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CORE Property Management Software is built within Microsoft Dynamics CRM - so it contains comprehensive marketing functionality intended to help you market properties and fill vacancies. Manage and create marketing lists and marketing campaigns using embedded digital marketing functionality. Distribute mass notifications to tenants and prospective tenants using email merge functionality. Advertising sources are tracked so you can measure the effectiveness of your marketing expenditures. Analyze and act on market intelligence from social conversations, including measuring sentiment across social channels.
The simplest and fastest way to analyze cash flow returns on your rental property investments. Launch your rental property analysis and analyze your property deals in minutes, no extra work required. Manage assumption inputs that control the model using a sophisticated, intuitive user dashboard.
We're so confident that you'll love PropertyREI that we will let you try it out for 30 days and if you aren't completely 100% satisfied then we'll return your money no questions asked.
Important investment financial measures calculated for you such as the Cap Rate, Net Cash Flow, Return On Investment (ROI), Cash Flow Profit Margin, Loan to Value (LTV), Debt Service Coverage Ratio (DSCR), Net Operating Income (NOI), Operating Expense Ratio, and many more real estate financial metrics.

Spain soared into the silver spot, with Malaga climbing three places to become the second most searched-for location. Portugal followed closely in fourth place, as Albufeira accounted for 0.96 per cent of location searches in the three months to March 2015.
Spain and Portugal have both enjoyed record levels of enquiries in the past six months, but demand for European property is now spreading across the continent.
The business is headquartered at 24 Jack’s Place, Corbet Place, Shoreditch, London, E1 6NN. Our technical team has developed a great new solution for content publishers that allows the addition of high impact advertising units, which can be configured to show property listings, relevant to a type of property, country, region or a specific location. Dynamic Portfolio: This is a completely configurable panel, where you can choose the number of columns and rows, plus the size of the listings and dedicate a section of a page, or even a whole page to a set of properties.
Stockholm prepares to play host to the music, but who will win the Eurovision property battle? The portal’s latest interactive Hotspots Index shows that the Italian capital was the most searched-for location in the world in Q1 2015, as overseas buyers flock to the continent. Rome is the first of two Italian hotspots in the Top 10, with Como sliding one place from the previous quarter to seventh place.
While interest surged in the Costa del Sol, demand for the Balearics also boomed, with Mallorca leaping 10 places in the Index to become the third most popular hotspot.

France made its debut entry in the Hotspots Index Top 10, as the Dordogne received the sixth biggest share of searches (0.81 per cent). Mortgage rates are low in France, prices are rising in Portugal, and Spain’s market has bottomed out.
Lead Galaxy provides online marketing solutions to thousands of property companies worldwide, focusing on portal listings, email marketing, qualified leads, paid search and social media advertising.
Our experienced editorial team and management are happy to collate data, provide example properties, or offer insightful comment to support your publication.
Greece also entered the Top 10 for the first time: Corfu jumped 19 places in the chart into eight place. With the pound at a seven-year high against the euro, spending power for Brits is exceptionally strong.

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