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If patients are injured and become plaintiffs they could then argue that you failed to warn about the dangers associated with that particular use of the product. From a product liability standpoint, it will be nearly impossible for you to disclaim responsibility for warning about an off-label use. If your company loses a product liability lawsuit, it could cost millions (even hundreds of millions) of dollars.
With hundreds of millions of dollars in fines and potential criminal indictments possible, it simply doesn’t make sense to risk an off-label violation. Save money with a license agreement allowing significant numbers of users access to an electronic version of this book. Promotional flags and banners are a staple of the display industry, and a useful feature of any exhibition kit.
So, the humble promotional flag should be seen as a piece of moveable media which can be tactically placed to drive brand awareness. You need a promo banner that is instantly recognisable, has the ability to direct your customers and that will last against the rigours of our weather. Your promotional flag needs to be highly visible, which means it needs to stand up tall and feature highly impactful print. We’ve all seen traditional flags get themselves in a muddle and wrap themselves around their flagpole etc.
If your flag is only going to be used on a few occasions a year, then you’ll be grateful that Display 2 Go’s flags ALL come with a strong carry bag and pockets for protecting your printed fabrics.
Imagine the scenario…you arrive at your event and the guy next door to you has a really big stand.
It’s important that you look after your flag – you don’t want it looking battle-worn in a matter of days or hours. Flags can be washed in a normal household washing machine set on a cold wash with normal mild detergents. This entry was posted in Outside Events, Promotional Flags on September 2, 2014 by Jason Willis. Personal selling is more used when dealing with expensive and risky goods in a industrial market with fewer, but larger sellers.
Personal Selling and Sales Promotion are the primary promotion tools when using a Push Strategy.
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INTRODUCTION (CONT…)? AUTHOR THESIS STATEMENT Both sales and logistics planners jointly participate in sales promotion their interdependency increase the firm performance ,in a cross functional oriented firms, different members of functional areas jointly participate in the firm activities that impact more than one functional areas. SUMMARY? Sales promotion are important part of a firm sales strategy, promotional efforts are logistically supported. REVIEW AND EVALUATE (…(CONT? Is there other evidence that would support a counter argument?? No we did not find any counter argument against the author. REVIEW AND EVALUATE (…(CONT? Was the author successful in making his point?? Yes his point is valid i.e.
For multi-user access to multiple titles, FDAnews offers the FDAnews Online Library – a personalized collection of FDAnews publications that is fully searchable. For the PDF version, you must notify FDAnews within 24 hours of receipt of purchase and we will refund 100 percent of your purchase price. Advertising and Public Relation are the primary promotion tools when using a Pull Strategy. If a firm logistic support are not included in the planning processes for promotion then the firm may assume cost for promotion which reducing the value of the promotion of the firm.
Higher the levels of promotion planning and logistics planning improves the performance of sales promotion through cross functional communication within the organization. When logistics cost are excluded in the estimates the same decrease in the price and resulting increase in the volume, result in dramatically lower the levels of performance. Higher the levels of promotions planning and logistics planning improves the performance of sales promotion.
Sometimes firms competitive advantage give promotional discounts to attract new customers, increases sales volumes or reduce inventories.4. Perhaps the most commonly cited reason for not testing (particularly among smaller firms) is the expense. You might be exhibiting in the middle of a long aisle in a trade show, but you can place you flag at the junction to capture the attention of more people. Consider carefully not only the materials being used but also the finishing such as any ropes and stitching.
Many managers decide that time is critical and they must implement the program while the opportunity is available. At a busy conference you may want to let delegates know of your presence as they’re walking in, so they actively seek you out once inside the hall.
Many use a different shape to reduce annoying ‘flutter’ noise (like the Fin 2 Go or Teardrop Banner).  We have a range of 9 different promotional flag and banners.

Many believe the monies spent on research could be better spent on improved production of the ad, additional media buys, and the like.While the first argument may have some merit, the second does not. Imagine what would happen if a poor campaign were developed or the incentive program did not motivate the target audience.
Not only would you be spending money without the desired effects, but the effort could do more harm than good. Spending more money to buy media does not remedy a poor message or substitute for an improper promotional mix.
For example, one of the nation’s leading brewers watched its test-market sales for a new brand of beer fall short of expectations. The solution, it decided, was to buy all the TV time available that matched its target audience.
Analysis showed the problem was not in the media but rather in the message, which communicated no reason to buy.
Research would have identified the problem, and millions of dollars and a brand might have been saved.
Because it is often difficult to measure the contribution of each marketing elements directly, some managers become frustrated and decide not to test at all. They say,                   “ If I can’t determine the specific effects, why spend the money”This argument also suffers from weak logic. Managers believe they already have too much to do and just can’t get around to testing, and they don’t want to wait to get the message out because they might miss the window of opportunity. Planning might be the solution to the first problem. While many managers are overworked and time –poor, research is just too much important to skip. While timeliness is critical, getting the wrong message out is of little or no value and may even be harmful. There will be occasions where market opportunities require choosing between testing and immediate implementation. But even then some testing may help avoid mistakes or improve effectiveness.For many companies, promotions are the biggest single expense. Since the raw materials are very much available in our country, we have decided to give the product an indigenous image.

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