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Mobile Websites enables you to view your website on a mobile device as long as you have Internet connection. Managing a real estate agency out of your home can be a great solution to some and working at home can be perfect for others. When managing a real estate agency and working at home you get to spend more time with your family. You can decide when to do your work:  There is a lot of flexibility that comes from working at home. Companies want to feature a professional appearance and therefore rent virtual office space. Ensure that a full customer and policy database is incorporated into a management system and standardize everything. Real estate marketing can be time consuming and to outsource graphic design projects and other technical stuff is a great solution when the workload becomes too much. Kathy Goldman, a real estate marketing professional, says you have to determine exactly what project you would like to outsource and create clear specifications. Please feel free to contact Kathy for expert advice and all your real estate marketing needs.
Kathy Goldman is well-known in the real estate marketing industry and explains mobile traffic versus desktop traffic and user behavior.
Kathy, real estate marketing, says search results are customized by the search engines according to the user’s location and it is therefore important for a local business to specify the business’s location on the search engine’s web master settings.
According to a research paper from Google (A Large Study of Wireless Search Behavior), Google Mobile Search presented a number of relevant findings.
About REVA OnlineREVA Online provides professional virtual real estate assistance specializing in off-site real estate support services for REALTORs®.
Real Estate Social Media100 Real Estate Haikus - Video MarketingHaiku #13100 Real Estate Haikus - Video MarketingAs we move along in our Series of Real Estate Haikus, we are on Haiku #13, BTW, I figured I would follow up my last blog post to reinforce the information I shared with you all. Stats indicate that many FSBO sellers are frustrated due to their inability to attract any offers to their home.
The company offers a comprehensive suite of marketing programs designed to drive desperate sellers to investor clients using proven internet marketing programs such as Youtube video marketing and search engine optimization.
While the company specializes in real estate internet marketing and advertising, the firm also offers programs for professionals in vertical industries such as the mortgage and title industry.
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You can’t sell your listings if your prospects never see your promotions.  That may not be a shock to you, but what are you proactively doing to get your message in front of the right prospects? IMPORTANT: I do not put my name or brokerage on the envelope!  This will sabotage your results. I have my seller clients approve a just listed letter I wrote for them in THEIR voice.  And after the sale, I send out a just sold letter in their voice. Offer free information for those wanting to buy or sell (must be specific — see my example letters below). When I send out the Just Listed letter, I now have an additional 150 neighbors trying to sell my listing.  I know they’ve opened and read my message, and they also have a specific way to send me leads!
Go try this strategy with your listings.  You (and the neighbors around your listings) will be glad you did. A great way to start the year out with new clients is to make a meaningful contact with all of the people you worked with in the previous year. Put the closing statements along with the letter in an envelope, address it to your clients. In January, take your box with all of the addressed and stamped envelopes you’ve accumulated through the year and put them all in the post office. Side Note: By putting the postage on as you go, it eliminates your having to have one big lump sum for postage – as long as you use the Forever Stamps that work even when postage prices go up.

Wait 2 or 3 days after you mail the packages and then start calling all of the clients you just mailed to. Transition to question: “It was a pleasure working with you and I find other great clients come from my past clients.
The referrals will come either on the first phone call or later if you continue to follow up with a helpful & valuable real estate newsletter each month. Use this “Tax Helper System” along with the letter and follow-up phone script (very important) in January to start each year strong. Here’s a very cool system for reactivating old clients, generating referrals, and building your Power List. Many agents I know have a drawer full of old clients they simply forgot.  Life gets busy and before you know it, it’s been months (even years) since you last contacted some of your clients.
This is an easy way to get back in touch and harvest referrals and repeat business from your network, and this  letter has worked for hundreds of agents all over the world. They may or may not use it, but it’s a stand-out way to remind them that you work by referral.
Agents tell me they start getting calls within a few days after this letter goes out.  But you can also follow up by phone 7 days after sending the letter. Going forward, you’ll want to keep in contact in a meaningful way.   I’m not talking about pumpkin seeds or calendars here.
In a previous article, I talked about how “multi-sequence” mailings have a higher ROI than one-shot mailings. If you want an easy way to triple the effectiveness of your marketing efforts, it’s your lucky day, because today I’m going to share why multi-sequence mailings are the real “secret” to finally make your marketing work.
Now before you dismiss this as hype… I’ve proven this system myself with 4, multi-million dollar companies including a successful real estate development and brokerage company. And in most cases, you send it only once, get little to no response and think it’s money flushed down the drain. If you can improve your conversion rate by just 4% – instead of converting 1 out of 50 prospects you now convert 3 out of 50 – your income could TRIPLE. With actual numbers… let’s say your average commission is $4,000, and if you mail to 500 prospects, and only convert 2% (a common response for a direct mail piece).  You would get 10 clients from this mailing, and at $4,000 each, you’ll make $40,000.
This type of marketing uses a SERIES of letters, post cards, or emails  sent over a short time period which dramatically increases response.
Remember to test your farming pieces on a smaller list before ramping up your efforts to a large group.  You want to know if the offer on the marketing pieces works before spending money to farm hundreds or thousands of prospects.
You can continue this process as long as it is profitable for you, but years and years of marketing have proven the “Multi-Sequence” marketing strategy to be very, very profitable.
The letters I provided here should give you an idea on how to create your own farming campaign – only this time, you’ll start making money! If you are planning on creating a larger mobile presence on your company’s website, it can be worth your while to determine which devices your audience will use.
There are differences between the two options, but you can optimize your current website for mobile use and then move this to an app.
When using a virtual office space and do most of your work at home you cannot differentiate between work time, office time and enjoying time at home. This can help you to make sure that the same work is carried out every day and therefore improving efficiency. For example: is the graphic design for logos, websites or advertisements and what layout and colours is preferred for the website.
You can create a brief job description of what you require and submit it online to a workplace.
One of the major differences between mobile and desktop traffic user behavior is that mobile users typically have one page open. The research found that because it is easier to type on a desktop for queries, users spend more time on a desktop.

Our real estate assistants have the administrative and technology expertise REALTORs® need to take their real estate business to the next level. New advertising tools for real estate investors change the way investors find qualified properties online.
With more investors going online to locate their ideal investment vehicle, the company’s new program lineup is sure to be good news for busy investors. Leveraging the for sale by owner market, the firm has created a unique approach for investors to find their ideal properties. For real estate investors, these targets usually include home sellers who are what the industry refers to as ‘FSBO’ sellers. When they reach that moment, they frequently turn to the internet looking for someone who will buy their home quickly. Their systematic approach towards building their clients’ online properties works well regardless of the niche. Your budget can also be an indicator to determine which product and services will suit your needs. Owning a virtual office does not prevent one from having a business address, counter services, conference facilities, and telephone and fax numbers. The virtual office space usually offers conference rooms, kitchens and a meeting space when clients show up. There are great online companies and online workplaces where you can obtain the services of graphic designers at affordable prices.
If you have a local business, it makes a lot of sense to emphasize the location on the website so the search engines will pick up the important information of your business and as a result improve your website ranking in search results when a user is looking for a business in your area or location. Goldman, a real estate marketing expert, says a major difference between mobile and desktop search is in the paid results of advertisements. We take care of your behind-the-scenes tasks to allow you to concentrate on what you do best — listing and selling properties!
These are property owners who have chosen to forgo an agent in hopes of controlling the sale themselves,” states Simon Landers, spokesperson.
When this happens, that real estate investor who controls the keywords these home sellers are using is the investor that gets to make the first offer,” continues Mr. Your clients can easily find and access your website through Internet searches as people do not usually search the app store. Various methods are used to combine symbols, words and images to create a visual representation of messages. Kathy Goldman, real estate marketing, says the search behavior on a mobile phone is definitely different to search behavior on a desktop. One can enjoy the opportunity to work from home and take pleasure in the benefits of working at home. Commercial Mail receiving agencies are available today, enabling you to have a business address. Once you have determined exactly what job you would like to outsource, you have to find the right person to hire. Working away from home can be the best solution for a person that cannot maintain discipline and consistency. So, when we look at the pool of concurrent users, there are many idler concurrent from desktop than from mobile.

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