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Selection Area - is used to add files to be processed, choose transitions to be applied between your video clips, set chapters and select a video menu style for your DVD and Blu-ray video.
File Area - an area where you can see a list of the recorded files, perform certain file operations and set the location for your resulting audio files. AVS Video Converter has a user-friendly and comprehensive toolbar that is located at the top of the Main Window.
Apart from the formats, devices and websites buttons there are miscellaneous buttons on the Main Toolbar.
Use this button to see in the Profile field of the Main Area a list with your favorite conversion profiles.
Use this button to open the Edit Input File(s) window, where you can put chapters, highlight trim areas, apply effects, export audio and images. The Menu button becomes enabled after selecting the DVD or Blu-ray output format by pressing the corresponding button. The Favorites button becomes enabled, after you added at least one profile to favorites clicking the icon next to a certain profile. To load files which you would like to convert click the Add Files button on the top of the program window.

After the selected documents are imported into the program you will be able to view them in the Preview Area.
If you need to protect your documents with a watermark or a password you can do it in this section. In the opened window, you can set the files order selecting the necessary document with the mouse and using the Up and Down buttons. Open the Rename section of the Working Area and select one of the available presets from the Preset drop-down list.
If your documents contain some images which you want to save and use independently go to the Extract Images section of the Working Area, select the Destination folder and press the Extract Images button. Now you can press the Open folder button and use your new files of PDF format in accordance with your needs. You can also use it to navigate through the video to set the playback beginning and add the chapters while creating the video menu. You may use this software in copying material in which you own the copyright or have obtained permission to copy from the copyright owner.
It offers a number of buttons that correspond to supported formats, portable devices or video-sharing websites and can vary depending on the tab you pressed - Formats Tab, Devices Tab or Web Tab.

They are present at all tabs and used to perform some editing operations, adjust program settings or view information on AVS Video Converter. After the download is finished, run the AVSDocumentConverter.exe file and follow the installation wizard instructions. To exclude some documents from the list of the files that need to be merged uncheck the corresponding boxes. You can preserve the Original name or select the Text + Counter or Counter + Text preset to type your own name in the Text field. That means you can install and use ALL OTHER software with the same serial number without additional fees and limitations. Documents in this format can be equally viewed and printed on any computer regardless of fonts availability or printer settings. Type the user password in the User field (this password must differ from the owner password).

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