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Naturally this has led to the humorous prediction that we’ll soon see previews for previews of previews (and so on); but I digress.
While in recent weeks we’ve confirmed some pretty interesting (and fan-servicing) facts about the film, the Transformers 4 Super Bowl trailer was pretty light on extensive plot details. That puts not only Cade but his daughter Tessa (Nicola Peltz) and her hot-rod driver boyfriend Shane (Jack Reynor) in the crosshairs – alongside an arrogant designer named Joshua (Stanley Tucci) who is reverse-engineering his own Transformers using leftover parts from the first trilogy (sure that ends up well). CLICK the IMAGE for a bigger version.This poster looks like one of those that will connect with other posters for a wider banner image.

The two obvious questions this particular segment raises are:What is that strange weapon Cade is holding? Is that something he fashioned out of Cybertronian tech?What is that strange vessel in the background? Friends or foes?–The Autobots: Franchise staples Optimus Prime and Bumblebee will be back, but Hasbro has to sell toys, and that means introducing new action figures character to movie universe. Fans have been most vocal about the fact that The Dinobots will be in the movie, including iconic Dinobot leader Grimlock, who made a big debut at the end of the Super Bowl trailer.

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