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Updated In May, 2016 - Poker Host is one of the most popular and best online poker sites in America in 2015. Royal Flush Jackpot - Get a Royal Flush & claim 100X the table's Big Blind in free Pokerhost money!
Visit Pokerhost & Signup - Be sure to enter the affiliate-code 10799 when you create your account. As you can see the benefits to using our Pokerhost affiliate code in May, 2015 are extensive and will even enable people who do not intend on making a deposit to actually build up a bankroll from nothing. Pokerhost deposit options for USA citizens: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Visa Electron, Cash Transfer, Money Transfer and bank wire.
Casino games and a live dealer casino with super HOT girls dealing the cards and spinning the wheels.
Those of you who opt to use one of the many USA friendly deposit options to deposit as little as $10 will claim a 200% deposit bonus at Pokerhost, provided you entered the affiliate code 10799 in 2015.
Update – We are currently working with the most popular and fastest growing US poker sites in September, 2014. The Pokerstars bonus code changes from month to month because they are always running special promotions. I have done several stories about the issues at Lock Poker in 2013, mostly about the slow payouts. My monthly US poker room report has basically been the same each month but July is different. I recently posted a review of the Paddy Power sportsbook and this one is about their arch-rival; Bet365. When it comes to building a poker software, one dilemma which has stumped the most able of online poker programming gurus is functionality or appearance. With a straight forward business plan, we provide robust and dependable online poker software for all of you whose vision is to own their own cardroom. The poker software developers at Cybergaming know that the entire poker platform needs to be robust enough to support all poker operation. If there is any other popular game you want to implement in your poker card room, talk to us, and we will make it for you! The Cybergaming Poker Software not only incorporates the most popular customization options such as white labeling logo solutions , custom poker table design , custom localized avatars , we take it a step further. Of course, we have all the trappings and options that make a poker software, and then some!
Would you like to receive more information on our poker software licensing, available turnkey packages and pricing? The success of any online poker room is directly dependent on the quality of software it offers. Poker client - the exe which is used by your players to play poker and choose which games or tournaments they want to participate in. Gaming and Back Office databases, where all information of players and their activities are stored. Poker Back Office, where the information stored in the database can be retrieved, reviewed and analyzed. In addition to these basic components, there are other customizable modules which integrate into the above poker software framework. This modular framework of the Cybergaming poker platform, combined with an open API concept implemented into our poker gaming system means that we can virtually integrate our online casino software and online sportsbook software along with our poker software thereby providing a unified solution as per your requirements. The Cybergaming poker software enables complete customization of this rich graphical interface.
The poker lobby displays game and tournament information as well as incorporates links and views opening other modules such as player registration, poker cashier and more. The Cybergaming poker software ensures that all content is delivered to the poker lobby and the poker table in a secure manner.
A custom update manager guarantees that the poker client software is always up-to-date and downloads only files that need to be updated from one of several redundant download locations.
A comprehensive client log and bug reporting system incorporated into the poker client ensures that the client software logs all activity (network activity, player activities, internal states etc). The Poker server software is the brains of the Cybergaming poker software where all the game logic is executed.
The game server software is written in Java for stability, maintainability, security and performance.
In essence every game server is a hot-plug-able component which means that a new poker server can be added on the fly into the poker system to meet additional load and traffic requirements.
The Poker Database is essentially the common repository of both dynamic data such as game records and money transactions, and static data like user profile, game properties etc that is generated within a poker software.
The poker database holds every single byte of information pertaining to each and every transaction that the player does in monetary terms. The poker database hold player details, profile details, cashier related data which is held securely in the database using multiple levels of encryptions. Given the high load that the database has to endure and high levels of service required, the Cybergaming poker software uses Oracle RDBMS to host its poker database. When it comes to online poker, it is highly critical for the hands that are dealt to be truly random and unpredictable.
Though computationally heavy, at Cybergaming we have committed ourselves to provide the best possible shuffle for our poker software by using our own custom random number algorithm. First random sequence is used to form a card number whereas second random sequence is used to selectively skip random number of numbers from first sequence and pick a position in the deck to place the card in. The Random number generator is unaware of what is going on in the game, so when the players of the game in question request a random card, the Random Number Generator deals a card while having no idea of whose turn it is nor how the game is being played. In the world of online poker, having a great poker website to complement your poker software is a must as the poker website is the place where you will direct your online poker traffic to. With domain knowledge spanning different types of content management systems such as Drupal, Joomla, WordPress and More our web developers can integrate different features into your poker website. The Cybergaming Poker Affiliate Management System is built and integrated with our back office to provide you with real time data regarding your affiliates. The Cybergaming Poker Affiliate Management System is a multi tier hierarchy system, where in you define an affiliate deal per node. The entire affiliate management system integrates seamlessly into the poker client as well as the poker Backoffice. Every landing, registration and click thru is tracked and reported in the poker affiliate management system Backoffice with custom views serving this information to the affiliate Backoffice as well.
Cybergaming Poker Software comes with an integrated poker cashier which is user friendly and fully customizable. Our poker cashier system is both robust in handling multiple transactions and is fully compatible with our BackOffice. The Cybergaming Poker cashier excels at providing localized and customized payment processor options to players.
Getting funds into the poker software and then processing funds out of the poker software with the proper velocity is a major driver to ensure that your real money poker players are happy. The poker cashier ensures proper and timely security checks are performed on the players account.
The Cybergaming Cashier supports multiple currencies and is a fully multi-cultural (multi-lingual) system. We understand that each of our operators may need custom payment processors as per business requirements.
Player and system security is a high priority; high profile element to the success of our poker software. Cybergaming Poker Software utilizes a multi-faceted approach to player security that goes far beyond merely protecting player account information. Game Security - We have procedures in place to detect, deter, and prevent fraud, cheating and collusion in our games. Staff Security- Access to player account information, players' personal information, financial transaction records, and gaming history is strictly controlled. We understand that as an operator, it is imperative to keep track of your players as well as every aspect of the poker software in real-time. This dashboard provides daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly breakdown of player registrations. This dashboard provides complete details to operators about cash and fund flow inside the poker software. The Poker dashboards provide end users multiple views and information pertaining to the user’s requirement. The unique game play of Omaha and the distinctive payouts structure of Omaha Hi-lo mean that designing and building a poker software to host these variants along with texas hold'em is a work of art by itself.
The Omaha Poker software needs to be tested and validated for this and our experienced poker software testers have seen to it that every line of code and actions taken by the poker software are validated against industry standards. With the Cybergaming No Download Poker software, your players can play online poker from any system as long they have access to a web browser and an internet connection. The No Download poker software has poker games which are browser based and they work across most operating systems. Though not as advanced as the downloadable version, the no download poker software offers multiple poker variations as well as cash games and tournaments minus some frills.
We provide at the moment, Texas Hold'em, Omaha, Omaha Hi-Low and Stud, which is to say, we provide the most popular games the world over.

Yes, we have experienced social media developers who have integrated our online poker software and other gaming software’s with different social media Plugins. You can either build your own website or we can build it for you and integrate our poker software. We provide robust and dependable online poker software integrating realistic animation and graphics with smooth game play. It also stipulates that this licensing requirement could not be waved under any circumstances. If passed, the Bill will remove the streamlined approach currently undertaken within the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement (NJDGE) itself and instead subject Affiliates to the additional scrutiny of the NJ Casino Control Act (Act) and by extension the New Jersey Casino Control Commission (Commission). The vote to pass the Bill out of the Tourism, Gaming and the Arts Committee was unanimous and it could now go to the full chamber for a vote. Currently, affiliates are required to obtain a “Casino Service Industry License” through the NJDGE. Additionally, the Bill would add layers of regulatory oversight by keeping the NJDGE in its current role as an investigatory body for applications, while removing its ability to make a final decision on them by transferring that authority into the hands of the Commission itself. The potential for regulation to be ratcheted up is definitely a cause for concern amongst Affiliates.
Land-based casinos generally have zero background in running online gaming and therefore currently rely on partnerships with experienced Affiliates to successfully enter the market. Given that revenues from online gaming have been far below projections, it is unlikely that a casino such as the Borgata will make the investment necessary to remain open if it can no longer easily partner with an experienced Affiliate such as PartyPoker. Therefore, the Bill could seriously undermine – if not destroy – the fledgling NJ online poker and gambling industry.
It seems as though no discussion about the regulation of online poker in the US is complete without at least a tangential reference to the possible return of PokerStars to the market. Caputo is known to be anti-online gaming generally, but is especially vocal in his condemnation of PokerStars due to the indictments facing former owner Isai Scheinberg. It is therefore likely that his sponsorship of this Bill is primarily aimed at ensuring PokerStars does not have a backdoor into the NJ market that would allow the company’s previous run-ins with the US Department of Justice (DOJ) to be downplayed or forgotten. Given the fact that four Atlantic City casinos have already shuttered their doors this year alone, this provision could theoretically be used as a “fail-safe” to ensure that even if PokerStars could successfully argue its sale purged the company of the taint of illegality, grounds for denying it a license without facing a serious court challenge would still exist.
Whether or not that is a deliberate calculation on Caputo’s part or just a coincidence remains to be seen.
The casino properties in the state have as much interest in running an online card room as 888 has in operating an Atlantic City casino.
While the Bill has only passed out of committee, it is still something that will be closely watched by the industry and the poker community. Bradley Chalupski made his first deposit onto an online poker site in 2009 and has been paying rake and following the poker scene ever since. At the top of this page is an image that shows you where to enter our 2015 Pokerhost affiliate code.
New players at Poker Stars will get to enjoy these promos and claim one of the best new player welcome bonuses in the industry.
You would think that cancelling hundreds of payouts would speed up the other withdrawals but this is not what happened. There are many other sportsbooks from that region but William Hill, Bet365 and Paddy Power are the big 3. For the discerning customer among you who want to offer their valuable customers from around the world something new and different in poker software, we have sub-variants of the above games and a few other poker variants from the world thrown in.
The Cybergaming gaming system integrates realistic animation and graphics with smooth game play. Our poker software incorporates features such as dynamic scalability, poker game persistence and multiple redundancies into the basic poker architecture itself. We are strong believers the localized poker software game variants can go a long way in making the game of poker more popular amongst the masses which translates into more profits eventually for our operators. If you wish to go in for multilingual and multicurrency options on your Cardroom, the Cybergaming poker software is your perfect choice. We're talking about a state-of-the-art back office system with payment management, risk management and fraud control fine tuned to keep track of your transactions and any fraud, the perfect lobby that integrates all your poker games, a bonus scheduler and a smart cashier.
Please click here to request information on poker software and available packages and pricing.
One needs a poker software which has an ideal mix of features on one hand and on the other functionality in terms of number of poker game variants offered. In layman’s terms the poker client encompasses the poker lobby and the poker table and combines them into one functional whole. When a player chooses to join a specific table or register for a tournament, the poker client connects to the poker server hosting that game table or tournament and opens the respective table or tournament lobby. The poker client uses secure socket connections to fetch periodic updates from the server such as poker game table information, poker player lists and tournament schedule, information which is then displayed within the GUI.
This ensures that the client is always updated to the latest version and incorporates poker software updates which are released at frequent intervals.
In case of technical problems or disputes these logs complement the poker server logs and can provide detailed information to help resolve the issues if sent in by the player. It hosts the games and also communicates with all other sub-systems to provide the necessary functionality to the poker clients.
The server is linked to an Oracle database which is known globally to be highly stable and saleable. The poker clients are handled in a synchronized round-robin fashion which guarantees that every poker client linked to the server gets its fair time slice and an equally fast response even under heavy load conditions. The password for example is encrypted when stored which means that even the database administrator cannot decrypt it. Oracle allows for high levels of normalization and provides a world class stable framework to use for a poker database. Unlike other standard approaches, our custom Random Number Generator algorithm uses two random sequences each one generated with a different seed. Our expert graphic designers and web designers combine exquisite graphics and sleek web design with a website which is easy to navigate. Multimedia and social network integration ensures that your poker site is social media friendly while our search engine optimizers and team of poker content writers make certain that your poker website is populated with optimized content ensuring a healthy traffic of players by figuring high on the search engines for your targeted keywords. We ensure that your affiliates are happy by providing them a simple interface for affiliate signup, player registration and affiliate account setup. Affiliates are vital in bringing in player traffic and hence form a major part of your revenue stream. Almost every type of deal in the poker industry can be defined including single or multi-level revenue shares, MGR (Monthly Gross Revenue) and CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) deals.
Whenever an affiliate player makes a deposit, generates rake, the poker back office maintains a record of the same. This ensures that there is no information or accounting drop and every dollar that comes in through the poker cashier system gets recorded in the BackOffice. All the player needs to do is choose his local settings in the cashier and the cashier will only show the player, withdrawals and deposit options via payment processors which support his location. Check rules are embedded into the cashier framework which ensures the automation does not forfeit the players as well as the operator's safety. Layouts and user interfaces can also be modified to complement your website design and poker software look and feel.
The Cybergaming cashier system framework allows for custom payment processor integration as well.
Every player account within the poker software is logged and tracked with respect to financial transactions within the players as well as external and internal accounts, every hand played, every tournament registrations and so forth. Every decision affecting the development of our gaming environments has player security and poker account integrity ingrained into the process and development phases.
Our integrated poker cashier is backed up by one of the best security protocol in place to manage player transactions. The poker system has a complete rights management module which allows for a complete audit trail that shows access and data usage to enforce this security. The Cybergaming Poker software provides a high level of customization for poker reports by providing Poker Dashboards and Poker Reports, most of which are updated in real-time. Our Poker Dashboards for player registration also take into account the VIP levels, the deposits and payouts made, the number of logins and any other information that is vital for our operators to understand and analyze their player behavior as well as fine tune poker promotions.
The Poker affiliate dashboard integrated into the poker software affiliate backoffice provides a complete breakdown of player brought in by the affiliates along with complete affiliate revenue details. A multi level hierarchy of rights and views ensures that based on the user’s requirement, operators and poker software administrators can provide the necessary views and dashboards to a user. Played throughout the world and especially in the United States of America, this game has grown in popularity because of its unique game play. Multiple lines of code need to be written inside the poker software to ensure that these unique variants work correctly and all condition set by Omaha poker rules and payout norms are met by the Omaha poker software. This means your players can play online poker on their MAC or play online poker on a Linux machine as well without the need to download and then install the Poker software locally on their computer.
It connects to the poker server through proper security measures such as SSL encryption and strong password integration.
Apart from providing you with robust poker software, we provide many other services such as transaction management where deposit management and payout management is looked after. Caputo is currently sponsoring a bill (Bill) that would make it illegal for any “Internet gaming affiliate” (Affiliate) to operate in the state without first obtaining a casino license.

However, they are not the only ones who will be sweating the Bill as it moves through the legislative process. This Bill threatens to severely complicate (if not entirely destroy) this model, raising the specter of a severing of the link between name-brand properties and Internet customers. The much likelier scenario is that it will simply exit the market altogether, forgoing the revenue generated under the current system.
That’s why serious opposition to it can be expected from land-based casino interests in the state.
The relationship between land-based and online gaming providers is a mutually beneficial one that the industry will fight very hard to preserve.
You could call it a PokerHost affiliate number to be more precise but they refer to it as an affiliate code and so shall I. Once you have entered it and completed the registration process you can start taking advantage of our exclusives offers right away. The game selection that these poker variants offer makes our poker software one of the best poker software out there in the market today. The poker software has all the necessary bells and whistles with the primary focus on usability and player retention via clean and crisp poker lobby designs and fully customizable poker tables. Since we offer customization of the poker software, it means more marketing options and branding for you and more excitement for your players. The open system architecture ensures that integrating into other systems such as affiliate management systems and payment processors is straightforward. With the Cybergaming Poker platfrom, the poker software developers at Cybergaming have crafted a true master piece in this regard.
Everything from player activity reports to cash flow reports for you online poker operation. You do not have to go through the cumbersome integration process by going in for multi vendor solutions if you need a poker software and a casino software together on your website. The result is an online poker Cardroom custom designed and made to order as per your needs. These secure sockets mean that player information and game information is secure at all times.
These logs do not contain sensitive information such as the player’s password and are stored in an encrypted format for added security. The poker server software is hosted on secure physical servers located in multiple locations across the globe. Oracle Disaster Data Recovery inbuilt into Oracle enables for timely backups in multiple offsite locations as well as locally using RAID ensuring that all data in the poker software is retained for eternity. Likewise, any running server can be shutdown gracefully by rotating the exiting game tables on that poker server to other servers. This was one of the reasons for the poker software developers at Cybergaming to choose Oracle.
At the same time they ensure that the poker website is search engine friendly with quick load times. If you so wish, Cybergaming will design a dedicated affiliate portal, integrate it into your poker website and channel management and affiliate management tools embedded in the poker back office where affiliates’ can effectively manage and view all essential information. Having being part of the gaming marketing industry for a long time, Cybergaming has developed its Poker Affiliates Management System after doing extensive research in the affiliate marketing field and getting in subject matter experts. Bonus sharing and Float Money functionality is provided allowing you to decide on your affiliate structure and integrating affiliates with your sales and marketing effort as well.
The affiliate Backoffice allows your affiliates to get access to this data real time as well as to track their payments and dues. With a hassle free experience and easy deposits and payouts, your players will always be happy to deposit and play.
Fraud checks and flags are strategically placed to weed out anomalies and the poker Backoffice team constantly provides the requisite support. Our experiences coders will help out right from integrating the cashier to the payment processors backend to overlooking that everything is working smoothly. Our security team is constantly enhancing and improving our processes, systems, intelligence, and monitoring tools to keep the Cybergaming Poker Software secure and up-to-date to cope with the rapidly changing security scenario online.
The Cybergaming security teams combine detailed reviews of both player and server log files and game play activity with cross-checks through advanced multi-rule and neural-network-based behavior analysis programs that check though each player's interactions with every other player on the poker software.
The Poker Dashboards cover every aspect of the poker software, from the number of daily registrations, affiliate signups to revenue and rake generated on a day to day basis. With special highlights on the velocity of transactions and affiliate players related transactions.
Our Poker dashboards ensure that our operators know the general performance graph of each affiliate in terms of consistency as well as revenues. So a person in risk management gets access to the fraud and collusion dashboard, an agent in customer support gets limited access to player details while an operator gets access to the complete poker software reporting such as revenue reports, affiliate dashboards and player dashboards. The open poker platform used inside the reporting system within the poker software ensures that reports can be pulled and displayed quickly as soon as all the parameters are know for a report. Taking the operating system out of the equation means that your poker site is able to service all users regardless of their operating system or browser. The poker software developers at Cybergaming are dedicated to provide the best no download poker experience for each and every poker software user. Small "file size" of our poker software has enabled us to achieve the objective of making the best downloadable poker software in terms of size and efficiency. With one of the smallest "file size" for a poker software we have achieved the objective of making the best downloadable poker software in terms of size and efficiency. All poker servers on which the poker software resides are enveloped in a complete and comprehensive security system incorporating proxy servers designed to prevent DDoS attacks on the poker software. From the very start our software architects have seen to it that the entire system is modular in nature. This redundant array of poker servers enables the Cybergaming poker software to support thousands of gaming clients.
All necessary data can be streamed to your website such as player statistics and updated online poker tournament schedules by linking the website to the poker software using SSLs, ensuring the data is transferred in a secure manner. Over the years we have refined this system by listening to both customer and affiliate feedback as well. An unlimited number of custom reports give program owners a detailed breakdown of affiliate performance, statistics and analysis as well.
Firewalls and data encryption ensures that all information within the poker software is secure. The poker reports provide a complete and thorough information base using which our operators and stakeholders can take key business decisions pertaining to the poker software as well as the complete online poker operation as well.
They also provide required projections so that operators and affiliate managers can take well informed decisions.
To take it one step further the no download instant play version of the Cybergaming Poker Software can be adapted if required for use on mobile devices as well. The PokerHost VIP program is second only to the Pokerstars VIP program in 2015, which is sadly not available to Americans at present. Dual features of "play money" and "real money" incorporated within the software ensure that your players can learn the various poker games you choose to offer and then graduate to real money poker, thereby providing a seamless transition.
SSL integration ensures that the poker clients and websites integrating into the poker system are secure as well. This means that we can customize our poker software exactly how you need it based on your business needs.
This media server hosts all possible promotions media including landing pages, banners, text links, RSS feeds, SWF Flash content, Download buttons, press releases and articles. All dashboards and associated reports can be exported into excel and CSV format as required. This expands your reach to mobile gaming as well, with players enjoying the poker software on their mobile phones. The poker tables can also be custom branded with a wide choice of options such as table shape, table felt color, chair shape, chair upholstery and more. This combined with a robust fraud and collusion control system with dynamic rules hardcoded into the very logic of the poker software , ensures that your players and all their transactions are safe and secure at all times.
Our poker clients are available in both versions - downloadable version and a non downloadable version which simply increase possibilities for your business venture with us. This whole process is transparent to the end users who continue to play and enjoy poker as if nothing has happened.
Multilingual integration means that your affiliates have access to multilingual content as well. Every primary table in the poker database system has a corresponding log table to keep track of the changes in the master data. An automated mailing system ensures that the affiliate acquisition, retention and support process is well supported.
This poker room sometimes allows special affiliates to offer their players exclusive bonuses.
These exclusive bonuses are better than the generic welcome package offered by the poker room.

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