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One of the best things an affiliate manager can do for their affiliate program is to maintain consistent and regular communication with their Publishers. Affiliate managers often say to me, “I don’t have enough to say to put out a monthly newsletter.” But you do! The goal of planning out the year is to provide an overall marketing package that managers could provide to their Publishers that will spark interest and action. Personally, I like to create a marketing plan with the following items: Theme, Marketing Tools, and Publisher Bonus.
The monthly theme is going to be the overall message or item that brings together all marketing tools provided for a given month. Look for events that could tie into the product line such as movie and video game releases, sporting events, product launches, product sales seasonality, fashion shows, pop culture events, and even holidays. If ever at a loss for a theme, there is surely a holiday in any given month that could be played up as a creative way to present Publishers with fresh new marketing tools. For example, below are some events and holidays the will occur in the next two months alone. Utilizing the theme selected for the month, create some new creative or highlight creative that coincides with the theme. Provide Publishers with an incentive that will entice them to generate more sales for the program. Personal competition – Any Publisher that increases their conversion rate by X percent earns Y promotion.

Tangible rewards – Qualifying Publishers earn gift card, specific product, gift set, product every month for a year, etc. Some opinions expressed in this article may be those of a guest author and not necessarily Marketing Land. MarTech: The Marketing Tech Conference is for marketers responsible for selecting marketing technologies and developing marketing technologists. SMX Advanced, the only conference designed for experienced search marketers, returns to Seattle June 22-23. As T-Mobile and Sprint increasingly compete with one another to reduce how much folks pay, the pressure continues to rise on prepaid brands looking to entice customers with their low-cost service. According to their "Plans" page, this seems like it is a permanent installment because it says "New Plan" over the $30 plan. Last year I helped my dad get his first smart phone - he went with the Moto G on Verizon prepaid.
I look at MetroPCS's Their Devices only, may (or may not, who knows?) expire at any time plans (or, as I see it, gimmicks) and tell some one that's a great value, you'll be happy. I will probably buy myself new phone this year, though I may also end up waiting until 2017 (or longer).
I already bought myself a new phone this year, and don't plan on upgrading again this year.
I already bought myself a new phone this year, but I may end buying another before the year ends.

By having a marketing plan in place for the year, affiliate managers will be more organized and ready to put out meaningful and rich communication to their Publishers.
This could mean providing a storefront of related products, creating new ad banners, publishing consumer coupons, or uploading related text links. Don’t be afraid to get creative with the bonuses and offer promotions in addition to the common cash for sales bonus. Only the first gigabyte will come in at 4G speeds, with everything after throttled down.
MetroPCS offers the freedom and convenience of an affordable, no-contract wireless service, riding on T-Mobile’s blazing-fast nationwide network. These days typing 4G LTE has become a force of habit, but thanks for providing a clarification.
The data on which creatives, promotions, coupons, get the most activity  can be used to recreate similar promotions in the next year.
She is responsible for providing strategic guidance and educational resources to Merchant partners that can be used to optimize and grow their affiliate program. They are able to do this because, unlike their BYOD-friendly parent company, MetroPCS checks your IMEI against a whitelist.

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