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Contributing to a successful sales pipeline isn't just about generating leads at volume but more about increasing sales-accepted leads.
We connect B2B marketers with their future customers through dynamic targeting and content recommendations to an audience of more than 125 million monthly business professionals across 300+ distinct industry sectors allowing for both scalability and access to key business decision-makers. To expose our clients' best content, we leverage a multi-channel content syndication network which includes more than 15,000 web properties, resource libraries, blogs, Email Newsletters, E-mailings, Social Media, SEM, RSS feeds, a mobile app, and an in-house outbound lead generation center to promote your content to relevant target audiences. We offer premium full-service and self-serve content syndication lead generation to address your resource needs.
Lead Source offers you the opportunity to extensively filter your target audience while having a dedicated client services rep ensure that your lead goals are always guaranteed. LeadFlow enables B2B marketers to run sophisticated content syndication campaigns through our self-serve platform.
Due to the solid work NetLine did for me at my previous company, I was glad to be able to partner with them again at my new company.
I chose to work with NetLine due to their ability to reach the relevant audiences that would contribute to generating high leads volume for my client.
NetLine Corporation is more than just a vendor—they serve as a pivotal strategic partner that consistently delivers on our lead generation goals to help us with long-term sales growth. NetLine's lead generation service has been perfect for us since it's quick, easy to use, and there's always someone available with the expert help and guidance we need to make sure our campaigns are successful. DYN is at the core of internet performance, and with the explosive growth of our market, NetLine's lead generation capabilities provide us with high quality leads and the ability to quickly test various pieces of content in real-life situations.
I'm happy with NetLine's level of customer service, and their Client Services Representative is always very responsive and attentive to our needs. NetLine's processes and technology are highly advanced, as a result our content and message always reach our target audience. NetLine's Marketing Central is a good solution to help us cost effectively centralize and standardize our complex customer data while streamlining administrative tasks associated with managing, planning, and executing our diverse set of online marketing campaigns. We have been using NetLine since 2006 and their Lead Source program has been a great way to get targeted leads in our vertical industry of manufacturing. While running different Lead Source programs with NetLine my experience has been extremely positive. This is an essential 'tool' in my 'circulation inbox', consistently delivering subscribers I need in the demographic areas I'm looking for to meet my audit goals. NetLine is an online B2B multi-channel content marketing service providing targeted branding and high quality lead generation. This is why we have continued to invest in their services over the last 2 years, and as a result, an average 76% of the leads generated from our campaigns are net-new.
The hotel industry outlook for the top 25 North American Markets is showing an increase of 2.3% in committed occupancy for June 2013 - May 2014, based on group commitments and individual reservations on the books as of May 26, 2013 compared to the same time last year.

For the second quarter of 2013 (April - June), overall committed occupancy is up 4.1% in the top 25 markets. We collect transactional reservation and stay data from those chains and independent hotels that participate in our industry demand data initiative.
It is also interesting to look at the loyalty characteristics of the various booking channels. The chart below shows the year-over-year position by market of committed occupancy, reserved occupancy, ADR, and revenue per available room (RevPAR), based on business on the books for the future 12 months. NetLine provides value for your lead generation campaigns by reaching the right people that contribute to generating 80% net-new leads. Powered by our AudienceTarget™ technology, NetLine provides Demand Generation Marketers with an average of 80% net-new leads through content promotions that discover the right target market.
In just 5 minutes you can still take advantage of exposing your brand value to our vast network!
Of the campaigns concurrently running with other vendors, NetLine was able to fulfill on the filtered lead goals in a third of the time. NetLine has demonstrated their leadership by their consistent ability to generate more net-new leads than other vendors. We were surprised and pleased at the speed with which we fulfilled our goals, and the quality of registrants for our white papers matched our expectations dead-on. We have renewed every quarter because the leads have converted into both sales ready leads and closed business.
As proven experts in B2B online demand generation we help our clients increase their number of sales opportunities and accelerate the sales pipeline. One interesting attribute we can track in this data is whether a hotel reservation or stay is for a guest who participates in that hotel's loyalty program.
The table below shows the loyalty versus non-loyalty customer share of transient demand through each primary booking channel. TravelClick offers hotels world-class reservation solutions, business intelligence products and comprehensive media and marketing solutions to help hotels grow their business. With our AudienceTarget™ technology engine that powers our ever-growing publisher network and multi-channel resources, we provide B2B marketers the ability to equip sales organizations with leads that demonstrate a level of interest and intent to purchase. Working with their Customer Success team also allowed me to focus on other areas of my job while still staying easily connected to campaign performance. NetLine additionally has been very helpful with suggestions and observations to help our programs be more effective.
New group business added over the last month (pace) has been stronger than recent months, up 6.6% over the comparable period last year.
This accentuates the value of this customer segment, given a loyalty guest's propensity to book through the hotel's lowest cost distribution channel.

Reserved occupancy, ADR, and RevPAR are based only on reservations (group pickup and transient reservations). With local experts around the globe, we help more than 37,000 hotel clients in over 150 countries drive profitable room reservations through better revenue management decisions, proven reservation technology and innovative marketing. Business segment ADR, which includes weekday transient negotiated and retail segments, is up 2.8%. Over that period, room nights from loyalty customers accounted for nearly 60% of total transient room nights.
Second, 85% of all room nights booked through a third-party online travel agency (OTA) come from guests not affiliated to the hotel's loyalty program. Are you driving the right level of demand through the right booking channels from that membership? Shades of green indicate highest performance of the markets, while shades of orange indicate average performance, and shades of red indicate lowest performance.
Since 1999, TravelClick has helped hotels leverage the web to effectively navigate the complex global distribution landscape. Average daily rate (ADR) is growing slightly more than occupancy, up 3.4% based on reservations currently on the books for 2013.
Leisure segment ADR, which includes transient discount, qualified and wholesale segments, is up 4.3%. And you know that gaining their membership is the first step, but consistently winning their business is the goal.
The OTA channel is an important source of demand, driving 13% of transient room nights year to date.
These are perhaps more challenging questions that require a deeper look into your own performance data as well as available market data. TravelClick has offices in New York, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Chicago, Barcelona, Dubai, Hong Kong, Houston, Melbourne, Orlando, Shanghai, Singapore and Tokyo. We thought it would be helpful to provide some updated statistics on loyalty segment performance, to help you benchmark your results to the broader industry performance. The growth in loyalty demand is certainly a combination of both an expanding loyalty membership as well as more room nights per loyalty program member.

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