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At the same time, specialized insurance companiesm being focussed on Health Insurance,  like Apollo Munich, Max Bupa and Star Health, with their quick, innovative products and distribution were pulling attention of the cream "maximizer" class of customers.
ICICI Lombard seems to be the first of the big boys to finally "listen" to this new class of customers (and new class of competition), and launch a fresh new product named - "Complete Health Insurance".
A complete host of Optional Covers (practically, everything a customer asks for)  from Maternity, to OPD, to Hospital Cash, to Critical Illness.

Most of the people we talk to today, are either uncovered or undercovered with respect to Hospitalization expenditure.
In the 20, 30 and 50 Lakhs Sum Insured, ICICI Lombard turns out to be more economical choice than Max Bupa. For instance, most of these companies, didn't offer "Lifetime Renewals", and more often than not, restricted their cover to Rs.

The growing "maximizer" class of customers who painfully research product options, and then sign up with a reliable product which gives them "maximum bang for their buck".

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