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AGENDA OF THIS TALK How to Document & Report Your Project How to write the requirement analysis.
Sample Introduction Creating A Online Shop for Medicine Distribution Online shopping is a procedure in which the introducing companies gives information of their products on their website.
PROJECT OBJECTIVES: Remember that all solutions in life aim at performing the three Es ECOMOMICAL ERROR-FREE EFFICIENT. Sample Objectives To create a system that makes it easier for a drug-store to order a large set of medicines at distributors website.
Requirement Collection & Study Write how you went about collecting various data from end users. Sample Requirement Study Online Tendering System For this in a meeting with tender dept of following specific requirements were given. Sample DFD (Examination System) EXAMINATION DEPTUSER Application Login Admin User Data Course Data Login Check Login Verif. Architectural Design Data Centred, Data Flow, Layered Also depict this design with the help of diagram. Module Description This is generally an explanation of circles in your last level of refinement of DFD. Program Structure & Coding Program Structure: –Advisable to provide a flow chart with decision paths.
ONLINE VEGETABLE SALES Introduction Purpose of the System Scope of the System Current System Proposed System Functional Requirements Non Functional Requirements. The BCA Method in Stoichiometry Larry Dukerich Modeling Instruction Program Arizona State University. Emphasis on balanced equation Step 1- Balance the equation Hydrogen sulfide gas, which smells like rotten eggs, burns in air to produce sulfur dioxide and water. Mole Ratios: #1 Lead will react with hydrochloric acid to produce lead chloride (PbCl 2 ) and hydrogen gas.
Equation: Lead will react with hydrochloric acid to produce lead chloride and hydrogen gas.
Balance & Before: Lead will react with hydrochloric acid to produce lead chloride and hydrogen gas.
Mole Rations: #2 How many moles of hydrogen gas will be produced if 2.5 moles of calcium hydride react according to the following equation? Before: How many moles of hydrogen gas will be produced if 2.5 moles of calcium hydride react according to the following equation? Change: How many moles of hydrogen gas will be produced if 2.5 moles of calcium hydride react according to the following equation? Ca(OH) " title="How many moles of hydrogen gas will be produced if 2.5 moles of calcium hydride react according to the following equation? Mole Ratios: #3 How many moles of water will be produced if 0.45 moles of oxygen gas reacts according to the following equation? 12 CO 2" title="Before How many moles of water will be produced if 0.45 moles of oxygen gas reacts according to the following equation? 12 CO 2" title="Change How many moles of water will be produced if 0.45 moles of oxygen gas reacts according to the following equation?
12 CO 2 + 6 H " title="How many moles of water will be produced if 0.45 moles of oxygen gas reacts according to the following equation?
Only moles go in the BCA table If given mass of reactants for products, convert to moles first, then use the table. Limiting reactant problems BCA approach distinguishes between what you start with and what reacts. Limiting reactant problems Now that you have determined the limiting reactant, complete the table, then solve for the desired answer. Stoichiometry – “Fun With Ratios” Main Idea: The coefficients from the balanced equation tell the ratios between reactants and products. Episode 801 How many moles of water will be produced when 8 grams of hydrogen gas react with the oxygen in the air?
Stoichiometry The calculation of the quantities of chemical substances involved in chemical reactions. Copyright Sautter 2003 STIOCHIOMETRY “Measuring elements” Determing the Results of A Chemical Reaction.
SPATIAL PATTERN OF RISK OF COMMON RAVEN PREDATION ON DESERT TORTOISES"Common Ravens (Corvus corax) in the Mojave Desert of California, USA are subsidized by anthropogenic resources.
Counsel to Habitat for Humanity in its for sale affordable housing New Markets Tax Credit program.
Counsel to Neighborhood Stabilization Program grantees and developers in all aspects of the implementation of their programs and compliance with federal regulations.
Counsel to a certified development entity in a New Markets Tax Credit transaction combining tax allocation district bond proceeds for the development of an $80 million arts and cultural facility in Atlanta, Georgia.
Counsel to a national lender in a series of structured finance transactions totaling over $200 million in tax-exempt bond financing involving multifamily residential housing projects in 15 states. Neither the information provided on this website nor transmissions between you and Kutak Rock LLP through this website are intended to provide legal or other advice or to create an attorney-client relationship. Terms of Use - The displayed portlet may be used as a link from your website to ARKive's online content for private, scientific, conservation or educational purposes only. MyARKive offers the scrapbook feature to signed-up members, allowing you to organize your favourite ARKive images and videos and share them with friends. In the field of medicine distribution this could be particularly useful since there is a wide range of products, that are delivered to medicine stores as per their day to day requirements.
To allow creation of purchase-orders online with automatic quantity, price totaling along with application of tax etc.

For e.g it is better to use prototyping model for a entirely new development where requirements are not initially clear.
Write about existing methodologies and how you thought that your project would be of help there. Hall Ticket Status Hall Ticket Report Hall Ticket B – Course Selection Process A B C A – User Interaction Process C – Hall Ticket Generation Proc. Topics Problem recognition Requirement Engineering Tasks Processes SRS Use cases and Functional specification Requirement.
This chapter examines the steps involved in analysing, designing, developing, using, and supporting IT systems effectively in organisations. How many moles of oxygen gas would be needed to completely burn 2.4 moles of hydrogen sulfide? Typical Approach to Stoichiometry Very algorithmic –grams A -->moles A-->moles B-->grams B –Fosters plug-n-chug solution. Step 1- Balance the equation Hydrogen sulfide gas, which smells like rotten eggs, burns in air to produce sulfur dioxide.
Large numbers of nonbreeding ravens are attracted to human developments and thus are spatially restricted, whereas breeding ravens are distributed more evenly throughout the area. Marlar is a partner in Kutak Rock’s Atlanta office and focuses his practice on structuring complex finance transactions for non-profit developers, for-profit developers and investors in affordable housing and commercial development projects. Online Computer Hardware Store is preferred over Preparing a program for buying and selling hardware using the client server architecture on internet.
By introducing this system it would be possible for a drug-store to order medicines directly to the distributor on the distributors website.
Tender procedure was standard but tender could be opened online by the participants with authorisation codes. Program subroutine description may also be required Shall try to cover query and reporting modules also.
Molar Mass of Compounds Molar mass (MM) of a compound - determined by up the atomic masses of – Ex.
This means you are limited to certain areas of the board and there are some features you can't use. You hear them called bird-brained, but birds have demonstrated a great deal of intelligence in many tasks.However, little is known about their social skills.
We investigated whether the spatial distribution of risk of predation by ravens to juveniles of the threatened desert tortoise (Gopherus agassizii) was determined by the spatial distribution of (1) nonbreeding ravens at human developments (leading to “spillover” predation) or (2) breeding individuals throughout developed and undeveloped areas (leading to “hyperpredation”). The cognitive biologists from the University of Vienna now add cooperation the ravens' already impressive resume.
Over all process logic shall also be explained with relation to its implementation in design.
If you join our community, you'll be able to access member-only sections, and use many member-only features such as customizing your profile and voting in polls.
Predation risk, measured using styrofoam models of juvenile desert tortoises, was high near places attracting large numbers of nonbreeding ravens, near successful nests, and far from successful nests when large numbers of nonbreeding ravens were present. Marlar has extensive expertise in the HOME Investment Partnerships Program, the Community Development Block Grant Program, Neighborhood Stabilization Program, New Markets Tax Credits and Low Income Housing Tax Credits. Meta-tag based search system for an information catalogue is preferable over File search module. By using this facility he would be able to get away with intermediaries involved in distribution system.
They are able to work out the social dynamics of other raven groups, something which only humans had shown the ability to do.Bullying in the communityJorg Massen and his colleagues of the University of Vienna wanted to find out more about about bird’s social skills, so they studied ravens, which live in social groups. Patterns consistent with both “spillover” predation and “hyperpredation” were thus observed, attributed to the nonbreeding and breeding segments of the population, respectively. So instead of hanging around and simply eating until it's full, a crafty raven will take food and hide it away, returning to the source to replenish the cache repeatedly, until all the food is gone, Bugnyar said. One fascinating question is how similar cognition can be achieved in such vastly different species such as ravens and chimpanzees.”Corvids share similar fundamental cognitive mechanisms with great apes, the researchers concluded.
For manual to computerised system conversion you may draw DFD for both manual and proposed computerised system separately. In their study, published in Nature Communications, they looked at whether ravens were intelligent enough to understand relationships in their own social groups, as well as if they could figure out social groups that they had never been a part of.Ravens within a community squabble over their ranking in the group, as higher ranked ravens have better access to food and other resources. Furthermore, because locations of successful nests changed almost annually, consistent low-predation refugia for juvenile desert tortoises were nearly nonexistent.
If, however, only one individual would pull, the rope would slip through the loops on the platform and the birds were left with the rope and without cheese. These highly intelligent birds are also known for such evolved behaviors as using tools, forming social groups and recognizing faces. During his tenure at Habitat, he implemented its first New Markets Tax Credit transaction and redesigned its existing private placement note program.
Be sure of every single word of your project- report and read it thoroughly before you go for Viva-Voce.
Males always outrank females and confrontations mostly occur between members of the same sex.These confrontations are initiated by high-ranking ravens, who square up to low-ranking birds and emit a specific call to assert their dominance. Without any training the ravens spontaneously solved this task and cooperated successfully. Normally, the lower-ranking, or submissive, raven typically makes a specific call to recognise the high-ranking raven’s social superiority. Marlar also has over 10 years of experience representing national and regional developers and lenders in multistate real estate-secured transactions, leasing agreements and environmental compliance and diligence.
Its bill is heavier than crow's beaks, and it is covered with hard hair on the base of upper mandible.

Through this process, the dominant raven ensures that its social position is maintained.But sometimes, the lower-ranking bird does not respond in a submissive way to a dominance call – this is known as dominance reversal call.
The victims of such cheats immediately noticed and started defecting in further trials with the same individual. These situations often result in confrontations, and can result in changes in the social structure of raven communities.Massen and his team kept a group of captive ravens and made recordings of conflicts. When the researchers placed a watchful raven rival in the second enclosure, visible to the first raven through the window, the first raven would guard its cache, replenishing it less frequently, so as to hide its position.Then the researchers covered the window between the chambers. These included normal conflicts (in which the lower-ranking bird responded submissively to a dominance call) and dominance reversal conflicts. While the first raven still appeared to recognize there could be a potential thief nearby, it did not guard its cache of food as closely.Finally, the researchers kept the window covered but left a peephole open.
The same method was also used to capture the calls from a different group ravens that were housed separately.Individual ravens were then taken from the group and isolated in a separate enclosure. They removed the second raven, but played recorded raven calls as if there were still a rival hiding behind the covered window and possibly peering through the peephole to find the hidden food. We also used the recordings taken from the foreign group, to see if our ravens recognised the same behaviour in other communities.”Relationship stressWhen presented with a dominance reversal recording taken from their own group, ravens displayed behaviour associated with stress, because they expected a disturbance in the social order. This stress is typically expressed by the raven either running around or pecking at its own feathers.Ravens showed even higher levels of stress when they were played a dominance reversal call from members of the same sex. According to different purposes and social contexts, it utters varied series of calls and non-vocal sounds. A confrontation between two females, for example, would not have a big effect on the social status of a male raven – but would affect any females who were listening.Female ravens in general were more stressed than males when they were played dominance reversal recordings. This may be because females are always lower ranked than males, so changes in community structure pose more risks to females at the bottom, which have reduced access to food in the first place.Bird-brained? However, these studies remain controversial because they share a common confound: the conspecific’s line of gaze, which could serve as an associative cue. Maybe not.Television watching skillsBut perhaps the most impressive finding was that ravens seemed to notice dominance reversals in a foreign group of ravens, although they exhibited less stress than when they heard such calls from their own social community. We showed that, without training, nine ravens spontaneously cooperated in a loose-string task. Here, we show that ravens Corvus corax take into account the visual access of others, even when they cannot see a conspecific. Corroborating findings in several species, ravens’ cooperative success increased with increasing inter-individual tolerance levels. Specifically, we find that ravens guard their caches against discovery in response to the sounds of conspecifics when a peephole is open but not when it is closed. Importantly, we found this in both a forced dyadic setting, and in a group setting where individuals had an open choice to cooperate with whomever. Our results suggest that ravens can generalize from their own perceptual experience to infer the possibility of being seen. Alex Thornton of the University of Exeter explained: “The results in this study are no doubt exciting, but it should be recognised that captive ravens were used.
The ravens, moreover, also paid attention to the resulting reward distribution and ceased cooperation when being cheated upon.
Nevertheless, the ravens did not seem to pay attention to the behavior of their partners while cooperating, and future research should reveal whether this is task specific or a general pattern. They nest in cliffs areas, but they are found in tundra and boreal forest, and also in urban areas. Whether other social animals also have this capacity, and whether they can use this capacity flexibly to, for example, also assess the relations of neighbouring conspecifics, remains unknown. Here we show that ravens react differently to playbacks of dominance interactions that either confirm or violate the current rank hierarchy of members in their own social group and of ravens in a neighbouring group. But adults are wary when they approach new carrion, and they prefer to wait that no danger is around. Pair defending territory and nest site chases intruders for long distance, and may engage aerial fight. Displays seen occur all year round, most intense in fall and winter, and include acrobatic flights. Courtship displays on the ground include bowing with elongated neck and fluffing throat feathers.
Male has fanned wings and tail, stretching its neck upwards while is bowing with bill downwards.
Female invites to copulation crouching slightly and moving its wings (opening, extending or dropping) and shaking or quivering its raised tail. Reproduction-nesting : Common Raven nests in cliffs or in large trees, from 3 to 20 metres above the ground. Inner cup is made with twigs, and lined with soft materials, sheep's wool, lichen, fur, grasses, mud and paper. They may leave the area and their family, or remain with their parents for a more extended period. Now, they are protected and populations in North America are increasing all across their range.

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