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Design patterns on the presentation layer for WPF, Silverlight and Windows Phone applications. By means of an example library, several application examples from everyday life will be used to demonstrate these design patterns and to give an idea, how these can be put into code for reusable components. Aside from the benefits of increasing reuse, such design patterns help to reduce the complexity of a system.
As mentioned before, the library presented in this article should be taken as one possible variant of how to implement the given design patterns on the presentation layer. The design patterns can be viewed isolated and can be put to use in an existing architecture. An Action describes a simple and self-contained operation and leaves its implementation open. The main characteristic of an Action is its concentration on an actual situation or an operation. Because an Action is a neutral definition, standardized components can be developed which can then be reused for different applications. The implementation of an Action Consumers happens through a command, which will be described in the following chapter.
The trigger of a Command is usually something like a button, which is connected to the command by a binding to the property Command. Depending on technology and usage scenario, the command will execute an asynchronous operation. By registering to the events Started and Ended, external observers can keep track of the execution status.
To simplify the handling of multiple commands (execution control, resource management, etc.), they can be registered in a ICommandCollection. The article WPF Command-Pattern Applied describes more usage scenarios of the Command design pattern. Aside from the various helper methods, the primary benefit of using Item Collection lies in its support for the Updateable action, which helps to ensure greatly increased performance upon bulk operations.
To reduce the amount of communication between the container and the UI element, the Item Collection extends the standard list with an update mechanism which is described by the action Updateable.
Measurements have shown that - depending on usage scenario - the use of Item Collection can lead to a tremendous improvement in performance. To get a reliable statement about the achievable performance gains, an individual test run in the targeted usage scenario is required. The following compilation of results shows some measurements of an Item Collection which is bound to a ListBox, where each list element has 2 bindings.
The measurement results for the WPF ListBox show, that especially with an ICollectionView and large item numbers, a striking improvement of the performance can be achieved. The next table shows the results for the DataGrid Binding example, which measures the improvement of load times of an Item Collection which is bound to a DataGrid. The WPF DataGrid shows a similar improvement as with the ListBox, independent of the number of items. In a practical situation, many more factors have a considerable influence on overall load times, like communication, services, reading data, etc.
The property CurrentItem represents the pointer and can be changed manually or via binding. Asynchronous adjustment is necessary when Items and CurrentItem of the view are bound to the same UI element.
Some applications offer the possibility to select multiple elements and use them for further operations.
The Item Model design pattern is used for describing objects which are designed for representation in a UI. DP require to inherit from the base class DependencyObject which is not always desirable or achievable.

INPC offers more flexibility in the control of when execution happens as well as the possibility to combine the changes for multiple values. For testing, the restrictions of DependencyObject in regard to threading become relevant, which prevents automated testing. While Microsoft recommends DP to improve performance (MSDN), the measurements for this article have shown that INPC often leads to improved behavior (see chapter Item Collection).
To be able to treat an Item Model in a standardized way, the differences between DP and INPC have to be hidden and the definition packed into a neutral structure.
The definition is based on the interface INotifyPropertyChanged because this can be used in both model variants (DP and INPC).
Le Windows Store est la plateforme unique a laquelle tous les utilisateurs de Windows 8 ont acces pour telecharger des applications au style Modern UI. Le Windows Store est la seule plateforme ou l’on peut telecharger des applications Modern UI, mais il ne s’y limite pas.
Une fois une application soumise sur le Windows Store, elle est controlee avant d’etre autorisee au telechargement ou a la vente. Pour publier votre application, apres vous etre connecte, cliquez sur le bouton « Submit an app ».
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This article describes specialized design patterns, which can be of use in user interface development of XAML based applications. They support the design process for future development because they advocate the common understanding of the involved designers. Several actions can be combined into an Action Group by topic, although they usually don't have any other relationship with each other. A command starts a sequence of steps which is usually invoked by the user through some user interface control.
Often the availability of the command is visualized in the UI element through ICommand.CanExecute (enabling). By extension of Execute and the execution status IsExecuting, the command provides a common base for synchronous and asynchronous execution environments. During disposal of the list, all elements will be disposed which themselves support the IDisposable contract.

The Silverlight ListBox also shows a significant improvement, whereas on Windows Phone 7 the optimization is hardy discernible.
With the Silverlight DataGrid however, the optimization stands in relation to the number of items.
Preparation of the UI is however responsible for a substantial part of the overall processing time, which leads to a noticeable improvement of overall performance when this optimization is used. In such cases the asynchronous adjustment ensures that the UI element will not reset the value of CurrentItem (Two-Way Binding) upon changes to the list.
Communication between the UI elements and the Item Model happens through actions (see chapter on Commands) and bindings to properties.
A general recommendation states that DP are primarily used with UI elements and INPC for data centered objects. There are values however, which should only be changed by the item itself, like for example a loading state.
Grace a lui, Microsoft a la possibilite de controler et valider chaque application avant qu’elle ne soit mise a disposition des utilisateurs de Windows 8, et ainsi en garantir la qualite. Ce controle, effectue par les equipes de Microsoft, verifie que cette derniere respecte bien les regles definies par Microsoft, qu’elle est fonctionnelle, securisee et fiable pour l’utilisateur. Vous aurez alors un ensemble d’etapes a suivre, a commencer par la reservation du nom de votre application, suivie de sa description et de son envoi aux equipes de Microsoft afin qu’elles la testent et vous la valident. Transform Microsoft PowerPoint slides and other business materials into powerful voice-enriched, interactive presentations.
Prezi lets you bring your ideas into one space and see how they relate, helping you and your audience connect. They empower users to create a unique and powerful impression by giving them a rich web based application where they can import presentation material and personalize their message by narrating each slide with video or audio. Zoho Show’s pre-built themes, clipart and shapes coupled with features like drag-and-drop makes it an easy application to use. Although the library can be used as it is, an adaptation to the target domain is considered reasonable. If the content of the list changes at runtime, this will be reflected in the corresponding UI element. Final updating of the user interface happens at the end of the update sequence, which leads to an optimization in regard to layouting and rendering. Additionally, the view guarantees that the pointer retains its position upon modifications such as deletion of the current item. Because the Item Model is a construct which should cover both categories, it is not always possible to state a clear choice. With the help of the utility method RegisterDisposable it is possible to register resources which should also be released when the Item Model is disposed.
Cependant, contrairement aux applications Moder UI, les applications de bureau ne peuvent pas etre telechargees directement depuis le Windows Store. Ce test la validera alors techniquement, certifiera qu’elle ne contient pas de virus et en validera le contenu. Ce dernier les met en avant, et l’utilisateur est redirige vers le site de l’editeur afin de la recuperer. A noter que les comptes d’entreprises sont les seuls a pouvoir soumettre une application de bureau ou une application utilisant les fonctionnalites a usage special. The combination of these will be determined by an Action Consumer, for example the view model.

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