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VideoSpin is a brand new tool offering similar workflow as of professional Studio family of applications, allowing users to create their own movie clips in minutes using videos and pictures. You can use VideoSpin to convert video formats and even extract audio from video files, if you are looking for a free, easy to use, feature rich replacement for windows movie maker this is the best thing available right now.
This is just one of the many helpful tips we have posted, You can find more stories here, Do subscribe to updates using your favorite RSS feed reader or using the secure FeedBurner email update form on top of this post. The standard answers for these questions are After Effects, Premiere, Final Cut Pro, Eyeon Fusion, Avid Studio, Apple Motion, Flash Professional. In order not to bore you to death with reasons why some tools just didn’t cut it, I will reveal my conclusions.
It pains me to even write this, but after about 2 days of testing all the alternatives the best free choice under windows is the Windows Movie Maker that comes with Windows.
A close second came DebugMode Wax, which is a fantastic free tool for video effects and that comes with quite a bit of compositing and editing functionality. I have not been able to do anything with ZS4, mainly because it crashed after pretty much every click. The screenshot on the other hand looks quite promising, even if it is basically the only one on the whole internet. Vexx Synapse seems like a powerful tool, but I was completely overwhelmed by the interface. The project has released anything in the last 12 months, but compared to some other projects that is still high activity. The last news entry on the Vivia website is from 2007 and the program crashed on me right from the start. Avid Free DV looks like a great tool, but unfortunately has also been discontinued together with its brother VideoSpin. VirtualDub is a powerful linear video editor which has its strengths in transcoding and applying simple filters.
AviDemux is another tool for cutting videos and applying simple filters, but doesn’t seem like an effects heavy tool and definitely not a compositer. All in all, a fantastic tool that could have great promise, if it wasn’t more or less dead and had serious shortcomings.
Cinelerra counts as one of the most powerful video editing tools under linux and has been developed for many, many years. Kino is supposed to be an entry-level tool along the lines of Movie Maker but nonetheless has an impressive feature list. All in all the Linux tools are very strong, and as already mentioned programs like Blender, Jahshaka, Wax are also available. I will probably do some of my editing in OpenShot because Movie Maker is just so painful, and who knows, I may even give Blender a chance one of these days.

Whether you're a professional looking to save money, a student looking for a program to help with a school project or just a person who likes making videos and needs an editor, this page is for you. I will also be here to answer as many of your questions as I can in the comments section and on our forum. Disclaimer: Be careful to only approve the installation of the programs you want and recognize. This section will hold other alternative products reviewed that did not end up on the main list. Perhaps it will be a bit more challenging as I get into more intricate editing, but just to get my home movies broken down into smaller chunks, it's been a breeze.
While I appreciate the generic caution re: the practices of software companies like NCH, I think you failed to fully warn readers of the risks of NCH software specifically.
If you ignore the spammy, malware-like bundling and the under-the-table installations of NCH software, your evaluation might be spot-on. I also dislike NCH practices and might replace there software with another program in the near future. I would like to put some music into the movie im editing but the original sound keeps interfering. Join a couple of clips, cut them, add some very simple 2D filters, add some transitions, some music, done.
Unfortunately with price tags often in the 4 figures neither can I or want to get into those. Possibly it is the better tool than Movie Maker, but it is quite limited in its supported codecs and simply didn’t live up to my expectations.
From what I understand it was developed for audio compositing and I simply didn’t get it to work at all. It had very limited codec and dimension support in its freeware version, which was discontinued after Pinnacle was bought by Avid. I didn’t manage to find a copy of it on the internets and so was unable to try it out. It requires registration to download and is seriously limited in its supported file formats. It does not support WMV natively and I didn’t have any success using it to create videos. I haven’t quite figured out whether export is only possible through gigabytes of BMP files, or in small resolutions, or what.
It has hundreds of presets and is definitely the best free tool for these kinds of video effects. While it allows compositing, I had a hard time finding a way to scale videos, it only imports AVI and WAV and seemed to have issues with sound rendering.

But its Video Sequence Editor offers a great amount of features and makes use of many of Blenders well tested functions like keyframing, etc. I find blender’s interface not 100% intuitive and would rather not render my videos frame by frame in a fully fledged renderer. Movie Maker is not a powerful tool, and as I wrote before it takes some fiddling for it to produce HD output, but it does its job at linear editing. All the cool tools from Windows are available (Jashaka, Wax, Blender, and many additional high quality tools are exclusive to the Unix platform. Its UI is considered quite difficult, but probably a tool for people who know what they are doing. So please, if you need some help picking the right program or if you are an experienced video editor and feel that a specific free editor should be reviewed, because it has worked so well for you, let me know and hopefully, together, we can help everyone find the Best Free Video Editing Program for them! If you are given the choice of standard or custom installation, choosing custom will often give you the opportunity to see exactly what components the software is installing and choose which parts you do or do not want.
This is because of my own experiences running the programs on my computer for my projects and the evaluation I made of its efficacy as well as how easily others were able to complete projects in a satisfactory and timely manner.
If you would like to give something back to the freeware community by taking it over, check out this page for more details. I'm experienced in computers, but just starting with video editing and right out of the box, I was able to cut out portions and get rid of black frames on my home movies.
Taken into consideration, ALL NCH software ratings should be reduced by a measure of at least -25% and should include both strong warnings in the actual NCH app review and a in the Con's section to fully warn readers.
I just want to remove part of the commercial in the video recorded from over the air tv broadcast.
But to be perfectly honest, all the other free alternatives that I looked at were far worse. I was then disappointed by tool after tool, and possibly even with their weird user interfaces some of these programs can do (that little) that Movie Maker can. Downloading free software on the internet can be risky though so ALWAYS pay attention to exactly what you are downloading and where you are downloading it from; it's for your own health! This may not apply to how the program will run on your system for your projects so please, do not become upset if you see a program you like below. My only suspicion is that it probably had some crippleware features built in as well, but that is pure conjecture. If one of these is your favorite for your projects I am happy for you and would honestly like to hear about it in the comments section below.

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