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Albury Wodonga Football Association acknowledges that Cyber bullying is becoming a significant threat to the safety and wellbeing of a whole generation of young people in our sporting community and beyond. Whilst not wishing to limit or stop any discussion about our game, we wish to inform all members of our playing, coaching, officiating and administration communities that actions that contravene the FFA, FNSW and Victorian Codes of Conduct for Community Sport and Football, will be dealt with, by the AWFA Executive and Disciplinary board, and these actions will be considered as bringing the game into disrepute.
Cyber bullying involves harassment, insults and humiliation via technology such as email, mobile phones, social networking sites, instant messaging programs, chat rooms and websites. The internet is not a private space: it is a public place, and needs to be acknowledged as such. Reports of cyber bullying in Australia are increasing and, as young people’s technological abilities grow ahead of their maturity, the wider community must take responsibility to encourage acceptable use of technology. AWFA Players and Clubs and are not immune from these problems and they need to think clearly about how they can manage the possible consequences. It is crucial for Clubs to be aware of all issues relating to the misuse of technology and ensure that they send a very clear message to their members and the local community that such behaviour will not be tolerated.
The reporting process for notification of the misuse of technology must be clear, concise and simple. Cyberspace is not divided into age-appropriate areas, it’s one big world, and the methods that cyber bullies can use to hurt others are only limited only by their imaginations and their access to technology. Cyber safety is an issue that affects the whole community, and as such, solutions must come from a wide range of groups and Clubs. 2(j)    commission or charge of a criminal offence; or (k) any other conduct, behaviour or statement that materially injures the reputation and goodwill of FFA or football generally. Never argue with an official, captain, coach or manager who is there to maintain discipline and fair play. Accept defeat with dignity and don’t seek excuses for defeat or blame the referee or anyone else. Promote the interests of football and encourage other people to watch it or play it fairly.
Treat all participants equally, and reject corruption, drugs, racism, violence and other dangers to our sport. Help others to resist corrupting pressures and remind them of their commitment to their team and the game. Honour those who defend football’s good reputation with honesty and fairness and encourage others to act in the same way.
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Comments posted on Facebook, Twitter, Bebo, Myspace etc are considered to be in the public domain. Clubs need to consider how they can monitor communication between members, such as coaches and players. Club requirements regarding technology use can be included in codes of behaviour, member protection or related policies, guidelines and duty statements.
Research has shown that young people will often not report online abuse for the fear of getting in trouble and losing their ability to remain connected (for example, by being banned from using the internet by parents). The ‘not my problem’ approach, which leaves others to deal with trouble, is unhelpful and alienating. How would a Club react if, for example, an player used a social networking site like Facebook to post photos or comments which have undesirable and possibly damaging consequences for the Club or players? Clubs must undertake to treat complaints promptly, seriously, sympathetically and confidentially, and to investigate complaints impartially. Working cohesively and collaboratively with and within the wider community will result in a far better outcome. Clubs that become aware of issues regarding other clubs have an obligation to report these issues to the AWFA Executive. AWFA Executive must be informed of any action the club has taken to deal with the reported issue.
One day Diana returns to her house after almost being raped by an obsessed fan and finds her cousin sleeping with her ex-boyfriend. They go out one night and Diana’s cousin calls asking her to pick her up from a bachelor party. Branche known as makeup department head Debra Denson known as key makeup artist Felicia Herron known as hair stylist Judy Twine known as key makeup artistArt Department: Michael Biggie known as painter Alan Burg known as set dresser Perry E. Not that Ice Cube isthe biggest celebrity of the planet, but he is an actor I appreciate;too much. He is a rapper, a musician whowrites songs for films, and is good at it, besides being a low profileartist.
His gift as a director (because he could havesucked) comes with the importance he gives to the camera. He has adesperate need to show things as real as possible, even if it is afiction story, so his camera moves like eyes most of the times, likeafraid of watching what’s waiting on the other side, so the impact isharder when we seed alongside the camera. It is a very effectivetechnique.What is also captivating and remarkable, is how much of him we can seein the film. Like directors of the league of Scorsese or Oliver Stone,Ice Cube tries to makes us see what he sees. A youngwoman recalls her emotionally wrenching experiences while working at araunchy black strip club.

More specifically, she remembers the burdenof dealing with sleazy customers, reprehensible rivals, and wildparties on the side, all the while doing her best to maintain herdignity while working to better her life. Intriguing story isaccompanied by a talented cast, powerful moments, and some fineperformances, but too often resorts to familiar plot twists and lamestereotypes. Not a bad piece of work for first time director Cube, butwould have benefited from more creativity. LisaRaye gave an impressive debutperformance as a college student trying to make ends meet.
Bernie Mac canmake the most dramatic piece of dialogue into stand-up comedy with hisextraordinary vocal strength and stamina. I was very impressed with IceCube, his writing-directing debut, because, honestly, I didn’t know he wascapable.
The greatthing about it is that there is a considerable amount of violence, but noone is killed. Lisa Ray is delicious with her obvious attributes,mesmerizing eyes, and just perfect voice. Dollar Bill, the character playedby Bernie Mac is simply funny.To the extent that there is a theme, it is one of black exploitation byother blacks, the operative color being the green of money, and it wasrefreshing to see the absence of non-African Americans so that the themesand action were not framed within the usual, tired aria of white economicoppression, and rather the interactions between the characters are the focalpoint. The criminals portrayed with the guns are more cartoonish than not,yet the real and abhorrent predators become apparent as the onesvictimizing Ebony.Not an academy award winner, but good entertainment. Some strippers come inand tell her there are ways of making more money–much, much more.
I liked his performances in Friday, Next Friday, Three Kings,and especially in Boyz ‘N The Hood. Her parents want her to go to theiralma mater, but she wants to go to another school that the parentsdisapprove.
Of course, she doesn’t have enough money to go toschool and raise her child, so she decides to become an exotic dancer at ablack club. The club is owned by a man who is in big trouble with loansharks.Later, a cousin comes to visit for the summer, and seeing Diana workingthere, decides to get a job there, too. The direction is decent,but the script is filled with cliches and other Black sayings that have beendone to death.Why did I compare it with the A-Team?
A wheel chaired gangster with a tommy gun and arocket launcher in the deep south was too much for me.

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