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Drag & Drop Question Type  Depending on whether you use this as a survey or graded quiz, you can create interactive questions for Matching, Ranking or Sequencing of objects! Click Map Question Type This is another fun interactive question type that gives you the ability to grade or survey a user based on hotspots that you create with several different free form tools! Social Networking We've added a new HTML frame that includes several social networking options built into it. Resize Project One of the most useful tools when you want to change the output size of your project, or merge two projects together that have different dimensions! Crop Project A new crop project feature has been added that allows an entire project to be cropped!

Timing Links Timing Links have now been added to help maintain the timing between elements which will speed up authoring time!
Customizable Buttons Insert customizable buttons to your project and associate various actions to each one. Import SWF Files Embed and playback SWF movies on a slide or assign it as an action to an event. We know the wishes of the customer and are your #1 choice as a partner in the world of software distribution.
The most lightweight of them are VisualBee for Microsoft PowerPoint (sized at 430,594) and Slide Share (sized at 576,275), while the largest one is Prezi Desktop with 570,333,442 bytes. ViewletQuiz allows for a variety of different types of feedback associated with right or wrong, and even incomplete.

We also create a thumbnail of the first slide so sites like Facebook will be able to use it! Whether you want to ask quiz type questions, survey type questions or both, query your audience with a variety of question types.
Whether you want just a visual text or image display or even a movie and sound to play, ViewletQuiz allows you to decide and create with ease.

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