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About UsWe're on a mission to educate and inspire the not-for-profit industry about digital marketing & fundraising so we can give every donor a great online experience. After you've set up your ads and are ready to begin receiving traffic, you'll see that several factors come into play before your ads are shown.
Ultimately, the higher your click through rate, the higher your quality score and thus, the more impressions and clicks you'll receive. Google and Bing do great jobs of providing you a starting point of recommended keywords, based on either a site you've provided or from a sample of keywords. Adding keywords over time is so easy to do; starting with a targeted and relevant keyword set at launch can make or break your efforts. The search engines which your search marketing efforts will be running through provide a great piece of functionality, keyword match types. These different match types allow you, the advertiser, to determine based on advanced functionality which keywords and phrases trigger your ads to display.

Use keyword match types to reduce the amount of irrelevant search queries that render your ads. Like the different match types, negative keywords tell the search engines which keywords you don't want to trigger your ads. A lot of search queries can use keywords that you're bidding on, but have a totally different intent than what you're targeting. So for example, if you're targeting keywords for your grocery store and have "apple" as a keyword you're bidding on, it would likely be a good idea to add negative keywords for "ipad", "ipod", etc. Contact Three Ladders Marketing today to learn more about increasing your Search Engine Clicks and our 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee or any of our digital marketing services. It's a terrific way to target users who are seeking products or services identical to your own. One of the biggest factors is quality score, and click through rate plays a big role in that.

The higher your quality score, the lower your average cost per click will be, saving you money and allowing you to purchase more traffic. When adding keywords, make sure to use the correct symbol to denote the match type you're targeting. These won't be relevant to your ads or products, decreasing your click through rate and quality score. These extensions provide extra pieces of related information within the ad, increasing relevance and driving more clicks.
Search marketing enables advertisers to target at the keyword level, providing the ability to incorporate user intent in their advertising strategies.

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