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Building a good landing page is like laying down the red carpet for your potential customers to walk down. That's a hard question to answer as I personally believe every niche has a different conversion rate and respond differently to different offers.
Many of our pre-installed templates are modelled off high converting pages that we have used since we first started. The article focuses on how to structure your landing page and make it the best it could possibly be for SEO purposes (even though it's hard to rank a landing page). Might want to consider something like: "Make page layout work to optimize conversions", or similar. But, if you come up with an article on how page layout influences SEO, and attracts clicks, I'm all ears.
Build & Edit Your Pages in Real-Time with Our LiveEditor SystemEdit your pages with our 100% Live editor - meaning you see the changes you make to your content and layout live on the page.
Fully Responsive "Mobile Ready" Pages InstantlyOptimizePress automatically generates fully responsive pages for you when you with no extra work. Over 30 Templates to Choose FromIf you're not sure where to start with your page, simply use one of our pre-made templates to give you an instant head-start.
Add Functionality to Your Page with over 40 Custom ElementsOur revolutionary Element Browser system houses over 40 different elements, each with different styles and options so you can add almost unlmited functionality to your page.
Create Secure Membership Sites and Content Delivery Portals (No Plugin Required!)With OptimizePress you can create beautiful looking membership portals that elevate the value of your content.
Use Your Existing Membership Plugin - If you already have a membership plugin protecting your content that's no problem! Last Updated on: May 1, 2016 Zee 13 CommentsGenerating traffic to your website takes a lot of time and effort. Sending out email blasts, setting up expensive PPC campaigns, or creating FB Ads is hard work.
PPC experts always speak to the importance of directing visitors to a landing page that resonates with the advertisement. The achievement of your objective, whatever it may be,  depends upon a well-designed landing page.
Unless you’re comfortable building your landing page from scratch, including HTML and CSS,  drag and drop functionality is critical. Split testing should also be supported – the only way you can improve your landing page results is by testing multiple versions and implementing the most effective elements. There are lots of individual drag and drop components that you can select from when creating your pages. OptimizePress is one of the best landing page plugins and its primary feature is that it frees you from the requirement of being technically proficient when it comes to building landing pages from scratch. There’s also special Members Portal that lets you grant and limit access according to your users’ membership level. Thrive Landing Pages is another top plugin for creating high converting landing pages and is branded as being the fastest landing page builder plugin for WordPress. Thrive Landing Pages pays special attention to the loading time of your pages – promising code that is optimized for speed. There are lots of pre-made design templates or you can create your own template from scratch – on of the reasons why its one of the most popular free landing page builder plugins. If you want to use this plugin with your email marketing platform to set up autoresponders, you’ll need to purchase premium add-ons. With over 15 ready-to-use templates, WP Leads Plus helps you set up professional opt-in forms and popups on your site. InstaBuilder 2.0 is an easy-to-use drag and drop landing page builder that allows you to construct mobile responsive designs.
InstaBuilder 2.0 includes tons of convenient design elements including text, images, videos, columns, tabbed content, buttons and more. Additional features include lockable content and opt-in firewalls – block just one page or all of them. Like most of the plugins in this post, InstabBuilder includes robust analytics and statistics that will help you understand what’s happening on your landing pages and why.
Since a landing page is often created specifically for one campaign, there are times when the offer has expired, but people are still visiting the landing page. Nothing is more annoying than being prompted to sign up for a site that you have already signed up for. If you want to add a map displaying your location and details of how to reach you, you can do so using a simple function in PT Instant.
You can offer a regular or Facebook opt-in to your users and by displaying simple text popups, you can redirect the people who are about to leave your site to specific pages. But if you’re a developer, this is not really a concern considering the kind of power that this plugin offers.
Impact is responsive which means you can expect great looking pages suitable for mobile and tablet traffic. With so many plugins providing the drag and drop feature, you may not want to get your hands dirty with the code using this plugin. Imagine that you are writing a roundup post and you realize that you want to add a table comparing all the listings. You can make your content beautiful by including some of the various design elements that are conveniently included with this plugin. SeedProd is a coming soon plugin that lets you build a landing page for your upcoming website. Since you’ll be mainly using it to collect email addresses, SeedProd in integrated with all of the leading email marketing platforms.
There’s a provision to add a catchy countdown timer as well – something that helps build anticipation before your launch. You should keep this plugin handy anytime you’re launching a new site or doing some maintenance. If you want each page and post to look more appealing – Install Thrive Content Builder.
If you want to showcase your products in style – Parallax Gravity is a great choice – just check out their demo. Factoring in all the things like ease of use, responsiveness, drag and drop functionality, great templates, list building capabilities, and a ton of useful features, Landing Pages plugin (by ThriveThemes) is unbeatable.
StudioPress has stopped selling Premise as a standalone version, and will be re-launching it as a hosted platfom, this year.
Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, meaning that if you click on one of the links and purchase an item, we may receive a commission (at no additional cost to you). Below I've put together a list of some our most favorite WordPress guides and how-to tutorials. WPKube is an online WordPress resource which focuses on WordPress tutorials, How-to’s, guides, plugins, news, and more. Founded by Devesh Sharma, the main goal of this site is to provide amazing information on anything and everything WordPress. Visual content has been a big player in the online marketing world and it's used to help capture the attention of the reader, decrease bounce rates on web pages and even tell stories using infographics.The brain processes visual content much quicker than text. Some seriously high resolution stunning photographs here from three photographers residing in Groningen, The Netherlands. I found this site in the footer of skitterphoto and got very excitied when I saw the images of people, summer, backgrounds and more.

This is not really a stock image site, but designer Liam McKay started uploading some free photos to his site.Do drop him a tweet to say thanks and check out his other projects. A great resource from Tom. Images from this website can be used for almost any commercial design project, this includes most forms of digital or printed creative. Only on number twenty eight and they keep coming. This site is easy to use with minimal download effort.
A lovely clean fast site, easy to navigate with a great selection of  things, technology, and concepts for your landing pages. While researching this article, it's hard to believe that these photos are all available for commercial use. A small collection of images, free to use and ideal for landing pages like this sky and clouds photo.40. It’s shame that every category link opens a new window and the site is a little slow from all the ads loading. They provide free images when you signup via email, but the premium version is a paid for service that supports photographers. Not the most user-friendly site but it does contain a large database of images all of which are a good size for wide-screen web design.
A beautifully designed site with great images, but they require a checkout process to download free images.
A nice selection of photographs with larger size options, although registration is required. This site searches Flickrs library and it's a little easier to do than advanced searching inside Flickr for commercial images.
There have been numerous cases of people taking stuff from Flickr that is marked as Creative Commons, using it with the correct attribution, only to find out the uploader never owned the image to begin with. At the end of that red carpet awaits your lead magnet for them.Landing pages play a vital role in growing your email list and have become part of everyday marketing.
I'm trying one of Optimize Press's landing pages out now GREY OPT-IN and was interested in seeing how others might have used it. The last thing you want to do is link to a page that requires the reader to figure out where they are and then click another link to find the information they are looking for. Not only is the important for user experience, it’s also important to have ads that score well.
More often than not they are directed from a PPC ad but they can also be sent to a landing page from an internal link, a URL in an email or a display ad in your sidebar. Most of the plugin options included below let allow you to create beautiful landing pages using a user-friendly interface and drag and drop functionality. On average, over 50% of traffic comes from mobile devices and mobile responsiveness is vital presenting to a good user experience. OptimizePress lets you create stunning and responsive landing pages using a live visual editor that allows you to see all the changes you’re making in real-time thanks to their LiveEditor. There are special modules for collecting email addresses and OptimizePress works with all of the leading email marketing platforms. It does so by placing an opt-in form on each 404 page and asking the visitors to sign up for the information that they were originally looking for. It comes with a handy visual editor that lets you view changes as you make them in real time.
If your landing page is image intensive, you’ll appreciate the built-in image editor as well as the built-in graphics pack. This plugin is responsive and creates great looking pages optimized for mobile and tablet devices. Your visitors can simply scan a QR code with their smartphones and the rest is taken care of. The plugin comes with 15 active widget areas and Impact Hooks will allow you to insert your custom text, HTML, CSS, or JavaScript. You can also place your social media icons on the landing page template,  helping to grow your social following.
From popups, unblockable popups, opt-in forms in the widget areas, special squeeze page templates and more. For this year I’m looking to change some of my marketing and want to had some unique landing pages and theme. I have some free pages from leadpage as a promotion and would like to use several of them over time, but have tried uploading them to my WP site and am getting an error. Here's the link to our desk shot and there are some fantastic landing page images in the fashion category.11. Some of the pictures look like your Dad has been using his new mobile phone, but the majority of them are high-quality shots from professionals. Bloggers and social media teams are also free to use our images like these coloured huts.28. Some excellent abstract photography here. AJ says “If you use any of these photos, please link back to this site as an attribute, so others can share the love.
They state "Photober is free of charge, a photo downloading site for personal or commercial use. Check out these hipster office & hipster fashion shots! The images are displayed on the site but accessed via Flickr. You MUST check the attribution requirements if you are using the images found through Splashbase.58. It’s basically a Pinterest-style site but for Stock Photos and I found they make it easy to see the image source. You can search the image library via colour and hex colour.Double check the license, however, I think most of the sites at the time of writing this, are included in the free copyright list above. The key to using images on your sites is to project the vision that your visitor is trying to achieve so that you can show them a future vision of themselves. Companies like Getty and it's many subsidiaries then come after the person who used it and they have departments scouring the Internet to make a quick buck or thousand looking for these.
You will want to learn how to build them quickly, test them for better conversions, test different offers and even test new business ideas.The process of a landing page is to do one thing only, usually this is to capture the name and email of the person who lands on the page.
One thing that I would find useful are examples of what you consider to be great landing pages.
If you can craft these area into your landing page you stand a chance at getting it ranked and even passed for Google Adwords.
Each campaign you run should be directed to the specific page that’s designed to convert for that particular ad. You can always refer to sites like KISSMetrics or Unbounce to learn about the best elements to include in your pages depending upon your overall objective.
Even though creating pages from scratch is very easy, OptimizePress still comes with over 30 easy to use templates that you can pick from. Other standout features include access to advanced performance analytics and the ability to split test. In case you need to create a landing page on Facebook, this plugin has that base covered as well. Your campaigns can be easily optimized by using the included and detailed conversion statistics.
The pro version comes with advanced exit intent technology which means when users appear to be leaving your website, they’ll be presented with a popup. You can choose to delay displaying certain elements of your page like the opt-in form or your CTA.

While this plugin gives you absolute control over your page design, it does require some technical knowledge.
And then of course you’ll enter the endless cycle of coding, editing, previewing and tweaking.
This is a very useful plugin as you can collect your visitors’ email address while your site is still under construction or in maintenance mode. Also, with the ready-to-use templates available, churning out quality pages shouldn’t take more than a few minutes. Uploaders of Pixabay have waived all copyright and related or neighbouring rights to these Images and Videos. The site loads fast, is easy to navigate and you can simply download images using right click.25. I also wonder how many people have read this far down the article and picked up that sentence!! Images are the crux of all my blog articles and finding the right ones to match the subject matter is often quite difficult. How you choose to entice the user into entering their name and email will depend on the content, the page headlines, the product images or videos telling the user the benefits of your offer. Rather, you should direct visitors to a specific landing page designed for that specific purpose. It might be selling a product or service, attracting new subscribers, or having people sign up for a free trial.
Parallax Gravity supports Google analytics, so you can measure the performance of your campaigns and there is a provision to add QR codes for tracking the response of a specific campaign.
Legal pages like the privacy pages, affiliate policies, TOS, and more are presented by default and you only have to  fill out your details once.
I bet 90% of people click the shares thinking they need this step to download the image - nice touch!29. Checking the commercial usage box didn’t make much difference in my testing.PaidMost of the big stock sites like Shutterstock, Bigstock or iStock Photos sell images. Your friends and clients, they will love you when you share this article or find them great photos.You have no excuses for having poor images on sales pages or landing pages. The image previews are poor, the search functions and registration processes are soul destroying and we couldn't put you through the pain.We simply decided not to include those in the list.
These sites all include free images, but you must give credit back to the author for their work.42. Finding the balance is the hard part.Over the years landing pages have changed so much and have even been adapted into content landing pages or info pages.
The sites below have all been tested, so it’s easy for you to quickly grab images.DISCLAIMER - While we have made every effort to source royalty or copyright free images, please double-check the licensing before you download images.
Both have made their mark in the stock photo space and worth watching to learn how they market themselves.48. Personally, I would rather give my email address for speed of use, as often the registration process can really drag on.As marketers, we can all learn from using these sites.
Go and download some photos and tweet the photographers.A big thank you to all those site owners and photographers who make it possible for us to get images for our content and products. If you build large-scale membership sites, always think about how your users will join and navigate the site.51. We are going to show you in this article that with some additional content on your page you can soon come up with a perfect landing page that has a clear call-to-action message, doesn't distract away from the call-to-action and provides enough genuine information that search engines "may" index it.We're not saying they will index this page but understand we are not trying to cheat search engines. A landing page is very different to a sales page so don't make it too long trying to cover everything.Save the selling for a sales page. These are the elements you should include on your landing pages to keep the search engines happy and connect to your audience with engaging images and social proof.The Header AreaAs OptimizePress is the most flexible landing page editor on the market you are not tied down to fixed options on your pages.
We don't want to waste valuable space above the fold.- LogoYour logo should be positioned at top left of your page inline with your navigation on the right.
Make images the best quality you can.Video is a better option and has more benefits but will need a catchy call-to-action as part of your video.
It provides instant engagement with the viewer.Knowing your customers preference for articles or videos will increase conversions.Autoplay or not? Autoplay is annoying but it can convert better - you must split test your audience to find out the answer to that question.If you give people what they want, your landing pages will convert better.
The most import line on your page and usually the first element seen before a user watches the video. You need to know which buttons convert better.Button Sizes: Would you believe that button size on a landing page could affect signups? A subtle mention of recognised names gives authority proof, again use role performance statements like "become a landing page conversion expert".Features - List features to explain what those benefits do. Having a secondary CTA will take users away from the primary action but you could try a secondary button linking to the same primary lead magnet, basically using different text on the button. A perfect chance to split test without any technical scripts.About YouMany landing pages have no personality. Having an image of yourself adds credibility and proof there is someone running your business.You should be proud of your products, so grab your smartphone and take a selfie if you have to! Here are some additional tips to help you craft the perfect landing page and convert more leads.Overall Page ColourColour tone is very important!
This is where your image might have a directional viewpoint.Rather than having an image of a person looking straight out at the user, have the image behind the opt-in form or looking towards the opt-in form. No we don't mean a transparent video of you running across the screen (however it might be worth a try).
Maybe an image of you sky-diving or standing on cliff edge or the top of a tourist attraction.Try and keep the image related to your company of offer don't just add them for the sake of it. Be creative and always test, test, test.Avoid External LinksThe text in your landing page content should not include any links. If you do want to add some extra content that didn’t fit on the page you could use the OverlayOptimizer but don’t link to external sites or other sales pages.Your page has one goal, to collect leads. I’m aware I said about linking in the footer, this should be the only links that open on the page or links that open new windows to a page with legal info.No DistractionsKeep your pages simple and clean. Avoid butterfly's going across the screen or even chat scripts opening up (although this could work on sales pages). Let the users flow into your funnel and don’t think of adding unnecessary form fields that could cost your business $12 million unless you are split testing.White SpaceCreate white space and give important elements room to breathe. As we get wise what to expect on landing pages try and break the normal flow.You could try adding the OverlayOptimizer Delay or Exit Pop were you present a video. Start with info about you, the company, then testimonials, then add video and opt-in form last. If you try this you will need a good headline to get the user to scroll down.Pattern interruption would work well with surprise. The after experience your new subscribers have will determine how believable you really are and set expectations going forward.This is great time to touch your leads hot points.

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