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QQ Player provides all the mandatory options to enjoy videos in your own customized way on Android. The interface provided by QQ Player is very simple and provides a real view of all video files on Android. QQ Player supports multiple video file formats which includes AVI, MP4, MOV, FLV, 3GP, MKV and many more.
The video player provides a lock features that allows you to lock all the controls of the video player.
I remember the days when the coolest cellphone was the smallest and most compact one and in the course of a few more years, out came PDAs; some with phone functionality and some as a personal assistant. Arguably the emperor of all players, MX Player is by far the most versatile and well known video player out there for Android. MX Player, as expected, played almost every known format we threw at it, but surprisingly, it was unable to perform well playing a 1080p MKV or 1080p AVI file on a Galaxy Nexus running Jelly Bean and the SGS 2 running ICS. An amazing feature is gesture control that eliminates the need for dragging tiny controls on the control bar for moving forward or backward, changing brightness and volume etc. Performance aside, the UI is quite impressive with slight animated previews of the last video played.
Primarily meant as a feature rich video streaming app, WonderShare Player will also play the locally stored media on your Android device. As for the performance, the app struggled with a 1080p rmvb file, but then again, how many times do you come across that format? Built-in web browser to stream video content from preferred online video streaming services. The app itself has no video decoders built into it and as such supports only the formats that your device supports already.
Playback speed scaling, pinch to zoom, screenshots, background audio playback, floating window, beautiful interface, you name it and it’s got it! Coming back to 1080p videos, we faced disappointment on the Galaxy Nexus whereas the SGS II held up pretty well. Featuring an awesome UI packaged with impressive customizations and video playback, MoboPlayer has been around for quite a while along with the big guns such as MX Player and QQ Player. Do note that the apps were tested on a number of high end Android devices using high resolution videos, and the results varied from device to device. With regards to the players mentioned, I found it quite odd that when a couple of weeks ago I looked for a combination of an app that could mount my SMB NAS and play 720p MKV files, I had to install two applications: FX (which soon I have to buy because it was only evaluation) and VLC. I just wonder why I have NEVER stumbled across the other players while searching in Google Play.

The Play Store (previously Android Market) hasn’t always been very effective when it comes to displaying the best apps relevant to a search term.
AddictiveTips is a tech blog focused on helping users find simple solutions to their everyday problems. RK3188 quad-core smart player Google TV BOX Android TV Box Google TV Box-HF International Group Co., Ltd.
The appreciating part of this Android video player is that, it plays multiple video formats on Android.
Also, this Android video player imports all the video files automatically from your SD card on refreshing the app.
If you want to play multiple video file format on your Android, then download this Android video player today on your Android. The screens on those things were huge but they made for some very good multimedia players, something that carried into what we now term as Smartphones. Not as smooth as one would like but compared to MX Player, the video was pretty fast on QQ Player. It also sports a Private List option where you can maintain a secret and protected playlist of your own. The app can stream high quality videos (including 1080p) from top video hosting sites such as YouTube, Hulu, Dailymotion, Vevo etc. All in all, the video quality was very impressive, as was the support for the number of different video formats and resolutions, be it at 720p or 1080p.
However, the player will determine if you need additional codecs or not depending on the video format you want to play.
Popcorn Player is a floating video player that also streams videos from the internet that are in MP4 and WebM formats. Also, it is only compatible with Android 3.0 and above so those of you still running Gingerbread or earlier are a no go on this one. BS Player is a well known player, but surprisingly so hasn’t been as popular as MX Player, MoboPlayer or QQ Player.
All in all, it is a beautiful player with lots of customizations to fiddle with, along with themes as well. This app needs no introduction other than the fact that it now supports a floating window too, which is also resizable. Writing all this up, I have to admit most Android video players offer more or less the same experience as the other video player and this can get really confusing for a lot of first time Android users. We review the best desktop, mobile and web apps and services out there, in addition to useful tips and guides for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

Video formats which are supported by QQ Player are AVI, MP4, MOV, FLV, 3GP, MKV and many more formats. QQ Player provides an improved view of all the videos on Android as compared to default video player on your Android.
Phones were again headed for an increase in screen size and a larger screen soon became sought after. Given the ease of setup, number of supported formats and the ability to download a decoder for your platform if required, it is understandable why this has been  the player of choice for many Android users.
I use the word fast because interestingly, MX Player seems to be trying to play every frame and with QQ Player, you can feel that the player is skipping frames occasionally to compensate for the performance, which for some may not seem that bad.
With Super Video, you can now run your videos in a floating pane, which you can consequently resize and drag to move anywhere on your homescreen. The app was able to handle a handful of popular video formats with exceptional video quality at higher resolutions. Furthermore, it supports multiple floating windows (the free version of the player is limited to two of them). The app handles everything except 1080p videos really well and supports a wide array of video formats. Though all of these are free, and so are you to try them out and decide which one suits you best. It takes weeks for new apps to get to the featured section, which seems odd when one considers how active Android users are when it comes to reviewing and rating apps. Perhaps the most notable new feature is the ability to play videos in the background, meaning the audio keeps playing even if you exit the app.
The player lacks customizations and settings, which may not appeal to the frequent movie-holics, but the relative lack of settings here keeps the player nice and simple. Please do let us know what you think about the apps listed here and do share with us your favorite video players in the comments below.
Today however, most smartphones have decent screens in terms of both side and resolution and furthermore, their CPU, GPU and RAM specs are also adequate enough for the job.
So now the question isn’t which phone plays videos better but rather which app is able to play videos better than the other.
In what follows, we will try and answer these questions and a few more, as we list down some of the best Android video player apps out there today.

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