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If you have an online money making opportunity that is not included in our archive and you wish to share the program or service with the world please submit the opportunity using our contact form. In one interview you say that on the personal front there's 'Not much I really want people to know', but can you tell us just ONE thing about yourself that other cruciverbs probably don't know? Hmm, not sure what interview that was but I think I've opened up a bit over the years. And thank you even more for all the work you've done to support the wonderful crossword community. Also folks, don't forget, if you like reading articles about Crossword Puzzles, Scrabble, Spelling Bees, and other word games and puzzles, feel free to pop your name and email address in the box below. I think a lot of cruciverb folks know I'm a big music fan (especially old acoustic blues), and that I play a lot of pool and golf. What to add to that?
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I love them to pieces and spoil them rotten! Well, Kevin, I'm a dog person myself, so that answer does it for me. MoneyStance’s editorial reviews are produced as a result of testing a product or service and providing an opinionated assessment. But have you got anything for readers who don't go all gooey over cute dog snaps? Well, I won the vote for "nicest legs" in the Men's Division at my work, 4 years running. Affiliate links throughout this website provide a commission to us should a visitor decide to purchase a product or service. When you're not taking pictures of your legs, I mean. Life has been very hectic, and for a number of reasons.
And a couple of years ago I started up a pool league service a€” a system that allows pool league operators to keep track of stats, develop player profiles, etc.
I'm hosting 37 of these sites and it's a lot of work. Unfortunately, all this has reduced my Cruciverb time.
I put them up on the web and they were soon discovered by Frank Longo. Frank critiqued them, letting me know where I still had work to do.
I figured there must be other people out there who want to learn how to make quality crossword puzzles, and other people like Frank who would be willing to share their knowledge. And the rest is history. The website has been a good resource, but the real community builder was the CRUCIVERB-L email discussion list. Can you tell us a bit about the members of CRUCIVERB-L? At last count there were about 900 members. Suffice it to say that just about every "big name" in the biz is either on the list or has been. The people who are most active on the list these days are either newbies asking questions or experienced constructors who are not yet tired of answering the questions. There seem to be a few crossword databases out there, but what distinguishes the Cruciverb offering? Well, I'm a bit choosier about what goes in there, so it's smaller than some others. But the biggest thing is that when a puzzle is added to the database I identify theme entries, theme types and also flag unusable words, such as letter drops, that only make sense for the given crossword puzzle's theme. The word lists that derive from the database are therefore rather clean compared to others. Is a database like yours pretty much mandatory for crossword puzzle making nowadays?

Do they get abused, as many puzzle publishers feared in the early days? Some of the best crossword constructors don't use a database at all. Will Shortz, editor of the New York Times crossword, sent a message a while back, telling the constructing community that copying 100% of a puzzle's clues from a database is simply wrong.
I was quite proud of that one. And here it is a€” Kevin's debut in the world of 'paid' crossword puzzle making. How would the solver recognize a 'Kevin McCann' puzzle if the byline was absent? I really haven't made enough crossword puzzles to stand out in any way.
Well, I guess they'd have many clues (groan). What resources, other than your brain, do you need to make a good crossword puzzle? You can't go wrong with Crossword Compiler. Do you compete in the American Crossword Puzzle Tournament (ACPT)? No, I'm not fast at all. I just wanted to meet all the people that I've "known" online for so many years. The year I attended the ACPT, the Wordplay documentary makers were there. I was really excited to review your new crossword puzzle dictionary, because it's very different to the usual thesaurus-style tomes out there. How did the idea for this dictionary come about? I had been thinking of making one for a while because I had the database already and I figured it wouldn't be much work (laugh!). Then Peter Gordon, from Sterling Publishing, contacted me and asked if I'd like to make a crossword dictionary.
What was the most difficult part of the project, and why was Mark Diehl brought on board? Yep, 5 years. I had my database of clues and answers, but not all of the material could go into the book because the whole idea was to make the dictionary as useful as possible.
I'm hoping to hire a student to help with the pool league sites and that should eventually free up some time for new Cruciverb features.

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