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Voxel CommandsTo get started doing anything with VoxelSniper, you'll need to know some Voxel commands. How to Snipe BlocksSince the brushes you'll be most commonly using are sniping brushes in which you can place blocks, let's look at how to use them now. Step 1 Program Your Voxel WandTo program your Voxel wand (arrow) to place blocks, you'll first need to select the type of block you want to place. Step 2 Select the Shape of Blocks You Want to PlaceYou can place selections of blocks in eight shapes and each corresponds to a command in chat.
Step 3 Select the Size of Blocks You Want to PlaceNow that you have selected the kind of block and shape you want to place, you need to select the size of the object you want to place with the minimum being 2 and the maximum being 20.
Other Commonly Used BrushesVoxel Sniper has many great brushes that can be used to do anything from drain oceans to simulate erosion.
Getting Creative by Combining BrushesThe best part of Voxel Sniper is that you can just about replicate anything by using various combinations of its brushes. Im creating a lake surrounded by mountains but when i was trying to replace stone with dirt the stationary set to water and I have no Idea on how to fix it because.. Blog that dedicated to share tips, tricks, guide, findings and other supporting tools on Microsoft Dynamics CRM that based on my personal or work experience. Get help on your Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution from qualified experts in the forums, read blogs and how-to articles, and watch videos. Check out our advanced tutorials and come play on our free server.VoxelSniper is one of many very useful world editing plugins available to Minecraft servers.

Voxel Sniper uses the arrow as its point and click tool for each of its brushes (this is also called a "wand").
Let's look at how to use some of the most useful brushes.Drain Brush- The drain brush is used to drain lakes, rivers, and oceans of water. Since the area I am selecting is flat and stone is only being placed on grass, the ball appears here as a disc. This is especially true of natural features, which are not always easy to recreate on one's own. Going to poke around with it tonight, and see about implementing it in my house's Minecraft server.
In my opinion, it is one of the best and certainly the most used of all server side plugins. Let's take a look at some structures we can create using combinations of Voxel brushes by making a mountain and a lake. Making a Mountain- To create a make shift mountain, let's start by placing size 8 ball brushes of stone.
Now let's make things a bit more scenic by voxeling in a lake.Creating a Lake-  To create a lake lets set our brush to an air ball of size 5.
For the unaccustomed, world editors are programs that when used in conjunction with Minecraft Servers, allow players to change the terrain, physics, and characteristics of a Minecraft map.
Once you have selected the desired block type, shape and size of your snipe, you can place them by right clicking on any blocks in game.
Erosion Brush- The erosion brush actually includes a few selections which include melt, smooth, fill, and lift.

There are currently about fifty brushes with various capabilities in this current release of Voxel Sniper.The most commonly used Voxel brushes allow you to place (snipe) any type of block in a given amount and shape.
Now let's remove some ground to create a cavern that we will later fill with water. Now let's use the erosion brush to make the edges of this lake look more realistic. The only limit is your imagination. If you are interested in practicing Voxel Sniper on our server feel free to PM, and we can set up a time.
While some brushes can be used to change the physics of blocks, and others do completely useless things like shoot lightning, they are still fun to play with.
Now whenever we place grass it will replace only stone. We could just place grass block by block, but that's time consuming.
From right to left they are an obsidian disc, size 3, a wood voxel disc face, size 5, and an iron block ball, size 6.
Continue to fill the lake with water until it is level with the top.  Congratulations, you have your own personal mountain and lake combo! You can go into more detail by adding sand to the edges or gravel layers to the bottom.

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