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SoftwareSoftware applications for designing, authoring and registering projection mapping (video mapping). Projection Mapping CentralProjection Mapping Central is your one-stop shop for all things projection mapping (video mapping).
The Laser Projection module in the Fibersim portfolio helps engineers capitalize on the power and accuracy of today’s laser projection machines for manufacturing and inspecting products made of advanced composite materials. Learn how Fibersim enhanced Quickstep Technology’s competitiveness by enabling it to qualify as an approved supplier to the Joint Strike Fighter program. Castaway is a high level financial forecasting and budgeting analysis software program built to service your business.

The basic components of a mobile system are laptop, projector, primary mirror, secondary mirror and fold-up stand. Laser projection systems can reduce errors and shorten the layup time for composite parts by displaying ply outlines directly on the layup tool.
With Castaway you can Budget and 18 Jan 2012 Does anyone make reliable financial forecasting software for use with a Mac platform?
However, creating data files to drive laser systems is tedious, time-consuming and error-prone.With the Fibersim Laser Projection module, engineers can automatically generate laser data files from within their CAD system directly from the 3D model of the composite part for both layup and inspection. Automated ply verification can help ensure that parts meet specifications during the layup process by checking material, orientation, ply edge, and detecting foreign objects as each ply is laid down.All this capability significantly increases engineering productivity, greatly reduces errors, and makes updating and maintaining laser projection data easy.

Discover Quantrix, the award-winning financial analysis software company offering solutions to business forecasting, budgeting, planning, & risk modeling.
You can organize your cash flow, expenses and bank accounts in one Net is an interactive, secure web site that hosts online, easy-to-use, fully integrated corporate finance software for forecasting, valuing and analyzing businesses. Trial free software templates for business plan, financial projection, cashflow forecasting plus business plan tools, models, samples, guides free financial Sageworks also provides financial projection software in addition to financial information on private companies.

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