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Select an image, this will break it down into the bead colors and panels to turn it into a perler bead project. All kinds of resources such as videos, presentations and multimedia are available to help us.
A Timeline is a type of graphic organizer used to show a sequence of events ordered over a period, using a scale from minutes to millions of years.
Its use is simple, just enter the data into a template: event, start date, end date, place, notes and source of information. Until recently, the availability of programs to develop timelines was the only downloadable type. To begin with a timeline, You should have well organized, showing the information in its correct order, hierarchical and without saturating the area with too much information. Although with Word or Excel it is possible to create timelines with lots of patience and spending time, there are applications and online tools available especially for the timeline.
This web application has everything you need to create multimedia timelines with videos, photographs and background audio with music or narration. If you want something more classic, here is timelines dotted to Show text and images on mouse over. Rememble helps you to create interactive timelines with video, photography, text and virtually anything that you pass through the head. If you need something simpler, Xtimeline will meet your expectations, since it offers the possibility of creating simple timelines, with text only or little presence of the images. With several payment plans, this service also offers the option to create a free account for your own timelines, with text or images. It creates classic timeline with specific dates, periods of time, symbols and explanatory cards with the option to also include photographs and little else. Sugou Nobuyuki (????, Sugo Nobuyuki?) is the former chief of the research institute of RECT Inc., RECT Progress.
In the real world, Nobuyuki has short, slicked back hair, dark eyes and glasses, and wears a business suit. In ALfheim Online (ALO), his avatar, Oberon, has green eyes and wings, shoulder length blonde hair. Originally selected by Asuna's father to marry Asuna, he was adopted into her family on her father's wishes. Nobuyuki hides his true personality, especially in front of Asuna's father but shows his true colors to Kazuto as soon as they were left alone. Nobuyuki also viewed himself as a god that could get anything he wanted, viewing other people as inferiors who tried to interfere with his actions, and often abused his GM status to flaunt his "god"-like status. Unlike Akihiko, however, Nobuyuki is a poor fighter, as when he tried to attack Kirito after the latter had given him the strongest weapon in ALO, Kirito parried with ease. As the Fairy King Oberon, Nobuyuki kept Asuna locked up in a giant bird cage at the top of the World Tree. After Kirito managed to ascend the World Tree and reach Asuna, Oberon appeared and used his administrator privileges to keep Kirito pinned down with powerful gravity magic. Afterwards, in the real world, Nobuyuki attempted to kill Kazuto with a knife when he was running to Asuna's hospital. Non Canon: Some or all events and details given in this section, may be considered non-canon to the main story. Sugou Nobuyuki attempted to hack into Aincrad in an attempt to retrieve the minds of the players for his experiment on manipulating human emotions. Eventually, Kirito saw Klein confront Alberich, who used a mysterious weapon to forcefully transport a player somewhere else upon a single touch.
Alberich reappeared after the defeat of one of the last few Floor Bosses, revealing his true identity and his plans of creating a program to control the emotional states of people and to sell the program throughout the world. Alberich was then imprisoned along with the rest of his group by the Clearing, and remained inactive during the rest of the game. Nobuyuki appears in Sword Art Online: Infinity Moment as Alberich and like his ALO avatar, his appearance bears no resemblance to his real life form. Nobuyuki's ALO avatar, Oberon, is based on a fictional character with the same name who is the king of the fairies in medieval and Renaissance literature. Titania is the name that Nobuyuki gave to Asuna's first avatar in ALO while she was trapped, though she rejected it repeatedly. Todd Haberkorn, Nobuyuki's English voice actor, also voices Crimson Kingbolt in Accel World, another series written by Kawahara Reki. Eberron is a world that’s been crafted from the ground up to be deep, rich and complex.
As for the details on locations, each country on the continent of Khorvaire is explained with details on major cities and locations, advice on adventure ideas for every part of the region, and is provided with detailed maps of each country.
Disclaimer: For any content that you post, you hereby grant to Deadhouse Gates the royalty-free, irrevocable, perpetual, exclusive and fully sublicensable license to use, reproduce, modify, adapt, publish, translate, create derivative works from, distribute, perform and display such content in whole or in part, world-wide and to incorporate it in other works, in any form, media or technology now known or later developed. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. Here is a list of perler bead pattern makers which helps you turn images into perler bead templates.
Here is a step-by-step tutorial on how to create a custom palette, and how to convert an image to be perler bead pattern using the palette.

Both in the field of education or as a professional is increasingly more necessary to strive to reach audiences (colleagues, students) in a simple and fun way. Timeline creator is a very handy resource; it is a type of diagram used to organize information taking the time frame into account, which may be years, months or days.
It also allows to record and plot a wide range of chronological events that include genealogies, historical events, cultural or scientific progress, etc..
Usually, the information entered in the template can be presented in three formats: simple chronology, detailed and graphic timeline Timeline (in most cases horizontal and in others, like Facebook, vertical). Here are some online and some applications which help you creating a timeline with least effort. It is a plug-in for Powerpoint offering templates and tools for creating timelines for presentation. Your options to share the timeline are varied since you can integrate it into your web page or share it via email, Facebook, Twitter or Delicious.
As in the previous case, you have the possibility of creating timelines and integrating them into your personal page, or share them on Facebook or Twitter.
In any case, you can create a listing of events that, when clicked, displays a tab with extended information. He was Fairy King Oberon (????????, Yosei-o Obeiron?), the main antagonist of the Fairy Dance Arc. He wears a crown, a long dark green robe and a green cloak, both with an emerald-like jewel.
Nobuyuki is an amoral and greedy entrepreneur, having kidnapped 300 players from SAO for his experiment on manipulating the human mind, which he planned to sell to other companies. Nobuyuki also harmed many people, especially their feelings, and thought that they were helpless to do anything about it. Nobuyuki also has low tolerance for pain; even a slice on the cheek was enough to make him panic. In the real world, he confronted the powerless Kazuto by voicing his intentions of wedding the unconscious Asuna. Once Kirito and Asuna were unable to move due to the gravity magic, he manipulated a menu to call down 2 chains, which he used to shackle Asuna.
Even though he was in control of the situation for a little while and even had the chance to deal a fatal blow, due to the pain and fogginess of his right eye he missed and Kazuto soon mustered the strength needed to overpower him. As a result, he and several members of his team ended up getting sucked into Aincrad themselves. Kirito demanded another duel with Alberich, who believed that their last duel was a fluke, and ended up winning.
Alberich then used the privileges of his super account to paralyze everyone and slowly destroy them using the Hollow Avatar creature, which was intended to be used as the final Floor Boss. After the Aincrad incident ended, Sugou Nobuyuki was reported to have been stripped of his position and arrested due to the complaints and comments made by all the surviving players, as well as an investigation report that supported such claims.
He is best known as a character in William Shakespeare's play, A Midsummer Night's Dream, in which he is Consort to Titania, Queen of the Fairies.
It’s a world strongly influenced by different planes of existence, where extraplanar incursions are a dangerous fact of life. It’s a world of sentient constructs, airships, magical items in abundance, cities floating in the sky, even a rail system connecting kingdoms powered by lightening elementals. The standard beginning of the campaign takes place in the two years following a huge civil that took place between five kingdoms. More on them later.) Changelings are a race of half-dopplegangers that can make subtle changes to their appearances, and usually make for good rogue-ish characters.
Dragon Marked are people of different races who are broken up into different houses, each with their own purposes and agendas. It is open source software, which means you’re free to modify and redistribute it as much as you want.
Now, a good number of excellent online Free timeline maker applications, which have all the advantages and features that the Web 2.0 offers to enrich learning environments.
In this case, besides in timeline form it also has a tabular view with dates and text, more practical in the case of having longer texts. In addition, you can integrate the result on your personal page, share the link and even print it directly from the browser. As in the above cases, you can integrate the timeline into your web page or share it from the URL link. He has a pale skin, long pointed ears, as do all the characters except Cait Siths, but his have gold leaves on top, like Asuna's Titania avatar. Once «Sword Art Online» was cleared (until that point the SAO servers were untouchable) he was able to hack into SAO server via router and obtain the minds of 300 SAO players including Asuna. Nobuyuki also has a habit of framing others for his problems, especially Kayaba as he felt that he was the source of all of his problems. He also has an extremely perverted side, especially towards Asuna, as he had sexually harassed her on many occasions, even going as far abusing her in front of Kirito. While keeping Asuna locked up in ALO, he constantly visited her, and there he brought her to the verge of tears by harassing her. After Kirito voiced his protest against Oberon mistreating Asuna, Oberon used Kirito's sword to stab him, soon afterwards turning the Pain Absorber program level down so that Kirito would experience real pain from the injury. Taking the opportunity, Nobuyuki used his administrator account to create a powerful avatar, named «Alberich».

Alberich disappeared, leaving one of his men behind to be interrogated by Klein and Kirito about the whereabouts of the other players. Kirito and the others managed to break through his paralyzing effect and defeated the Hollow Avatar, before Alberich paralyzed everyone once again and attempted to kill Kirito with a special blade that held an incurable poison. Humans in Eberron are relative newcomers, but they have developed diverse cultures as different from one another as dwarves and elves. In this time of uneasy peace, many opportunities arise as nations begin to rebuild from the rubble of war. Kalashtar are a race of beings who hail from the planes that dreams come from, designed to be a race of mostly psionic and monastic people. Though they can’t cast spells themselves, they are given special spell like abilities and feats that they can imbue into items. Though the houses are technically neutral in the affairs of the five kingdoms, members often find themselves mixing politics between houses and state.
Its great compatibility with powerpoint makes it very useful and perfect for Windows users. He then utilized these players as test subjects for research on controlling peoples' emotions and memories.
However, Nobuyuki tried denying everything and blamed it all on Kayaba Akihiko, though an underling of his confessed when news of the existence of a witness was spread.
As Alberich, he attempted to join the Clearing group, stating that his level and equipment should suffice to prove his abilities. After rescuing the missing players, Kirito discovered a console that held information regarding Strea, the captured players, and their emotion states, before deleting all the files and shutting down the data for good. However, this attempt was negated by Strea, who took the attack for Kirito and ended up fusing with the Hollow Avatar.
Emerging from a devastating war, Eberron is a world full of intrigue and different factions vying for power.
Adventure ideas can be anything here; from exploring remains of ancient civilizations to participating in political struggles between kingdoms and houses to even performing jobs in huge metropolitan cities. Shifters are descendants of Lycanthropes (which are exceedingly rare) that possess minor animalist attributes when they shift. They’re also allowed to use magical items, and even craft regular magical items using a special pool of points that are used in place of EXP.
Players are able to purchase dragonmarks as feats, increasing the potency as they level up.
Fortunately, Kayaba Akihiko saved Kirito by giving him the details necessary to log in with Akihiko's ID - Heathcliff - which, due to ALO being a copy of the SAO servers, had greater system authority than Oberon's ID.
However, after dueling with Kirito, it was revealed that despite his high stats and equipment, his battle skills were poor and would only hold the Clearing group back in the end. Its nations are built on the ruins of past civilizations, filled with dungeons, and strongly influenced by powerful dragons. Literally any style of campaign or adventure can occur in this setting with plenty to work off of. Lastly, there’s the Warforged, special war golems that have gained sentience and are now a playable race. The marks themselves act pretty much like minor forms of tattoos magic like you’d see in other game settings. Oh yeah, forgot to mention that the setting implements the use of Action Points like those found in Unearthed Arcana. Weaving these elements together into a setting full of possibilities, Eberron combines the D&D of yesterday with modern fantasy influences.
Many will feel that the Warforged is a very twinkish option, since they are pretty much bred to be war machines. Also they go into detailed information on the houses of the Dragonmarked, and provide a detailed time line dating from creation of the world. After this, Oberon tried using a Voice Command to generate Excalibur, the strongest weapon in ALO, for himself but to no avail. Some players and DM’s will be turned off by Eberron for the fact that it is pretty much is a high powered campaign on steroids. After Kirito repeated the same command and gave the generated Excalibur to Oberon, he used another Voice Command to set the pain absorber program from level 8 to level 0, causing every injury to feel as if it were 100% real. Also, clerical healings are halved with sentient Warforged, and can only be fully healed by Artificers. But I give credit to the setting in the fact that even though there is a high magic presence in the world, not everyone walking around is lvl 20 wizard. Even though Oberon tried attacking Kirito, probably due to his rage and lack of experience, Oberon left an easy opening, which Kirito used to strike Oberon at his cheek. Afterwards, Kirito lashed out at Oberon with all the anger he had accumulated, amputating his hand, bisecting him, and then stabbing his sword though his eye, killing his avatar. Elves seem to have a very different culture then in most fantasy games, almost as if they’re portraying ancient cultures similar to the Mayans. Halflings are portrayed as a nomadic race, usually at home wandering the plains on small dinosaur mounts.

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