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Jul 31stIn some companies, HR can be seen as an add-on as opposed to integral function of an organisation. Jul 22ndFigures released by Price Waterhouse Coopers last week suggest that sickness absence is costing the UK economy around ?29 billion a year.

Marketing students at the UNL College of Business are learning new sales skills this semester in a class designed to help them role play real world business situations.
Students taking the class not only role play various selling roles that they would encounter in real business situations but they also interact with business professionals who come to the class to participate and give feedback to students. The class is currently being offered twice per semester and is capped at 25 students per class rather than the usual maximum of around 40 students. Friend hopes the class may eventually be used as a foundational course for a series of sales classes that could be set up in a similar manner. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. We will use snippets of these in our concept maps supporting assessment and when explaining the link between theory and context in our Cases Studies. So whether it’s an objectionable customer or a hard to convince buyer, students taking Marketing 357 are learning new techniques for success in sales.
Friend came to UNL this year with the primary task of getting the new Professional Selling course up and running.

The corporations participating this semester include Gallup, Lincoln Industries, Northwestern Mutual, Duncan Aviation, Black and Decker, National Research Corporation. Lowering the number of students helps ensure that every student can fully participate in the role playing element of the class. In the meantime, the Marketing 357 class serves as another example of the unique teaching and student classroom experience strived for at the UNL College of Business.
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