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And if you are seeking free money for your small business, your pr will put you in a better position to be seen in a good light, by the people that write the checks. So one of the functions of public relations can actually be to not only change the way your community works, but your state, and even your nation. The Public Relations Society of America (which has accredited me) decided within the past year to go on the offensive with its Business Case for Public Relations campaign.
Public relations is more vital than ever before, given the explosion of consumer engagement through new and social media, the collapse of reputation and trust in major institutions and the evolving needs and concerns of corporate CEOs. Like my colleagues, I’m not particularly happy with some of the characterizations of what we do for a living. People who believe that we practice coverups and sleight of hand to bury bad news can find examples to support their contention. I support fellow practitioners who try to burnish the reputation of public relations, but in some ways, I see our reputation issues as a hazard of the profession.
No profession is universally loved, and public relations practitioners shouldn’t expect to be either.
PR professionals will continue to be in the thick of controversial issues, and that means we’ll be controversial ourselves. Adding a public relations element to your marketing efforts can be one of the most cost-effective ways to increase exposure in the marketplace and drive traffic to your business and website. FAB Marketing has curated a detailed media list over the years and developed close working relationships with local media. Our FAB Media Packages include an initial client interview, expert research, writing and distribution. Local PR — Distributed to our exclusive list of more than 50 Portland-area media outlets and personalities.
National PR — Distributed to our local list mentioned above, PLUS 3,000 US newspapers and 1,500 magazines. Additional Distribution Services — We can also create a custom distribution list for businesses that want to reach specific niche categories and industry publications. If you’re interested in learning how a public relations campaign can raise your business profile, contact Beth with FAB Marketing Group. Beth rather quickly got a "feel" for me in an extremely short time, and helped me define my business (brand identity, core values and competencies), something I had been trying to do for years!
FAB Marketing Group took my drab marketing materials and turned them into something colorful, informative and fun. Ultimately, our goal in all seven specialties above is to strengthen our client’s relationships with their audiences. Wilt on TwitterWe're big fans of agritourism, especially given our close proximity to Young's Jersey Dairy.

Any organization must be seen as a good community citizen and should have the goodwill of the community in which it operates. Maybe the most important resource that a company has are its employees and the customer service they provide. When new products are introduced to the market the role that public relations plays is crucial for creating awareness and differentiating the product in the public's eyes from other similar products. This function involves communication with the wide variety of individuals and groups that the company deals with in the course of its operations. The wide range of activities that public relations has to cover in the political arena includes influencing legislation that can be hindrances to the proper operation of the company. When anything untoward happens like an accident in a production plant it is the job of public relations to provide honest and accurate information so that the uncertainty by the people involved directly or indirectly can be assuaged.
That is why it is nice to know that one of the functions of public relations - crisis communication - makes this happen.
At the same time, though, the industry continues to suffer criticism at the hands of individuals who do not understand the practice and application of public relations. My experience, though, is that professionals who follow that course of action don’t last long.
My experience, though, is that during the 30 years I’ve done this for a living, as society has become more contentious and communications channels have multiplied, companies and organizations are seeing the value of having skilled communicators on their team. The essential role we play in controversies means that many companies and organizations respect what we do, or at least know they need us. Researching, writing and distributing a press release requires a modest upfront investment, yet can yield significant results.
We regularly reach out to the media on behalf of our clients when we think there might be a story they will be interested in. She is very personable, focused, knows her "stuff" and treats you as an equal, explaining the process as it unfolds. The functions of public relations in regards to the company's employees is the maintenance of employee goodwill.
When existing products need a push public relations is often called on the improve product visibility. Public relations in politics may have to stage debates and seminars for government officials. Natural disasters, management wrongdoings, bankruptcies and product failures are crises which public relations must play a large part. The truth emerges, liars are found out, and once a lying public relations person is found to have misled the media and other important groups, that person’s career is severely set back and usually over.
We work for people and organizations with a point of view and a position to promote and defend.

That’s doable, as is gaining a greater understanding and appreciation for the practice of public relations. The smartest companies figure out that they need good, ongoing relationships with key publics, and they rely on us to help make that happen over the long term. You could find your business featured on a local or national TV show or radio news report, or featured in print and online publications.
They helped us revise the city of Lake Oswego's logo, develop standards for use and delivered a sharp, usable, and modern product that represents and will serve our City well.
Beth and her team are now managing all of our marketing activities, social media, and planning for the future.
Organizations can implement various programs to improve community relations on a regular or even ongoing basis. The image and reputation of a company among its employees is also another responsibility of public relations in its function of employee relations. Sometimes there are changes instituted in existing products and public relations has to focus the attention of consumers on the product.
Financial analysts and potential investors have to be informed about the company's finances. Realistically, though, we tell clients they’ll never win over all their critics, and the same is true for us. And, with pretty much every media outlet having an online presence, the news story can live on for years on the internet, helping your business stand taller in search engine rankings. We work hard to pitch the story in such a way to show that there would be broad appeal or new trends.
The team has endless creative capacity and was able to listen and respond to our needs exceedingly well. If a product needs to be positioned in the market a properly executed public relations campaign, much like an effective viral marketing campaign, it can overcome buyer inertia and remove negative perceptions on the part of the public. A well planned and executed financial relations campaign can increase the value of the company's stock because of improved image and reputation.
When organizations support activities and programs that improve quality of life in their communities their image and reputation will be enhanced.

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