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I hired you because you provided a sample before I jumped in at the deep end and because you are very price competitive. My research work has been given the needed impetus for academic precision which was earlier lacking before the submission.
In addition to this, their pricing is very affordable yielding in-depth perspective and insight presentation despite the costs attached. The convenience was a factor in deciding and as much as I was unaware of what the reasonable price for such a service was, I found it to be reasonable. I chose FirstEditing for my current manuscript after receiving quotes from three editors recommended by my publisher. I will include a note when sending the MS forward for publication citing the book as having been professionally edited by FirstEditing. Please Note: Delivery time for your order starts from the moment your payment is processed. Career Change- Transitioning from one line of work to another or from one industry to another. Your resume will be written specifically to your requests based on your work experiences and job history.
A CV professionally written to emphasize your achievements and qualifications and convince your potential employers to offer you an interview.

We will also provide you with a template for a cover letter as well as guidance regarding customization of each cover letter according to the specific job you are applying to.
Our experts will edit and polish your cover letter to perfection ensuring that your letter is tailored to specific job. A customized LinkedIn profile written as from your own voice and presenting your professional skills and achievements and an overview of your career thus far. We’ll go over each aspect of your LinkedIn profile, and make sure that everything is polished and perfected so that you’ll attract all the right employers or applications. Our most popular package includes a conversation with your resume writer to discuss any details. With this package your resume will be thoroughly edited and improved by a professional editor, and your LinkedIn profile will get the same treatment, so your job opportunities will go up! You need to upload your old CV or resume, other autobiographic materials with updated information to craft you a professional resume! Please note: A public (applicable by any client) or personal (applicable just by the returning customer who received this special code) discount code lets you save on using our service. Christine pointed out more mistakes and flaws than I could imagine before it went to press. I was sure that between me and my wife, who reads books daily, we would not do justice to editing something bound for publication.

The suggestions and advice she provided are most helpful and I appreciate very much the extra time she devoted to the edit. I will be sending it off to agents and publishers and wanted to make sure all the grammar is correct. My first three books have been published and my fourth is under contract with a release date of March 31st.
I like your work, your customer service is top flight, you listen to me, you have delivered on time, and you offered me a discount and free formatting.
You will need to provide this information in writing with your order via email, or by phone.
Let a MyPaperSavers certified professional editor revise and edit your paper and then impress your teachers and peers with an amazing assignment! The Light Horse began as an 'explanatory' prequel to a larger novel, 'The Talking Box', which focuses on Northeast India in what was once Assam (now 7 separate states-a few in open revolt against the Indian govt.) You have helped me focus my ambitions.

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