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Step 1: To start with, instead of just identifying key product USPs for a media story, we can bring in other factors into the consideration set. Step 2: From our consideration set, let’s pick up one proposition that according to us will have the maximum effect in reaching out to our target audience. Step 4: Having identified how we want to tell the story, we can pick up the best platform that will become the hub of the campaign – a microsite for a contest, a Facebook app, an event where we invite celebrities and customers, etc.
Step 5: Provide support from the remaining platforms (traditional and digital) to the campaign. If you are a newbie at Social Media consult an expert to establish reasonable growth goals for your niche. If you get stuck or if this all feels like too much we would be delighted to write a full marketing plan for you. To help you spring into action, I have put together this bulleted attack plan so you can work your way down the list and implement!
Outline your desires, angles, news, updates and content strategy (remember to diversify your content and NOT just self promote). Optimize your Facebook Fan Page & Personal Page (if you use it for promotion) to more effectively brand, and market to your customer base and obtain deeper engagement. Strategize on special opportunities such as contests, newsletter sign up drives, E for M (email for media), or similar widgets and charity tie-ins. Add hundreds of new followers each month – find people you like and see who follows them then run down the list and follow all (don’t think!).
Tweet updates based on your personal interests, and angles (charities, politics, hobbies, etc.). Strategize special opportunities such as contests, newsletter sign- up drives and charity tie-ins.

Drive views to your channel by cross-populating your videos onto ?your Twitter, Facebook, and blog. Strategize special opportunities such as contests, newsletter sign- up widget and charity tie-ins. Schedule a monthly strategy session with yourself to organize and integrate your likes, interests, and unique story so that your online voice and brand gets communicated effectively on your blog.
Create ideas that you want to blog about that are relevant, consistent, and tie in with your overall brand and message.
Ask fellow peers to write guest posts to add on a biweekly or monthly basis (depending on desired strategy). Drive views to your blog by cross posting links onto your Twitter and Facebook pages and pin them on Pinterest.
Pinterest is retaining and engaging users as much as two to three times as efficiently as Twitter. STEP #7: Create Consistent Compelling Content (3 C’s) Follow my social media pyramid to guide you on posting and choosing effective assets. I think one of the sections of the pyramid might have been mislabeled…but the message is still there! Share Tweet Email More Author: Pam AungstPam Aungst, owner and head consultant of Pam Ann Marketing, has been creating websites since 1997 and working in the field of internet marketing and e-commerce since 2005.
First, we identify the key messages to be delivered and the media to be utilized to deliver those messages. If we take a new mobile phone with the best night time camera for example, the product USP looks good to be leveraged. Telling the story ourselves in an interesting manner – calling in a celebrity, creating an interesting video, etc.

Disclaimer: All posts and comments on this blog are mine and the readers of this blog and do not necessarily reflect the views of my employers and the organisation I work for.
As a wildly busy entrepreneur, it can be really easy to allow work to take over your life plans – so build your life into your plan as much as possible. However, if we take a common food item or apparel, perhaps there is not much you can talk about unless is it a new product, therefore is there something happening in the market today that will appeal to our customers and something that your brand is associated with, like a sporting event?
The campaign can still be a series of online and offline activities if they are around the same theme and all together build up the main story. Perhaps we might consider engaging our customers around our brand essence like ‘satisfaction to the taste buds’ or ‘smart wear on the go’ for example.
If we take the example of the phone with the best night time camera, and create a contest on a microsite asking customers to share their best pictures taken in dark surroundings, traditional PR can support by hosting a night photography contest event offline (at night) and perhaps call the local press to the event. So a simple photography contest can become something like this on slide 2 below based on creativity, budget, and ambition. A marketing plan ensures clear, consistent brand messaging, helps avoid social media blunders, and provides a way to measure success. Facebook marketing plan templates are hard to come by on the web, and the ones that are out there aren’t necessarily comprehensive.Facebook Marketing Plan Template – SummaryPreview of the Facebook Marketing Plan TemplateThe following is a summary of the comprehensive Facebook marketing plan template that I have developed, available for download below. If you do not wish to be contacted after downloading the template, simply uncheck the checkbox.

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