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Presentation given to members of the Red River Valley Tourism Association on August 7, 2013.
With over 300 million users, it’s safe to say that LinkedIn has firmly cemented itself as one of the most important social networks around.
Since it first launched in 2003, its popularity has risen and it is now the go-to online tool for connecting with colleagues, seeking out potential new employees and finding jobs. Your personal profile, and the profiles of any employees you may have, offer potential customers a glimpse into the individuals behind your brand.
Similarly, asking your colleagues and past clients to endorse your skills is great way to let potential new customers and clients know that you are good at what you do. Posting regular updates about your business is also a great way of utilising your personal profile.
Although most business owners will have a personal LinkedIn profile, a company page is a representation of your brand rather than of you as an individual. Although company pages are extremely easy to use, it’s important to keep a few things in mind if you want to make the very most of yours.
One of LinkedIn’s most impressive and useful tools for promoting businesses is its groups feature. Setting up a group allows businesses to connect and engage with those who are interested in what their company has to offer. LinkedIn groups also have some interesting features which make connecting with members very easy. There is also the option of setting up an automatic welcome message that will send to every new member who joins the group. Although providing updates about your business is important, you should take care not to spam the group with information. It’s clear from the above features that LinkedIn is a valuable resource and a fantastic platform for generating a buzz about your business.
Since their introduction, our networking events have become highlights of the annual travel industry calendar. Follow us on TwitterThe Travel Media Awards have become a highlight in the annual travel industry calendar. Small, consumer-grade cameras are available for around $200 at your local big-box discount or home entertainment center. Audio capture can be a little tricky when using onboard microphones, but the challenge can be overcome with the use of an external microphone or by maintaining a short distance to your subject when shooting. Editing your content can also be a challenge.  Most consumer camcorders offer basic editing software, and there are a number of low cost video editing packages available. If your business manufactures products, video is a great way to demonstrate their value and ease of use.
Most Web sites also feature an “About Us” page where visitors can learn about the business. Video testimonials are far more engaging and believable than the brief text endorsements featured on most Web sites.
Begin by approaching a few of your most loyal customers and simply ask if they would be willing to help you out by saying a few words about your business on-camera.
Once they become comfortable speaking on-camera, most people will open up and give you more material than you need.
If your subject requires more time, break your longer videos into shorter ones and use the “Part 1”, “Part 2”, etc. Once you get started, you’ll likely find that creating videos to promote your business is actually fun.
Once you have signed up to Facebook you will have a few options to be able to customize your fan page. Now you will require to consider the type of content that you will be posting on your fan page. This is the best method that I used to generate between 5-10 leads a day from Facebook and to get many sign ups into my website for affiliate marketing. When a smart phone user sees your QR code and scans it, they are granted instant access to online information. Knowledge is Power Please add me to your e-mail list so I can receive all new updates on selling and recruiting.

If you’ve begun to market your small business on Pinterest, then you’re probably aware of the tremendous opportunity that 70 million eager to buy offers.
Pinterest has exploded both in growth and also as a marketing platform in a relatively short amount of time, and what’s been proven about this audience is that although it may be skewed largely female, this is a great buyer’s audience. Use Pinterest Group Boards – Finding relevant groups is a smart way to engage with more followers interested in your market.
Set up a Blog Board – One very easy to do technique for promoting your blog is to create a blog board. Mine Your Competitor’s Pins – Many of your competitor’s followers would also be interested in your wares. Optimize Your Descriptions – Since you have only about 75-100 characters that show up in the grid description, it’s wise to craft a description that employs your primary keywords, and pertinent information. Consider Adding Text to Images – Overlaying text onto your images converts much better than straight images. Marketing GPS makes it easy to navigate your way through the current trends, statistics and best practices in online marketing. However, what many people don’t realise is that aside from being a great tool for self-promotion, LinkedIn is also the perfect platform to promote your business. They let them know the level of professionalism and experience they can expect to receive should they engage your services. For example, taking the time to add all of your company websites and contact information to your personal profile will immediately help to increase the visibility of your business. Endorsements of your skills are like reviews of your business and the more you have, they more they will help to build your reputation. They will more than likely have many different connections to you and by getting them to post updates about the business, you are spreading the word about your company even further. Google also tends to display LinkedIn company pages within the top 1-2 pages of results meaning they are well worth putting some time and effort into. It also allows businesses to start discussions around relevant topics and update members with news. For example, they allow you to send an email update to all of the group members – this is a useful and free service that enables you to update a large amount of people about your business at one time.
This is another great way of introducing your business to potential customers and building connections.
Instead, take the time to provide members with useful information and help with their queries. Taking the time to get to know LinkedIn, and the tools it offers you to promote your business, is a valuable investment of your time that will undoubtedly help you achieve real and substantial results. These invite only events attract close to 200 guests and offer superb networking opportunities for members of the Irish and international travel industry and the Irish media.
According to a recent ComScore report, the average American consumer watched a record 231 online videos in December 2011, and there were a total of 43.5 billion content videos viewed that month. Video sharing sites like YouTube and Vimeo provide free hosting and sharing capabilities including html embed codes that make it possible to share your videos across a wide array of platforms including Web sites, blogs and Facebook fan pages. Most consider video production to be too costly, complicated and time-consuming.  The truth is, online video is among the easiest and most affordable types of online content to create provided you follow a few simple guidelines. The image quality produced by these small, inexpensive devices is equal to many professional-grade video cameras. Apple users have the advantage over PC users in that every Mac computer comes loaded with iMovie audio and video editing software. Why not create an FAQ video in which you answer your customers’ and prospects’ most-commonly asked questions? Imagine how much more engaging an About Us video would be as compared to simple text and static images. Take the pressure off of your customers by preparing a few questions to ask them ahead of time.
The challenge then becomes deciding which sound-bites to include in the published video, which brings us to one final and very important point . Conventional wisdom says that the most effective online videos are between two and three minutes in length. You’ll also likely find that visitor traffic and conversions, including phone calls, emails, form completions and sales will increase. Facebook is currently the greatest and most used social networking website in all over the world.

Many companies go wrong is that they continue post information only related to their business.
Don't join too many groups a day, or do too much of anything in the same day, on the Facebook page. QR codes are simply the fastest and most effective method to reach, interact with, and get information out about your product or service. While Pinterest has exploded in size over the last few years, it’s still a growing platform with some growing pains, and more and more strategies are showing up detailing exactly how to reach these people. If you’ve got a product or service that is visual at all, (or can be) you need to get it on a board on Pinterest fast! Use the free tool PinGroupie to find these, and once you’ve joined, provide value and substance to the group.
This will require editing your image in image editing software, but in some niches these will return another 50% worth of engagement.
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However, what many don’t realise is that if used correctly, their personal profile can act as a lot more than an online CV. By doing this, you will be making your group a valuable resource for people in your field and one that more and more people will want to be a part of.
In addition to addressing their concerns, you’ll also be establishing your business’ identity in an engaging way.
The About Us video can be used to feature key employees, products, services or even a walk-through of your offices or facilities to acquaint visitors with your company and build your brand. Remember that viewers can see the total running time of your videos when they load on the page.
It endows a secure platform where people can share information, images and videos to your friends.
A good Facebook page will instead provide high quality  and unique content which is engaging and entertaining people. So I think Facebook is the most important platform for promoting your business socially and get more customers.
A little optimization of your titles and description will go a long way to helping you get found in the search engines. Visitors who might be reluctant to click “Play” on a six minute video will be willing to watch shorter “installments” of the same video. As well as for personal use, Facebook can also be used to promote any kind of business online. From this vantage point, you can tap into Facebook's millions of users, engage them and make your brand. Just use your smart phone and scan this Q.R code and it will automatically load my website on to your smart phone. As a business it is necessary that you have a large online presence, and Facebook can surely help you to achieve that presence providing that you follow some simple tips. According to current rules you are not allowed to display images that are promoting any products or services that you sell on Facebook. Then infrequently you can share information on your new products or offers, without putting off your fans and followers. Depending on the type of QR code you are using, you can direct the user to one url or website or you can direct them to multiple urls or links.
It is best to select images that are used on your site, such as logos, or other images that you feel reflect your brand's identity.
There are static codes that once the code is generated, changes cana€™t be made or the QR code will then be rendered useless. You will also want to add links to all of your other social accounts, such as Twitter, LinkdIn, Google+ and YouTube, as well as a link to your business site address.
Do it now and see how easy it is.[Note] you will need to load a free bar-code scanner app to your smart phone if you have not yet done so.

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