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In this piece, we’ll explain how product documentation can help you meet launch goals and empower your customer-facing teams and end users.
According to Julie Hall and Joan Schneider, both Partners at Schneider Public Relations, a lack of communication and planning can be linked to the top reasons products fail.
Luckily, a carefully created product launch plan can help address all of these issues by aligning departments with both strategy and execution. Serial entrepreneur and Forbes author, Matt Clark reiterates that every successful product launch starts with a launch plan and calendar. This detailed document can also be interpreted as a Go-To-Market strategy, which is the overall battle plan for your product. It’s important that your Go-To-Market strategy thinks about all marketing channels with a focus on customer segmentation. Therefore, your product launch document should explain your launch goals, identify the most valuable segments, and lay out a plan of execution. Sales Goals  — These are probably the easiest to define since you already have sales expectations. Prospect Goals — Defining the number of prospects is especially helpful if you have a long sales cycle. Customer Upsell Goals — Companies with existing products can use this to gauge relevance of new products to existing customers.
Product Defect Goals: Communicate clearly with development and QA so customer satisfaction (and therefore revenue) isn’t damaged.
To best achieve your launch goals, focus your launch messaging on the MVS (minimum viable segment) who have the same problems you seek to solve.
As you can see above, the right MVS will give your new product the best chance at being adopted by the right people.
For example, Google doesn’t just release updates — it’s changing the way the world finds information. Payment device startup, Coin, is the poster child for targeting an MVS with the right messaging. For more information on how early-stage products should focus on the MVS, check out our Guide to Minimum Viable Products. Make sure your product launch plan includes a section naming the DRI — directly responsible individual. According to Chris Guillebeau, New York Times bestselling author of “The $100 Startup,” a checklist helps make sure nothing slips through the cracks.
Janine Popick, Founder of VerticalResponse, ensures her company’s launch checklist covers all department responsibilities down to the day.
If you want to play it safe, you could do a soft launch near the end of the week and not announce until Monday (allowing yourself the weekend to resolve issues). Once you finish your product checklist, you’ll have clearer visibility to keeping your Go-To-Market strategy on track. Product launch communications should be a two-way street — you need to inform your customers just as much as your internal teams. It helps if the content you create for product launches serves the dual purpose of informing customers and sales teams. Below, we’ll show how a launch FAQs, demo videos, and case studies help fulfill this dual purpose. Compared to the traditional method of heavy manuals, a launch FAQ portal can be a much more scalable and user-friendly solution.
To assist with promotions, you can also create a subsection specifically for bloggers and media to answer questions such as “What’s the big picture?” “How are we different?” and “What’s the business model?” The Hulu portal example above is an excellent method to structure different questions for different audiences. Neil Patel, cofounder of KISSMetrics, emphasizes that  the most important part of a demo video is the script rather than video quality.
Tangible insights on creativity and business—from products and marketing to professionalism and clients. Stories of triumph, failure, encouragement, and practical ideas for living a balanced family life.
From typographic principles to professional practice, learn to make a living as a hand lettering artist. Join a like-minded group of smart people to get feedback, stay motivated, and keep yourself accountable. How to make sure you’re building what other people want (and will pay for) and not just what you want. I share things I learned, what worked, what didn’t work, and everything from validation, to lead magnets, to what to put in your emails, to evergreen launches so that you too can nail your very first product launch.
You can make something and want people to want it all day, but that doesn’t make people actually want to buy it.
09:15 I was putting out valuable and relevant consistently, so people started to associate me with this topic and this topic with me. 16:35 We talked about showing up every day, providing value, and being consistent because it relates to product launches.
25:01 Ben: With the Learn Lettering video series leading up to the launch, how long was it before you started? If you can articulate the problem better than the prospect can, they’re going to feel like you have the best solution. 37:40 Once we get close to the launch, I plan to stop the automated stuff for everyone and send out a three to five part series that leads up to the launch. 38:52 If you want to ramp up to an actual launch, not an Evergreen launch, then I would space it out a little bit—send every three days and right before the launch switch to every day, three to five days before the launch. The more expensive your product is, the more education and value you want to give people before you try to close the sale. 55:03 Ben: Do you also automatically give that bonus to people who have already signed up on your list? Instead of being a broken record, put out new content around the same topic that teaches something. Subscribe to get podcast episodes, videos, articles and newsletters every week that will help you take your business to the next level. As a result, an initial order of $800,000 was placed through WheelTime Network member Clarke Power Services, Inc.
APG’s EPA dual fuel tests show sustainability improvements that include an 80% reduction in CO and a 25% to 30% reduction in nitrous oxide (NOX) and particulate matter (PM) emissions compared to the base year diesel engine. Lyle Jensen, CEO of APG stated, “We are ecstatic that Ervin Equipment has endorsed APG’s technology as the dual fuel solution of choice. Posted on August 8, 2013 with tags APG, Dual Fuel, Ervin, Glider, Kit, Launch, Line, News, Product, USA. Euromoney Energy Events’ LNG Trading Leaders Forum Japan will focus on providing insights into the commercial aspects of LNG trading, uniting key industry players under one roof to provide you with everything you need to secure those important deals and stay ahead of the curve.
The Forum is being held under Chatham House rules, allowing you to share new ideas and build new business connections in a relaxed and informal atmosphere. To see the full list of speakers and to find out more about the event, please visit the event page or download the brochure here. Specific reasons included poor timing, lack of planning for post-launch, and confusing product messaging.
For a lean launch plan with helpful pointers, check out Demand Metric’s product launch plan.
To stay realistic, Clark recommends that your product plan can work backwards from the launch date to detail every step along the way. Identify all buyer personas and understand who will play (Actors) what part in what stage (Scene) of the sales cycle. Example: We expect 12000 site visits and 15 news sites to pick up our press release within 90 days of launch. Make sure you work closely with marketing to define prospects so the sales team gets better quality leads. The “minimum” refers to a niche small enough for you to completely dominate while the “viable” denotes that they want a product you can deliver. Usually, members of the MVS are tightly knit and communicate via community forums or online groups.
Don’t just release features, make sure you communicate how you’re improving the customer’s life. Its device’s November 2013 debut on crowdfunding site Kickstarter earned $50,000 in 47 minutes.
Apply the same elegant thinking towards your overall Go-To-Market strategy and you’ll trim more fat while selling more products to people who will spread the word. Demand Metric has a user-friendly launch checklist that also automatically populates a Gantt chart to keep everyone on track. As you approach launch, he advises signing up for all marketing and sales email notifications and buying the product multiple times to ensure smoothness. If you want to make a big splash, consider going live with everything on a Monday or Tuesday.

Pragmatic Marketing found that customers are increasingly self-sufficient as 95 percent of buyers purchased from companies who provided ample content, yet customers could only find relevant content 42 percent of the time. Launch content can be a great selling tool since reps learn about what appeals to customers and can repurpose the material for lead nurturing. You can create the content from top issues found during beta testing and update the content based on customer feedback loops. Demo videos are inherently multi-purpose since they easily inform the press, potential customers, and sales reps alike. Just like the FAQ portal, you can base your script on beta feedback to answer recurring frustrations and objections. It was my very first product launch and it grossed six figures in the first three days of launching.
Well, I have an exhaustive case study in e060 with all of the details, but essentially I owe it to a year of immersion in the world of marketing! Today, we’re taking things to the next level and I show you how I use email marketing to launch a product. They were asking me questions, I made a guide in response to those, then the guide got 200,000 views on my site in a year. In order for them to see you as that, you have to demonstrate you are that person by consistently putting out value.
You don’t even have to answer every question, you just have to answer some questions around this topic and people will assume you have the other answers, just because you show up consistently and talk about it.
You haven’t been showing up every day for two years, you just started a blog two years ago. Maybe the market is primed for that, with others doing the same thing and the ability to find your unique expression of that interest, but what if you don’t rely on that so much?
Pretend the product you’re building already exists and you have to write a press release for it.
Write everything about it: the people it serves, what it does, how it accomplishes those things, etc. With Learn Lettering, you shared a free video in one of the email campaigns you sent out before the launch. An effective landing page will articulate the problem better than the prospect could ever even try. Look at the most common response from your autoresponder and position your copy writing around that. A lot of the time, the people who are discovering that landing page and deciding to sign up for your email list may not know the volume of content you’ve already put out.
You want to get it out there as soon as possible, put out the backwards building press release page, start capturing leads, and then send out valuable pieces of content along the way. Would it be valuable to your subscribers to put out a blog post or make a video talking about that color, why you chose it specifically, and what it means to Value-Based Pricing? Look at the fringes because you can grab some of that stuff and build it back toward your product. You have to listen to them, ask questions, and purpose your content around what they’re looking for. We try to reach people at different levels that might want to skim or read in full by telling stories with the headlines, phrases we bold, and what we pull out in block quotes. I think about how terrible it is for a follower, who is so loyal to you that they jumped on the first opportunity to support you by buying at full price, to turn around six months or a year later and sell it for less to people who aren’t as loyal. You add that to your course, send out a broadcast, and give it to the people that are already signed up but limit it for the new people. Make sure they can take away value whether they clink a link or not, then up-sell them or pitch them on a product that’s relevant and related.
There’s so many bad experiences that people have had and they associate those negative experiences with those terms. I had been asking them questions while preparing for this show, I was providing and creating value, so that’s a great time to ask someone for something. How do I stay out of blacklists and spam filters?” Poor product photography is just bad. Don’t think about the images as the focus, think about the text as the focus and the images as a tool you use to highlight the text, the same way you would adding a heading or italics. On Twitter when people are always reposting the same site over and over again with the same landing page, same message, and no added value—that looks like spam! I care about the people who follow a reasonable amount of people that they can actually process and I’m important to them. I can talk about Value-Based Pricing all I want, as long as I come out with something new—new podcasts, new articles, new videos, etc. You'll also receive my book, The Overlap Technique, and Audience Building Course for free when they launch! Jensen concluded, “APG will be at the Great American Truck Show in Dallas, Texas, on August 22 – 24, 2013 with both a CNG Dual Fuel Glider Kit and a LNG Dual Fuel Glider Kit on display. Finally you launch, and as you watch it disappearing through the clouds, it finally hits you that it’s completely out of your hands. Whether you’re part of a large launch team or a solo entrepreneur, a documented launch process can save you time, sanity, and even your product. For more detail, Growth Technical Marketing has a launch plan that walks you through every step. You need the clearest picture of success since your goals frame the purpose of your product. The team developed crisp messaging to go after a segment ignored by big payment processors — millennials tired of carrying multiple credit cards — and targeted them online where they spend the most time. I searched the web and read articles, listened to podcasts, watched videos and gleaned whatever wisdom I could from those who had been there before me. That’s pretty unheard of for a first launch and yet, I still figured out a ton of things sense then. I said my first product launch was Learn Lettering but actually, a couple of years before that, I did put out a shirt for sale.
They started leaving comments on my work saying they wanted to buy it as a print or a shirt. I don’t want people to have the false impression they can just start talking about something and people will start showing up. Those pieces need to be there and there needs to be some level of interest, but what if you’re showing up so consistently that you’re driving more interest? We’re not just internet marketers who talk about internet marketing, we have real experience with a real business, trade, and skill that was built with thousands of hours of practice. Do you want to promise them more free stuff between the time they sign up and the time it launches? You’ve put it out there as if it exists, so if people are signing up, they would have bought it, or at least a percentage of the people that converted would have bought it.
You have to establish yourself as an authority, then people will start asking you questions.
Get clarification because there’s often something deeper at the root of their question. Forget about the idea you have—other people already have the idea and they’re sitting around, thinking about it while you execute.
I did half a year with Learn Lettering, but with my book, The Overlap Technique, it’s been over a year. With Learn Lettering, I sent every day for five days before and it did really well but there were people who had been subscribed for six months, and only got something for five days leading up to the launch.
If you’re passionate about this topic and have a course or product around this, ideally you should, at the very least, be able to repurpose some of the content from your course as a newsletter you can send every week. Just as an exercise to help people think outside the box when it comes to coming up with content.
If your product is $500, you should probably do seven to ten emails and if you want to have three to five emails gearing up for the launch, work your way backwards. It has such a huge amount to do with how well you do in sales and how much of a response you get to your emails.
Obviously if you care deeply about whatever you’re making, you can have a lot of things to say about it so my question is, as it relates to copy writing, is there an appropriate length? If you have plaintext emails, you can still do this even without the typographical hierarchy because the way you break up your paragraphs serves the same purpose. Maybe they’re doing something with each person that purchases and they only have so much capacity.
I hate when I buy something at the store, then I go back a week later to find the product on sale. Also, the few links you have in your emails, the more likely it is that someone will click the one you want them to click. Clear that bulletin board and put up one note right in the middle, what are people going to read?

And how do you present a product from different angles to avoid sounding like a broken record?” Terrance gave the example of, “My store is opening in 6 months! The 2014 Freightliner Columbia and Coronado glider kits will be powered by a rebuilt Detroit Diesel Series 60 12.7L engine that has been upgraded with APG’s Turbocharged Natural Gas™ System. I’ve learned things the hard way, I figured out when I did wrong, and what I could do better. They were going out of their way to ask for it, instead of me just saying, “I made this shirt, I really want you to like it. I like using lettering because it’s a real example I can point to and people can replace lettering with whatever—engineering, art, photography, videography, writing, etc. I gave a case study on my 6,000 pixel tall landing page for it (Related: e060 How Learn Lettering Made $80,000 in 24 Hours With the First $10k in 30 Minutes).
This applies to your landing page because you want to imagine a person and give it some forethought. Put out an epic blog post that helps people and solves a real problem, and at the bottom have a sign up list for your newsletter. A lot of people think you have to have a whole ebook to give away, otherwise what’s the point? Look at someone buying a car—they’re researching all kinds of things on that car before they make at $15,000 or $20,000 purchase. A month or two ahead, start thinking about how you want to space them out and what times you’ll want to send them out. On one hand 700 to 1,000 seems like a sweet spot, but really make it as long as it needs to be.
Something you can use to create urgency without discounting your products is giving a bonus and limiting the availability of the bonus. The term glider kit refers to a truck that has a new frame, cab, electrical system, and front axle but must utilize rebuilt systems for two of the three drive train components which are the engine, the transmission, or the rear axle.
The APG Turbocharged Dual Fuel System has logged millions of maintenance free miles around the world under very demanding driving conditions, and we have come to appreciate why the WheelTime Network selected and endorsed APG’s dual fuel technology. Jensen added, “We also want to acknowledge and thank our WheelTime Network partner, Clarke Power Services, Inc., for bringing this opportunity to fruition.
I owe a lot of that to my research on product launches and marketing, especially email marketing. The longer you spend doing something consistently, especially focusing in a specific niche, the easier it is for people to trust you because they see you’re committed. You can’t guarantee that if a 100 people signed up for your list you would have a hundred sales. If it’s a video course, it can consist of 50 videos or 30 videos, that part is flexible but you know you have to solve this problem. Think about the number of people that are going to be at the magic number 7 once I launch (Related: e153 The Magic of 7). I’m sending that manually to the people who have subscribed and then I go back with an auto responder series. You could even be as aggressive as every single day because if this is relevant to someone, they’re going to be hungry for that content. When launching, open up a window for the extra bonus with purchases made in the next 48-hours. I send out shownote emails with tons of links but those are references, it’s like Wikipedia, but when it comes launches and you want to be effective, put fewer links as a rule of thumb. Some people need what you have so badly that you need to hold their hand and help them get out of their own way so they can get what you have and make their life better.
You might think that’s unrelated and all people care about is the final product but people are interested in the behind the scenes stuff.
In addition to tax benefits, a glider allows the truck owner to power the vehicle with an older EPA approved emissions class engine. As anticipated, we are seeing a substantial nu mber of dual fuel glider kit and dual fuel engine upgrade conversion opportunities being generated through the WheelTime Authorized Dealer Network.
I gleaned from other people how they do launches and structure things, which ended up helping my product launch do super well.
I was putting out work and blog posts, and at the time I was getting an average of five emails a day where people were asking me questions about lettering. It speaks to the person who is a hand letterer and wants to make a living as a lettering artist. Leading up to the launch you can send them several free video lessons along the way and you don’t even have to mention that, because all you need to do is get them on the list.
You can look at the struggled that most people have and the one that’s the most common is the best one to build your product around.
I could have done it in three months and released it then but the number of people that have heard about it, known about it, and cared about it would have been a lot smaller.
I take the newest campaign and I put it at the end of the autoresponder so every three days people get a new piece of content from me. Honestly, I’m doing too much stuff to do anything as effective as it can be right now.
You can get them to the point where they’re ready to drop a large sum by educating them more. Give it to them for free, get their feedback, get to know their problems, and get a testimonial or a case study out of it. You’ve got to not only provide value in the copy itself, but imagine a skimmer only reading the headings. As for length, I personally have more of an appetite for longer-term copy because I want something of substance.
They use images with text in them, to say the things that would otherwise get them in the spam filter. This dual fuel capability eliminates a big concern of fleet owners which is being stuck with a dedicated natural gas fleet in the future if the price spread of diesel fuel and natural gas is no longer economically advantageous. We expect to have multiple certified installer locations operating in many major regional markets by the en d of the calendar year.
You’ll sell your product that way but the reason Learn Lettering had such a huge success and awesome launch was because it had a direct response to the questions I was already getting from people.
You don’t have to worry about that, you have to worry about people caring about what you have to put out there. If you’ve got a $500 product, you might want to send more than three emails to warm people people up a little more.
Can someone read the headings, bolded phrases, or block quotes and still come away feeling like they’ve received something from someone that really knows what they’re talking about?
Every single time they launch, they close it down, build up a list, do a series leading up to the launch, and they get a big spike in sales. What I mean by saying you’re doing them a disservice is that you now just put the burden on them.
I don’t care about the people who try to follow 1,000 people—you can’t follow 1,000 people! The freedom to hedge future risk is a key differentiating factor that fleet owners will appreciate. The goal here is for the person to be so excited that they were ready to press the buy button by the time they got to the bottom. If your audience is interested in hand lettering, say, “I want to tell you a little story about my friend Brendon.
It makes sense but using autoresponders, you can essentially do mini launches to people all day long, every day.
They have to go do more research to find a product that’s actually going to solve their problem. When you’re releasing a product and you want to show different angles of it, you can have six or more pictures, as long as you have some text around it.
You can get 1,000 people signing up with that and who knows what your product is going to be, but that’s no validation.
I need to step up my game a little bit with this launch but I want to help people with the ideals here. They sign up and get the same emails you sent out for your first official launch, although you might have to change some of the copy if you say an exact launch date or anything like that. Pay a portrait photographer a few hundred dollars to take some nice photos of you to use as your avatar. Iterate as you go but put up as much as you can, and put it up exactly like you would launch with it.
Backwards build this product as if it exists already and tell people exactly why they should care.

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