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Contact the company that registered your URL, which is usually who built and hosts your website.
If you need any more information, contact us at MarketingXchange and we’ll be able to answer any questions you may have. This year, two of our web and marketing consultants, Joe Brennan and MarketingXchange President, Ryan Parshall, are going to be hosting booth 236. Not only will our consultants be at the ACCA convention to meet with heating and cooling companies about their online marketing, we are also offering website package specials. How do you make your direct mail piece stand out amongst the other heating and cooling companies in town?
Direct mail is an extremely powerful marketing tool that is used by heating and cooling companies across the country. If you are interested in a direct mail piece for your heating and cooling company that is guaranteed to generate you leads, give HVAC Promotions a call today at 855-765-4500. When the phone rings with a lead for your heating and cooling company, how do you turn it into business?
Pay per click advertising, also known as PPC, has done wonders for heating and cooling companies across the country.
One of the major benefits of PPC advertising is that the people who see your ads are the people who are already searching for your services.
For more information about setting up and managing pay per click advertising for your heating and cooling company, give HVAC Promotions a call today at 855-765-4500.
Leave it to the social media world to keep businesses on their toes with the introduction of yet another social network, Houzz.
When your Houzz profile is completely filled out it has a better chance to show up in Houzz users’ search. To have HVAC Promotions set up a Houzz account for your heating and cooling company, give us a call today at 855-765-4500. Anything that represents your HVAC company - logos, flyers, folders, magnets, brochures, postcards, notepads, forms, newsletters, door hangers, stickers, gift cards, yard signs, van wraps, etc. The best part about having a website for lead generation companies is that it can serve as a virtual salesperson. For more information about what a website can do for your heating and cooling company, give HVAC Promotions a call today! The power of the refrigerator magnet lay not in its magnetic strength, but rather in its simple ability to stay around.
So while it’s not faster than a speeding bullet, stronger than a locomotive, nor can it leap tall buildings in a single bound, the refrigerator magnet will become your marketing hero as it works tirelessly, never resting, bringing you customers day in and day out from all corners of your metropolis. The magnet mailer is just one example of the marketing tools we’ve used successfully. When Jones Plumbing, Heating & Cooling came to HVAC Promotions they were lacking an online presence and a website. Websites should be an extension of a company’s branding, incorporating everything from colors and logos to services and company culture components into the design.
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The beauty of PPC advertising is that you can set up a campaign and have your ads running at the top of search engines the same day! Pay per click campaigns can run across any search engine of your choice, such as Google, Yahoo, Bing or even social media sites such as Facebook, Youtube or Myspace.
PPC advertising has been very successful for businesses and for that reason more and more are getting on board. Collabo will help manage your PPC campaign and increase it’s results through several proven methods.
And when those sites are built, there are usually discussions on what is the best website address for the company.

There are many HVAC companies who have hired website design companies to build a website for them. Because if something were to ever happen with your relationship with the website company, they could keep that URL and your website hostage. If you see a name you do not recognize, or if it’s the name of your website company, then THEY own your URL. It is here that you can receive helpful information about marketing your heating and cooling company both off and online. As a member of the Direct Mail Association, HVAC Promotions has years of experience in direct mail marketing. According to the DMA, Direct Mail Association, in the year 2012 the overall volume of direct mail reached 86.6 billion.
For more basic tips for your heating and cooling company to incorporate, give HVAC Promotions a call. Being able to define the target audience of your ad is one of the neatest things that pay per click allows you to do. Houzz is a social network similar to Pinterest that allows businesses in the home improvement and design industries to connect with homeowners. One creates a profile as a homeowner and the other allows you to create your profile as a home improvement professional or vendor. This includes your company’s address, the metro area that you work in, a profile picture, website address, and an updated project gallery. This will not only be good for guiding website visitors to your Houzz account, but it is also very powerful in terms of SEO or search engine optimization.
And every piece of collateral that you produce is seen by customers and potential customers. When a potential customer sees a flyer or a brochure from your company, you want it to remind them of a previous interaction. Cohesive branding on bills, trucks, uniforms, etc., tells the customer you are dependable, trustworthy and not some fly-by-night company. Just give us a call at (855) 765-4500 and we’ll give you that polished look your company needs.
These websites belong to all kinds of companies from medical practices to lawn care companies and you guessed it, heating and cooling companies. The frequently asked questions, list of services, and company information is all right there for website visitors to access quickly and easily. With branding, you will have memorability and consistency that will connect your ads both online and offline.
When it comes to marketing tools, the refrigerator magnet is stronger than the average marketing tool, it can leap tall trash cans unlike other direct mail inserts, and it can get you a lead faster than a speeding bullet at the first sign of a broken air conditioner or furnace. While newspaper ads, flyers, coupons and even radio and TV ads expire and their message is lost, the ordinary refrigerator magnet remains. Our heating and cooling customers who have sent a magnet mailer are thrilled with the results. Throughout the years they have made a name for themselves in Plymouth, Indiana and the surrounding areas. From large city markets to smaller, more rural markets we have tested and analyzed dozens of our websites and their performance to know which one works best and where. Google has realized this and incorporated social activity as a part of ranking factors for websites in their result pages. Excluding the use of mobile devices, users on Facebook are spending 10.5 billion minutes on the social network daily. In a lot of cases, those website companies purchased the URL for you, which means they are technically the owner of your website address.
Which means all those dollars you put toward that website and your online presence could be wasted. They should be able to help you with the steps required to transfer the domain to your name. Our marketing experts will conduct a full analysis of your current web marketing and our recommendations to help increase your company’s lead generation. We will be available during and between sessions to discuss marketing and website best practices for heating and cooling companies.

We have designed dozens of direct mail pieces that deliver leads for heating and cooling companies. If you are having problems generating business from a phone call, we suggest that you try our call script dos and don’ts. Not doing this is one of the simplest mistakes that individuals make when taking a telephone lead.
Remember, this phone call may be one of the first interactions that a potential customer has with your company so it is important to keep a helpful attitude.
You can find nearly any company within the industry, from  hardwood floor companies and roofers to, you guessed it, heating and cooling companies. While this may sound like common sense, you would be surprised at the number of businesses that create a business account as a personal profile.
Houzz provides a snippet of code that is connected to your account so all you have to do is copy and paste. When an AC or furnace needs repairing, the customer will call the first company they think of or find on the Internet. You need these pieces to work your business – why not make these pieces work for you? Those that are perceived by the search engines as relevant, user friendly, and recently updated will appear higher in results than those that are not maintained. Your website sells your company to the consumer and also encourages them to fill out contact forms or give you a call. Like Clark Kent on a street corner, humble and unassuming, it just blends into the kitchen décor, until…dun, dun, dun! While it costs a little more than a mailer with no magnet, the residual benefits are well worth the investment.
Our suggestion for smaller markets, such as Jones Plumbing, Heating & Cooling is to build a starter website. When this happens you miss out on so many opportunities for your business to show up in search. It sounds elementary, but you’d be surprised at how many HVAC companies operate this way.
While there are many things a website can do for your heating and cooling company, HVAC Promotions answers this question for you with a few of our favorite reasons. People turn to search engines when they are in need of a service, product, or information, without an HVAC website your business will simply not be found. Find out how HVAC Promotions worked to establish an online presence for Jones PHC by building a strong, lead-generating website.
In today’s world of online search having a website for your HVAC company is a necessity.
These smaller websites, when designed well, are highly effective in generating leads and representing a heating and cooling company online. If your website is designed to generate leads and serve as a virtual salesperson then the ROI on your PPC advertising should be high. Without a website, your company lacks credibility with potential new customers and this lack can cause you to lose potential business to competitors who do have a website. The homeowner is calling because their furnace is broken and they want your heating and cooling company to fix it. As email marketing becomes more and more popular, you will want to have a large email database for your current or future email marketing efforts. It is especially a great reminder when you are having an off day or are dealing with a frustrating customer. The whole purpose of marketing is to have prospects remember you and have a positive opinion of your company.

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