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Windows 8 opens many types of files in the Windows 8 interface formerly known as Metro by default. You can easily prevent these media files from opening in the full-screen Windows 8 apps when you double-click them. Scroll down in the list, select the Windows Photo Viewer, and click the Set this program as default option. After installing another PDF reader, you can select it when opening a PDF file to make it your default PDF viewer.
While we’ve covered setting Windows Photo Viewer and Windows Media Player as the default applications here, you can also install and use other applications – such as VLC for media files or IrfanView for images — and set them as your default application, just as you could on earlier versions of Windows. To make only a specific file type open in a desktop application, you can right-click a file of that type in Windows Explorer, point to Open with, and select Choose default program.

Note that, if you’re using an application in the new Windows 8 user interface and you open a file of one of these types, it will now open in the your selected desktop application.
It seems like all I see about Windows 8 is ways to change this and that so Windows 8 can be used in an ordinary and productive way.
Actually it’s still Windows with the control panel, and everything just in a different way. My computer CANNOT open files in the metro photo viewer because the max resolution for my screen is not high enough for any metro apps to be allowed to launch. DID YOU KNOW?Lyme disease is named after the towns of Lyme and Old Lyme, two out of the three small Connecticut towns where a cluster of outbreaks in 1975 led to formal recognition of the collective symptoms as a full syndrome. Disclaimer: Most of the pages on the internet include affiliate links, including some on this site. If you’re at the desktop and double-click many types of media files, you’ll see a full-screen media viewer. This will make photos and other image files open in the Windows Photo Viewer application on your desktop. This will make music and video files open in Windows Media Player on the desktop, not in the full-screen Music and Videos apps.

This will only affect the selected file extension – for example, if you set PNG images to always open in Windows Photo Viewer, JPEG images will still open in the Photos app. Windows 8’s new interface and the desktop share the same file associations, so you can’t have separate file associations for each environment. I’ve tried Windows 8 at home and at a store and everyone keeps showing me key strokes to make it look like Windows 7. I want to keep up with the times instead of just being an old fart who refuses to change, but I like and rely on all my (mostly free) 3rd party apps. So I double click a file on the desktop and I just get a big banner spanning the center of my screen complaining that I need to change my resolution for it to work.
You’ll need to download an alternative PDF reader such as Sumatra PDF,  PDF-XChange Viewer, or even Adobe Reader.

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