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Optimization Solutions Consulting was formed to help organizations achieve improved results by identifying those things that are out of alignment with their strategic plan and therefore working against the success of the organization.
We provide tools and processes that are applicable to individuals and organizations and contribute to the development of their road map to success. We believe that improved performance is achieved through the development of attitudes, skills, and knowledge that are reinforced by goals and a positive behavior change.
To provide our customers with a strategic partner who is focused on providing value- added Consulting Services in the areas of Strategic Planning, Goal Setting, Professional Development, Process Reengineering, and Performance Management Coaching through a system of proven tools that produce measurable results. So, if you apply some basic SEO principles to your video, I really feel you can begin to increase the number of views your videos receive.  Have you ever tried applying these principles when uploading a video to YouTube?
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Hi Jeremy, Do you do anything with the geotaging function on YouTube and what success have you had with geotaging? In current competitive situations, it only takes a few days for shifts in demand to take place requiring necessary price adjustments.

Often overlooked, price is the only element in the marketing mix that is directly correlated with revenue; all other elements of the marketing mix only represent costs. OPRE Consulting is the first pure price analytics consulting firm in the country that offers Price Optimization solutions and services to medium and large sized companies. Search Engine Optimization (SEO,) also known as organic or free search, is one of the best ways for businesses to build Web site traffic. The Understanding SEO seminar is designed to educate executives to a level where they can make great decisions on how to manage and what to invest in an SEO program.
Please contact us for more information on our range of SEO services and our executive seminar.
We assist with everything from proofreading and editing to executive summaries and business plans. Price is both strategic and tactical and is the most flexible element in the marketing plan.
OPRE Consulting provides the necessary expertise and tools to equip your company with the science you need to remain competitive and achieve pricing power.

It is presented as either a half or full day session, and includes a detailed presentation on the elements of modern SEO, an extensive Q&A session, and in the case of the full day program a complete review of the client’s Web site. Telco, Automotive or Energy), where massively distributed and complex environments are the norm.
When properly conceived and executed, SEO is the most efficient, cost effective Internet marketing, delivering the highest return on investment (ROI.) SCS specializes in helping companies, large and small, understand, implement and manage modern SEO programs. This seminar has been presented to numerous companies and all have found it incredibly valuable.
We offer everything from a stand-alone executive seminar (Understanding SEO) to complete management of a company’s SEO program. Our goal is that at the end of the day our client will know more than 90% of his competitors, and that this will be actionable knowledge.

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