminates the need to search endlessly for yet another freelancer whose quality and dependability are always in question. This tool alleviates all those worries for you and can provide original articles, photos, and videos produced exclusively for your publication, brand, or blog.
Finding quality freelancers can be a crapshoot, but Ebyline has created an approved network of quality journalists, photographers, and video producers who have credentials to cover news, lifestyle, sports, technology, and more.

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