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Once your account is active, you may use ColossusCloud's Client Portal to add resources, such as RAM and disk space, to your Linux Cloud VPS.
Faster, new features, Weebly integration, beautiful resource charts for dedicated servers, and more.
The high availability infrastructure of a private cloud is comprised of hosting in a world-class datacenter, a managed hosting solution with high-availability firewalls, load balancing, enterprise grade hardware, disk-to-disk-to-tape continuous data protection, advanced monitoring and patching. Pay Per Cloud can also build a VMware based private cloud architecture with multiple ESX host servers dedicated and configured to your needs along with centralized SAN storage. Our Private Cloud Architecture offers 100% uptime SLAs with 'High Availability (HA)' and 'Fault Tolerance' features. High Availability provides a base level of protection for hosted VMs by restarting them in the event of a host failure.
As illustrated in the diagram, we use SAN storage for a Private Cloud Architecture which is shared among all your virtual servers. You have more stringent security requirements due to regulations such as HIPAA or due to the nature and sensitivity of you applications and data.
You want to be able to build highly available solutions that include Web Farms or SQL Clusters.
Your applications have unique requirements that cannot be met with off-the-shelf self-service public shared clouds.

Please contact our sales department discuss your Private Cloud Requirements and request a quotation. This combination of redundancy and managed services provides your Private Cloud with the backbone necessary to guarantee your applications are always available.
A Private Cloud is a dedicated cluster of highly available, scalable, secure and redundant web servers deployed in a Hyper-V or VMWare Cloud Architecture. Pay Per Cloud is able to offer the full spectrum of enterprise features such as High Availability (HA), Fault Tolerance (FT), Distributed Resource Scheduling (DRS) and VMotion.
Both these features have the ability to offer continuous availability for hosted virtual machines in case of a host failure. Fault Tolerance provides a higher level of availability, allowing users to protect any VM from a host failure with no loss of data, transactions, or connections. It is essential to have SAN storage if you wish to implement High Availability as that requires the VMs to be stored on shared storage available to all the hosts.
While other cloud service providers are fine-tuning their baseline offerings, HOSTING continues to create the next wave of opportunities in the cloud. Compared to the traditional approach of purchasing, provisioning and managing the architecture, Pay Per Cloud's Private Cloud solution is an all inclusive solution which includes provision, setup, perpetual licensing, monitoring and complete management of the cluster thereby guaranteeing enhanced security, improved back-up options, experienced technical support for maintenance, brand-new name-brand equipment, and zero downtime.
This is done by ensuring that the state of the Primary and Secondary VM is identical at any point in the instruction execution of the virtual machine.

Even though there are a few other storage options available, we recommend SAN Storage as it is capable of meeting the IO requirements of all of the Virtual Machines.
HOSTING is the first and only domestic Microsoft partner to offer both public and private cloud environments built on the Microsoft Cloud OS.
The Microsoft Cloud OS from HOSTING provides a choice of secure, flexible single-tenant or multi-tenant cloud environments, combined with industry-leading compliant hosting and disaster recovery solutions.We know our customers want to take advantage of the latest cloud platform innovations without having to deal with multi-vendor complexity.
After a failover occurs, a new Secondary VM is automatically re-spawned and redundancy is re-established.
The Microsoft Cloud OS from HOSTING enables organizations to create, host and manage business-critical applications in a flexible, secure and highly available cloud environment without being restricted to a single provider. HOSTING cloud experts ensure data and application migrations are done securely and efficiently the first time, without rollbacks.Industry-leading security and support The Microsoft OS Cloud by HOSTING provides 100% uptime, backed by comprehensive service level agreements (SLAs) and the most experienced support teams in the industry.
Ed was responsible for maintaining the integrity and security of all electronic records as well as validating 21 CFR Part 11 compliance.Ed brings a wealth of knowledge to the team.

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