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Consider including a career objective, your key achievements and professional memberships when tailoring your resume! It needs to be meaningful and add value to your resume, which means it should be specific and personalised to each specific job application.
Avoid generic statements like 'seeking a challenging position with a dynamic company', as they convey no useful information.
Some experts propose that a career objective is appropriate and acceptable, while others claim that it focuses undue attention on what the candidate wants, rather than what the employer wants.

An alternative to including an objective statement is to phrase your profile summary in a way that makes clear the position you seek.
This approach still communicates your objective while focusing how you can be of benefit to the employer. Sometimes it is appropriate to elevate some or all of your achievements to the front page of your resume following your profile statement to capture the reader's attention and focus it on your most marketable points. Membership of the Association of Chartered Accountants is a pertinent fact and one that you should share when seeking a position as an accountant.
As always include information that builds your credibility and leave out information that detracts from it. To decide whether you should include your photo, age or odd jobs you completed years ago, read how to clean up your resume.

Use your Career Tools to track job selection criteria and tailor your application for every job opportunity. As always, ensure that the achievements you choose reflect what the requirements of the position. If written well, it can give your application power by demonstrating that you are focussed and working to a well-considered career plan.

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