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A few weeks ago, I wrote a post all about free blogging resources that I had found in the wilds of the internet (4 Free Blogging Resources You Aren’t Using (But Should Be!)).
I’m the first one to tell you that the strength of my blog does not lie in my photography or my photo editing. I know that quite a lot of bloggers use Photoshop, but an equal number of bloggers aren’t there.
Fotor  has basically the same interface as PicMonkey and you’re essentially able to do the same things with it. You’re not going to use Canva as your exclusive photo editor since PicMonkey and Fotor do that much better.
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When you take a photograph with a digital camera or edit it with a graphical editor, there will be data embedded in the image file, most smartphones also embed metadata in the pictures they take, this semi hidden data it is called Exif (EXchangeable Image File Format) data, Exif data is not exclusive of image files, it can also be found in audio and video files. In images, Exif data typically includes the date and time the picture was taken, type of camera and model, software used to edit the image, picture resolution, and if the device used to take the photograph has GPS capabilities, like the iPhone, it will also include the geographic coordinates of where the photograph was taken.

Digital photographs metadata, aka Exif data, can be read by software programs, if you open, edit and then save an image file with software that does not support metadata you risk losing it altogether.
Free Photo Viewer: Lightweight Exif data viewer that shows aperture, shutter speed, ISO value, camera model, focal length, time and date, flash settings, etc. GeoSetter: Image utility that can read and most digital cameras RAW images, it shows existing geo coordinates and tracks on embedded Google Maps, Internet access needed.
ExifDateChanger: It can change a digital image Exif date indicating when it was taken, the changes include minutes and seconds, it can rename files and captions.
ExifEraser: Free lightweight software to erase all of your images Exif data, useful if you plan on posting them to the Internet and would like to erase personal details from your photos.
ExifPilot: It views images metadata directly in Windows explorer, you can edit and create digital images Exif, Exif GPS, and IPTC data. PhotoME: Multilingual free metadata editor supporting all of the dominant digital camera brands, it shows information that the camera writes to the image file as well as information that can be calculated from the meta data, it can read ICC profile data, IPTC-NAA tags, Exif tags, GPS data, etc.
There are other blogs that do it much, much better with much, much more beautiful photos than mine.

IPTC comments are also supported and displayed, you can view all of that in full screen if you wish. GeoSetter can change a digital image GPS coordinates, the date it was taken, IPTC data and much more. Exif Date Changer free version is  limited to JPG files, if you upgrade to the Pro version many other file extensions are supported for Exif editing. It can export and import EXIF and IPTC data to MS Excel, the free version can only edit one photograph at a time, to batch processing digital images Exif data you need to upgrade ExifPilot with a paid for plug-in.
Canva offers a lot of templates, graphics, and fonts for your perusal and use, but they are offered on an a la carte basis. By the way, this post may contain affiliate links and this blog is for entertainment purposes only.

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