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The Community Leadership Program, traditionally known as Leadership Gilroy, is an extensive nine-month program.
Skills training includes: teambuilding, communications, ethics, diversity, change management,negotiation,media training, conflict resolution, and the practical implementation of a servant leadership style to drive results. The program is delivered in the context of community awareness and promotes opportunities to meet key leaders, expand networks, and learn about vital areas such as education, safety, health and human services, government (local, regional, state), local agriculture and environmental issues, and explore avenues to create a robust economic climate. The Project – the lab for the program – sets the stage for practice and integration of new skills.

The project experience further hones skills in the areas of project management, change management, negotiation, public communications, and provides an immediate and tangible way to make a difference for the community in the process.
It provides experiential learning and opportunities to grow in the areas of transferable skills, personal development, and community awareness.
Program participants join with their classmates to select, create, and implement a project benefiting the community. In this lab, participants are encouraged to stretch and try on new skills – all within the safety net of the program.

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