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Creating the perfect presentation is important when you’re trying to sell your business.
While Word is a good way to do presentations, most times it won’t compare to what PowerPoint offers. Microsoft PowerPoint is the way to go whether you’re printing your presentation to hand out, sharing it with others to view on their own computer, or displaying it on a screen for large groups to see. One of the best parts of PowerPoint is the ability to create a slideshow for your viewers to watch. One of the biggest advantages to using Word for your presentations is the ability to have spell check done on what you type.

These include: Business, Calendars, Charts and Diagrams, Education, Medical, Nature, and Photo Album. You’ll be able to make this program work for you and your business when you choose to use it for your presentations. You can add images here and there from your computer or from the website where you can pull from the Microsoft files.
No matter if you use PowerPoint or Word you’ll be able to get your point across and reach success. Both PowerPoint and Word will work for a presentation, but one may work better than the other depending on your needs and requirements.

Another advantage of using PowerPoint for your presentation is the ability to change the direction of your sheet throughout your presentation. One last thing you can do with PowerPoint that isn’t possible with Word is to move your images to where you want on the screen.

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