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While the photos are still available, the social features around those photos — including comments and point ratings — have been turned off. For some reason, Imgur has managed to escape the scrutiny that Reddit has gotten even though it is a site actually hosting the photos.
The images are still been hosted here – (link is NSFW)and they seem to have been updated 2 weeks ago and have racked up a tone of page views.
According to the spokesperson, Imgur added “extra resources” to its abuse and removal request teams after the celebrity hack. We’ve been immediately removing the leaked images as they’re reported, and encourage people to get in touch if they notice any of them, as well,” said Imgur’s spokesperson.

The hosting service for Voat, a Reddit clone that is very much against censorship, has cut off the site. Atko, the founder of Voat, maintains he had a good standing with the hosting provider and he also said Voat doesn't include any illegal content.
Many nude photos stolen from celebrities’ iCloud accounts are still posted around Imgur, including in an album called “ It’s Fappening” that was uploaded 2 weeks ago. You can increase your odds of getting a response by keeping your question as concise as possible. Voat arrived in 2014 and has become a bit more popular recently due to Reddit's banning of five subreddits, some of which were popular but had inappropriate content.

In order to make it easy for everyone to follow along, we also ask that you post a single question per comment. Once the event starts, players can post questions or upvote the ones theya€™d like answered. Even if you cana€™t make it for some reason, dona€™t worrya€”wea€™ll post a recap of the event with a transcript of the questions and answers.

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