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Love Your Tree is an arts-based body image campaign based on the work of author and activist, Eve Ensler.  Ensler’s award winning play, The Good Body sends a message to stop hating our bodies and encourages us all to challenge society’s narrow definition of beauty. Poster entries must be no smaller than 9?x12? and no larger than 12?x18?.  Only two- dimensional media will be accepted. The campaign’s central theme, Love Your Body, Love Your Tree encourages self-awareness, media literacy, health and well-being, advocacy and an appreciation for the diversity of beauty.
The vinyl I ordered (I can't remember where but there are plenty of sites out there) and wa la---The Waterman Fine Art Gallery was born.
Well, seeing that this week is back to school week and I am trying to promote a little more independence with my kiddos, I came up with a new project to add to  that little space.

They can then turn around each card to see if they forgot anything before walking out the door. The Love Your Tree program was created seven years ago as a creative avenue for this important message to reach young people in schools and organizations throughout our state and beyond.
I took my scrapbook paper and ran some scissors along the frame to create a crease to show me where to cut my paper.
Middle school, high school and college students from across Maryland are invited to create and submit original posters that illustrate their positive response to the phrase, “Like a tree, my body is…”. I'm hoping this helps them to accept some more responsibility so that mom isn't constantly running back in for things we forgot.

This campaign provides students with an opportunity to use art as an avenue for learning about and expressing messages of self-acceptance and appreciation for body diversity.  Center for Eating Disorders staff are available to provide free, on-site Love Your Tree workshops for schools and youth organizations wanting to take part in the campaign.

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