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It is also very handy if you want to show someone how to achieve a task or if you want to show gameplay of a game.
Perhaps you could reset settings within the iPad, or do a soft reset (press both the power and home buttons simultaneously). Abbiamo spesso parlato di versioni di lusso dei dispositivi Apple, ma raramente ci siamo soffermati sulle applicazioni che rendono utili e funzionali questi oggetti. It is a native feature that does not require you to have any third party app or a jailbroken device.
I can record for 30 sec or 5 min but when I press stop, the only recording I’m left with is the 12 first seconds. If I want the video to be a portrait view in the App Store (the video is for an App Preview video), do I need to record anything differently?
I use this for work to show testing of online forms (local government) where there isn’t a budget to buy products.

You do know that some people don’t have $5,000 ( or however much it costs) to just throw around, right?
Every time I hook it to my mac and try to set it to screen recording with quick time player, the iPad suddenly diengages itself from my mac and then reconnects with it but somehow incorrectly. They allow you to easily record screenshots and create an interactive demo for your app, iOS and Android as well.
When you see an empty shelf, there is an almost biological urge drawing you to put something there. This feature is designed especially for the developers as a video demo of their apps can be more powerful than the static screenshots. I act as I was instructed to record screen from my device but this iPad plays coy with me and I cannot report it to Apple by any possible way. If there’s someone around here who would love to play with this great tool, just let me know.

For publishers, what began as a concern that Newstand could steal away subscribers instead has become a windfall, with Newsstand magazine and newspaper apps ranking among the top overall free apps.The New York Times iPad app was downloaded 189,000 times during the first week Newsstand was available. By comparison, the app was downloaded just 27,000 the week before, according to publishing news organization Poynter. 18 spot for all apps.Other aspects of Newsstand are also being credited with fueling the publishing boom. Instead of having numerous individual magazine and newspaper apps spread over multiple home screens, the Apple app collects them all neatly in one easy-to-located spot.

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