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In the same way that putting  up a bunch of text and reading it or explaining it when the audience can just read it doesn’t work when presenting face-to-face, it also doesn’t work when presenting online. Also, when presenting in person, the speaker herself provides a whole additional point of interest. So, why do so many webinars leave text-heavy slides on screen, unchanged, for minutes at a time?
When I was younger and I had to make Powerpoint presentations, I never really liked to do them. Putting together a good presentation is necessary to capture the interest of your audience.
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Every day, according to Microsoft, more than 30 million PowerPoint presentations are delivered. Color scheme, font choices, and graphics work together to make your presentation readable and interesting.
The color scheme you choose for your presentation will affect its readability both when projected on a screen and when viewed on the Web. The color combinations have already been carefully chosen and work mostly well both in projection and on the Web. As with print documents, using a combination of serif and sans serif fonts--one for headings, the other for body text--provides contrast and interest to your slides.
Drop shadows can emphasize text and allow you a wider range of color choices for your text by setting it off from the background. Smaller font sizes may allow you to squeeze information on a slide and have it look acceptable in a PowerPoint presentation. A drop shadow set too far from the text allows the background to show through making the text less readable. Small, detailed graphics, when converted for the Web, may not work as well as large graphics.
Screen captures generally do not work well in presentations which will be converted to HTML.

Using the Display Properties dialog box on your computer to adjust the display can improve the quality of your screen captures. For more general information on customizing your Windows XP display, refer to Changing the Appearance of Windows XP. Much harder than creating decent slides for use face-to-face, and most people can’t do that. The presenter can move around, wave her hands, point at things, look at the audience, smile, or even accidently trip and fall.
That can mean a new slide, or animation within a slide, or the use of mark-up tools to annotate or highlight slides. The slides don’t animate, so everything I say above about using animation is impossible to achieve.
For an on-demand recording of presentations, I think there are plenty of solutions out there that support animation, and that’s far more important than being able to place a video of a presenter next to a static slide. Since then I’ve tried my hardest to stay away for Powerpoint and have been successful for quite a while. Notice that it doesn’t have to be fancy and overdecorated, but it should be bold, concise and interesting. A local TV station (TV13) uses a combination of a dark blue background, orange accents and white text for slides in its weather forecast.
The shadow setting you choose in combination with the font will determine the effectiveness of this text enhancement. A serif font on a marble background may compromise readability, so you may want to use a sans serif font. However, the process of converting the presentation to HTML may distort the information and make it unreadable.
If you plan to convert your presentation to HTML, the colors, size, and detail of the graphics are important considerations.
But the thing is, that if your slides aren’t good, then presenting a webinar effectively just becomes incredibly difficult. The audience will read the slide in five seconds, and then the slides will be ignored for the next couple of minutes.

Leave things unchanged for longer than fifteen seconds, and things become unnecessarily difficult for the presenter. As static slides add so little, just skip them and upload a video of yourself to YouTube if you want to record a speech. Sign up for our free online PowerPoint course and learn to make compelling visual presentations. However, as my taste in design has matured, I’ve realized new ways to actually make my presentations attractive. Today, we’re going to show you some slides from some really wonderful presentations that were shared at Note And Point. Creating the right presentation (or as some call them, decks) takes some time — it’s not the same beast as web design but can incorporate things from it.
If you anticipate saving your presentation as HTML, you will want to make choices for colors, fonts, and graphics that work well both in your screen presentation and on the Web. Our style of slides uses plenty of animation within each slide, but then, we’re pretty good at using PowerPoint.
I’ve also learned that simpler, yet creative presentations get the job done with most audiences.
Some people do these things – even in a small meeting room with a presenter next to them – but not as many as do it when nobody is watching and when the speaker is in another city. Interacting with the slides to focus the audience’s attention on something, or using the ‘B’ or ‘W’ keys to blank out the slide to make the audience focus on the presenter, can take this further. The audience start multi-tasking, and the presenter needs to work really hard to retain – or regain -attention.
Make the speaker invisible – because they are presenting online – and all of a sudden the slides need to work much harder.
Consider using an assistant, present from notes, or plan breaks from a script to show things on screen.

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