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SoftwareSoftware applications for designing, authoring and registering projection mapping (video mapping).
Projection Mapping uses everyday video projectors, but instead of projecting on a flat screen (e.g.
Projection mapping can be used for advertising, live concerts, theater, gaming, computing, decoration and anything else you can think of. Specialized software or just some elbow grease can be used to align the virtual content and the physical objects. My question is, what kind of projectors do you need to project on a 46 meter high castle, if the projector is 160 meters away from it. Use a PC and one (or more) projectors to “dress” any physical object or architectural structure with digital media. FacadeSignage lets you create projection mappings and installations in a matter of minutes.
Combine warping with alpha masks to adapt to any shape, use any image editing application and apply in realtime.Create multiple cropping regions for any media.
We got a glimpse of some new projection mapping software out of France (where it seems half of all mapping software is made).
It seems like there is a new software tool a week, which makes sense given that there are ~10 new projection mapping installations a day (judging from my twitter feed).
Just a quick update – looks like their beta has moved to public as i downloaded and have been playing with heavym. OSX Only, The MadMapper provides a simple and easy tool for video-mapping projections and LED mapping. Ari Rubenstein is a film compositor currently working at Blue Sky Studios in White Plains, NY.

For years he has developed side projects unconstrained by budget and scheduling limitations, in an attempt to explore tools and techniques not afforded by his current opportunities. He is very intrigued by film illusion, the use of any and every technique from a wide variety of crafts which combine to convey story points.
In Compositing, perfect registration of all rendered layers is required for the illusion to be successful.
This project took form as an attempt to study Shan-Shui, the philosophy behind traditional Chinese landscape painting.
The subject matter of mountains, rivers, and the "sea of clouds", like many Chinese paintings, is inspired by Huangshan "the Yellow Mountains", which are located in the southeastern corner of the Anhui Province, in Eastern China. There is a concept in Chinese landscape painting of "idea-realms", where the painting is inspired by a specific poem, or idea. In that tradition, presented here are three "dynamic paintings", or, "idea-realms", each meant to reflect a fundamental idea in Taoist philosophy. This project took 14 months to complete and was accepted for the Siggraph 2008 Computer Animation Festival.
The three "dynamic paintings" are essentially visual effects shots which demonstrate elaborate 3D compositing techniques. What follows is a breakdown of core procedures involved in the production of these three shots. Trees are placed on the mountain surface based upon organic distribution parameters of altitude and slope. The density, scale and type of foliage within regions of the terrain is also highly controllable.

This way I rendered 4k mountain stills in Vue, with other passes, then exported low res versions of the mountain geo, and projected the 4k render stills onto the low res geo and rendered that with an animated camera in Nuke. While 3D compositing creates a variety of creative options for environment creation, the specific use of projection mapping must be well planned out or the technique will become obvious, and the effect unsuccessful.
Meticulous attention to camera behavior must be considered, or realistic parallax will not be achieved and the fake dimension of the environment made plain.
Ari Rubenstein is currently working on another side project which will make heavy use of Vue for a large 10k matte painting. I've worked for Walt Disney Imagineering and Microsoft Research and I've created things like IllumiRoom & RoomAlive.
It is hard to tell in the video whether the square represent videos, or keyboard mixing inputs. Pretty cool, very simple to use, still working on some of the details as what support there is (and there isn’t much) is mostly in French. This is why he chose compositing as a specialty, a realm of production where all the art is composed into a unified, and final vision.

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