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Rencol tolerance rings from Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics can maximize the performance in EPAS systems.
Electric power-assisted steering (EPAS) technology is growing in popularity in the automotive industry, primarily because it cuts costs and helps to reduce vehicle weight by eliminating hydraulic power steering system pumps and hoses. After safety, vehicle weight is the most important concern for car manufacturers today, since lower weight means lower fuel consumption and improved environmental performance. The current generation of EPAS systems undoubtedly delivers significant weight savings while also providing a good driver interface and low noise levels, but there are now opportunities to further enhance these benefits. Tolerance rings are radially sprung steel rings that are press-fitted between two mating components, such as a motor shaft and a take-off pulley.
Steering EPAS gear mount featuring a Rencol tolerance ring (silver component directly in the middle of the image).
Tolerance rings provide a simple and effective way of mounting all of the bearings, gears, and pulleys used in EPAS systems.
Used as liner on the inside of the steering yoke, for example, self-lubricated plain bearings give a smoother feel to the steering system because of their low friction properties.
This steering column uses a Norglide bearing to directly replace the rolling element bearings within the steering column. Other EPAS-related applications for self-lubricated plain bearings include the replacement of needle bearings within pinion gears, worm drives, and Cardan joints, as well as providing a low-friction surface in the steering column itself for height adjustment. Of course, novel components are of no value if they compromise the life or reliability of the systems in which they are used.
EPAS systems are making a major contribution toward the development of cars that are more efficient, more environmentally friendly, and more comfortable to drive. Chris Needes is automotive product manager at Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics, a leading global developer of advanced technology polymer materials and innovative engineered products for the most demanding industrial applications, including automotive design and production. My blog will show you how to start your business with free advertising sources, and to then build your business with the profits. Post to 50 And More Social Media Sites, including Instant Blog Subscribers, Facebook and Twitter. LicensingLicensing InformationGet more detailed information about Kentico licensing options, support, and conditions. Marketer CertificationBecome a Certified MarketerBe recognized as a Kentico expert with Kentico Marketer Certification.
When you want to assess two different designs or messages, you can split your audience into those who receive the control version and those who receive the treatment version. The interface gives you full control over your tests and their results, meaning you can optimize, optimize without having to reroute your ideas through developers, so you can test each detail and identify the page or page elements that have most effect. Kentico’s Online Marketing Solution interface allows you to track the impact of your tests on user behavior with real-time reports. An optics cleaning kit that includes everything necessary for removing spatter and dirt in the field to help prevent coating damage and improve transmission is available from Laser Research Optics of Providence, RI.
The LRO Advanced Optical Cleaning Kit was developed by an optics manufacturer to help users remove splatter and blow-back in the field to optimize the performance of their CO2 lasers. Capable of extending a laser’s working life, the LRO Advanced Optical Cleaning Kit includes 24 cotton balls, 24 surgical-grade finger cots, 24 lens mats, distilled water, polishing compound, reagent-grade isopropyl alcohol and acetone, and an air bulb for dust removal.
First time when the page loads it has no querystring values so the default Index is 1 and Size is 10.

MVC 4 can be installed in Visual Studio 2010 from here and MVC 4 will be default project template in Visual Studio 2012.
There are many new features that have been introduced in MCV 4 with respect to project templates and many new features have been added to the framework. Till MVC 3, controller class can be added only in the “Controllers” folder in the project, adding controller class to other folder was not allowed but from MCV 4, we can add the controller class to any other folder, this way we can better arrange our controller classes in the project. Example: Suppose we have a hotel module in the project and would like to have a “hotel” folder inside the controller folder and create all hotel related controllers.
Bundle and minification framework will reduce the number of hits internally made by HTTP request for a web page. Minification: Minification will just do the code optimization to the scripts and CSS files by removing the unnecessary white space, comments and shortening variable names to one characters.
We can override the Web.config setting with the EnableOptimizations property on the BundleTable class. MVC 4 included new project template “Web API” for building HTTP service on top of MVC framework. Article is a good, lite-weight summary of the new MVC 4 features, but lacks substantial details for anything more in depth. The easy-to-assemble radial spring rings provide a frictional fastener capable of handling the mounting of bearings, torque transfer, torque overload protection, and axial slip between mating components. However, many manufacturers of EPAS systems are missing opportunities to maximize the benefits of their systems. For many OEMs, the drive to find ways to save weight has led to the decision to replace conventional hydraulic power steering systems with lighter, quieter, and more cost-effective EPAS systems.
For example, tolerance rings and self-lubricating low-friction plain bearings can be used in many EPAS applications where the alternatives would be bulkier, heavier, and more costly.
They are essentially a spring fastener that can compensate for thermal expansion, reduce noise and vibration, offer predictable and repeatable slip, and provide overload protection.
Some manufacturers are already using them as a slipping element in steering column locks, allowing the locks to withstand the 100-Nm force prescribed by European legislation without the need for heavy-duty construction.
One application that is, however, less obvious is the mounting of sensors where conventional press-fitting produces a high breakage rate, and it is difficult to achieve accurate positioning and alignment if adhesive is used.
Bearings of this type can be used in virtually all EPAS applications where conventional plain and roller-element bearings are used. Self-lubricating plain bearings are able to handle much higher loads than rolling-element bearings, and, because of their low friction, they can also allow smaller assist motors to be used in EPAS systems, once again leading to savings in weight and cost.
However, both tolerance rings and self-lubricated plain bearings have proven to be at least as durable and reliable as the conventional components they replace. Getting the most from EPAS systems, however, involves careful design and careful choice of components. It works round-the-clock, and for not just days or weeks, but for months and months, very own Money From Your Website making you tons of CASH!
You can monitor which pages or variants are performing best, and identify and perfect the winning versions.
Based on a marketing plan, campaigns contain ways to validate the success of marketing activities for an organization.
You can latter change the page size, there are options for 10 records per page and 15 records per page.

This enables us to write the asynchronous action method that returns an object type of Task. We have a static function “RegisterRoutes” for the route collection data and URL pattern defined here. In other words, we can say if desktop browser will request then desktop version of view will be selected. Entity framework 5 supports the data migration, this is one of the great features available. If we have to develop a web site specific for mobile or tablet device, then we can use this mobile application project template. Also there is an adaptive rendering technique that been implemented to that site, will look good in desktop and mobile browser without any changes. A tolerance ring around the magnet provides a solution and allows the assembly to be press-fitted without risk of damage, since the fitting force is controlled by the design of the ring rather than by component tolerances.
In addition to reducing cost and weight, they also offer space savings, noise and vibration reduction, high load capacity, and long life.
This means that, when ordinary steel bearings are used, large clearances are needed to allow for the difference in the rates of thermal expansion between aluminum and steel. For example, simulated long-duration cycle tests carried out by Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics on its Rencol tolerance rings and Norglide self-lubricated plain bearings have shown that their lives can be expected to comfortably exceed 20 years.
Conventional fixing systems and bearings will get the job done, but, as we have seen, there are advantages to be gained by using innovative products like tolerance rings and self-lubricating plain bearings. Asian countries,[18] United States (including Hawaii), Canada ,[19] and Scotland)[20] due to bacterial resistance. Pre-defining which visitor segments to include in the tests helps you achieve your target results faster.
For those who are using Visual Studio 2010, you will find the “RegisterRoutes” function in the global.asax. If mobile browser will request then mobile version of view will be selected as for other devices. Service will have broad reach of client including browser, mobile device, tablet or even TV set up box. Self-lubricated plain bearings can, however, be supplied with an aluminum base, thereby eliminating differential expansion.
When evaluating riskier changes, you can restrict page traffic to reduce any negative impact. Bundling will improve the performance of the web request as this will have less number of files which means less HTTP requests.
As a result, much smaller clearances are possible, leading to reductions in vibration and noise.

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