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Using the template will ensure that your operational plan has a professional finish and will save you hours of work. The allocation of resources namely human resources, timelines and budget to each listed strategy.
A summary of the budget is also provided using the same terminology as the Key Result Areas. The Operational Plan Template can be easily customised to your needs by changing the title of Key Result Areas, or by inserting additional sections if required.
In reality, this Operational Plan Template is simple to use and will enable organisation leaders with minimal experience in operational planning to save considerable time and feel confident about the final document. The Operational Plan Template is available for immediate download after payment of AUD $3.50 (Australian Dollars) via PayPal.
Please click here if you are interested in obtaining other editable templates in Microsoft Word. If this sounds like you and you want to do something about it, then read on about how OCS can help facilitate and implement an Operational Plan or Plans for the organisation, authored and implemented by the Staff in the business. A great Operationa Plan should be something that is simple and effectively communicated to all its Stakeholders and is implemneted regularly. It should be something that everyone in the business has their fingerprints on in some way shape or form and it should be a living breathing document embraced by everyone in the organisation.  It is the catalyst for effecting change within the organisation.

We help you develop a comprehensive Operational Plan ideal for Business Owners, CEO’s and Senior Management tailored to your organisation and authored by your team based around the BCS 10 Steps To Perfect Business Performance™. The Operational Planning Program focuses on all the business tasks and their effects and impacts on the business, what must change and how to change it.
This coaching program is specifically designed to put you in control of your future rather than the future being in control of you. This facilitated process will help your team determine the best options for operational efficiency and effectiveness and their consequences. Operational Plans for each part of the organisation with specific milestones to improve the business and an accountability framework to achieve it.
Operational Action Plans reviewed and implemented fortnightly or monthly with updates distributed to all stakeholders. Establishing the who, by when and costs associated with the implementation of the strategic plan. Business Plan In A Sphere: Timeline, Operations, Financial Planning, Product Description, Marketing Plan, Mission Statement, Swot Analysis, Competitor Analysis. Business plan in a sphere: Timeline, Operations, Financial Planning, Product description, Marketing Plan, Mission statement, SWOT Analysis, Competitor Analysis. Business plan in a sphere: Timeline, Operations, Financial Planning, Product description, Marketing Plan, Mission statement, SWOT Analysis, Competitor Analysis.

The below plan, which features in the 17-page special, details the operations on D-Day, 6 June 1944, showing British and American air-drop zones, the five landing beaches, and the gains made on the first day. To see a timeline of D-Day events and how they fit into the wider context of Operation Overlord, click here. The template has been developed as a result of researching operational plans from many organisations, large and small. This program is supported by six to twelve months of supervised implementation and coaching.
It is a rigorous examination of “where you are and where you want to be” – and how best to get there.
How was the supply of ammo, fuel, water, rations, and everything else required by an army of invasion managed on crowded beaches under heavy fire from artillery and machine-guns? Note especially the greater difficulties of the US forces as reflected in their more limited first-day gains. Although, in its present form it suits a non-profit organisation, it can be easily adapted to suit any organisation.

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