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October 21, 2010 by mimipatrick · 4 Comments Effects of the foreclosure meltdown are in the news everywhere these days and as a reputable title company in the Tampa Bay area, we are focused on staying at the top of these stories. And so foreclosures have come en masse, with the shoddy paperwork gumming up the works in ways few would have predicted. In this piece from the Washington Post, Zachary Goldfarb takes a look at how national title companies are going to be handling banking paperwork requirements and writing title insurance going forward.
A major insurer, Old Republic National Title Insurance, said this month that it would not back homes foreclosed on by J.P. As of this point, no one can be sure of how this will all resolve, but one thing is certain, much more scrutiny will be going on in regard to how the banking industry is handling paperwork for one of people’s largest assets, their home.
A lot of people have suffered because of this and I think it’s because they keep losing their jobs due to redundancy.
Commissions from selling travel insurance products provide a significant source of ancillary revenue for vacation rental managers. Over the last decade, travel insurance representatives taught the vacation rental marketplace that they could make more money by having guests opt-out of travel insurance in the online booking process rather than opt in, leading to a 40 percent  increase in insurance sales.
As a result, professional vacation rental management companies moved to an opt-out model on their booking pages. However, CSA Travel Insurance, one of the leading travel insurance providers in the vacation rental industry, recently notified clients -including HomeAway and Wyndham Vacation Rentals -they would no longer be allowed to use an opt-out model on their websites.
CSA’s decision has precipitated a robust discussion about why the change is being made, if the deadline to implement the change makes sense, and if this is an inevitable industry standard. Switching to the opt-out model proved to be a win-win situation in the vacation rental industry. In the example below, a property manager with 8,000 annual reservations and an average stay value of $2,000 could add over $112k to their bottom line simply by pre-checking the travel insurance box.
In addition, travel insurance provides enormous protection for the homeowner, the guest and the vacation rental company.
In 2012, as a result of complaints about Travelocity’s hidden fees, insurance provider TravelGuard and underwriter National Union Fire Insurance (NUFIC) came under review.

Unless they specifically opted out of the insurance, customers were buying policies that cost $25 to $45 per traveler, according to the state. Last year the Missouri Department of Insurance announced that Missouri consumers who purchased travel insurance policies offered on Travelocity websites would be entitled to a refund of nearly $2 million. The Transportation Department’s full-fare advertising regulations for airfares went into effect in 2012. Since each state has its own Department of Insurance, it is up to each state how they regulate this. As a result of the change, an unnamed source, recently ended his contract with CSA and chose a different travel insurance provider. CSA underwriter Generali believes eliminating pre-checked boxes for travel insurance is part of instituting best practices going forward in the vacation rental industry, and that the best way to protect their company and their clients’ interests is to be proactive in implementing opt-in standards. Software companies who make a percentage of vacation rental travel insurance sales from their partnership with CSA are making changes in their system to eliminate the automatic calculation of travel insurance. After news of TravelGuard’s troubles, along with this recent move by CSA, it appears that the opt-out model is being examined, but the elimination of an opt-out model is not currently mandatory.
It will be a difficult decision for CSA customers who wish to continue using pre-checked boxes to either change providers or comply with new underwriter policies. HomeAway and Wyndham are continuing their relationship with CSA and complying with policies.
TripAdvisor’s FlipKey offers insurance in a process which is separate from the booking process.
Priceline has a check yes or no format (guest must check one or the other) with a second chance opt it. Here are some recent news articles that we have found to be a wide range of views on how the foreclosure landscape will effect things going forward.
Wiener on Politics Daily reviews the entire picture from the attorney generals to how banks and title companies are responding.

Complicating matters is the mistaken belief that title insurance can alleviate the uncertainties surrounding the purchase of a foreclosed home, as it gives the buyer protection against a faulty transfer.
The foreclosures seem to keep coming and it will be some time before we see a recovery in the housing sector. In this model, there is typically a check box next to the travel insurance line item which is pre-checked. The companies agreed to issue nearly $2.5 million in refunds and pay a $250,000 civil penalty. The settlement says NUFIC will refund $2 million to Missourians who purchased travel insurance policies from the company through Travelocity and other websites powered by Travelocity from June 1, 2009 to January 24, 2012. Minnesota, Washington and Missouri have increased regulation and have imposed fines on companies using pre-checked boxes, but it is not known if other states are reviewing opt-out booking models.
For web companies, the change means the discontinued use of pre-checked boxes for adding travel insurance for CSA clients, but there are different ways to display the option, including the use of un-checked boxes and inclusive subtotals. But there’s no guarantee that title insurance companies will provide insurance on these doubtful properties. And Fidelity National has an agreement with Bank of America that the bank must sign warranties on every foreclosure sale, Sadowski said.
NUFIC sold nearly 70,000 policies of its Travel Guard Protection Plan to Missourians during that time period. Republic Title, for example, has said that it will no longer insure homes foreclosed by Ally Financial or JP Morgan Chase.
Vacation rental managers were able to increase revenue from travel insurance by 30-40 percent by switching to the opt-out model.

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