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Maybe you have captured a video with your cellphone or camcorder and when you try to play it in your computer, you discover that it is rotated 90 degrees. When you have a rotated video, you can use two free programs to rotate and save you video in the orientation you want: VLC Media Player and Windows Live Movie Maker. Now you can view and play your rotated video with VLC Media player (only) in the right angle. Full household PC Protection - Protect up to 3 PCs with NEW Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Premium!
As John says, this is a solution for rotating and then saving the file so that it can be viewed by others or put on a dvd etc etc. I did this; it did work for playing that video in the right orientation, but subsequent videos now take that same orientation, even after closing the program and reopening. I looked all over the net before running into this; thought VLC should be able to do it, but could not figure out how.
But if I do reset preferences will the one LVC vid which I have rotated (and saved) remain rotated? Sorry about previous doulble letter typos – that's my Ubuntu installation issue!
I went through all the steps but when I open it in Windows media player it's not rotated.
Take the example of to rotate video in Windows Media Player and still Microsoft doesn’t come out with a direct solution for answering this problem! Substantial amount of coding and energy goes into the development of a GUI OS like Windows, but it still misses some of the basic amenities, an avid computer user requires.

Open any video you want to rotate in VLC Media Player and select Tools > Effects and Filters (Ctrl + E). You can check the checkbox next to Rotate and select your angle of choice to rotate and the video starts displaying at that angle. As you can see under Video > Aspect Ratio you can set the aspect ratio from default to whatever you like for eg. Since Windows Media Player doesn’t support these many video formats and also doesn’t have default rotate option in it’s armoire, this looks like the best alternative way to rotate video in windows media player.
Virar Player inclui um novo recurso "Dim Lights" que escurece tudo ao seu redor para que vocA? focar apenas o vA­deo.
The question is not how to rotate a playback (you can do that on any platform) but how to rotate the video. I have found here much useful information for yourself and would like to thank you for done by work. Some other videos taken with my camera I had previously edited with VitualDub and changed the rotation there so I guess I'll have to do this with this one too but I had hoped to avoid that complex procedure. However, it rotated to other videos too and i don't want to change settings for those. You either need to use a third-party video player like VLC media player or some other software from Microsoft like Windows Movie Maker, probably to overcome this hurdle.
So if you want to rotate any of these video formats to your desired liking or direction, the answer is simple.

DownloadAdminTM works on any computer that has Internet Explorer 7 or above, and is compatible with all versions of Chrome and Firefox. It plays broken files, incomplete files and virtually every file format out there, including MKV files. Open source means the creators and developers working on VLC decided to make their product open to everyone-absolutely free of charge. It worked for my MP4 video, although the rotated video's resolution was a bit more grainy, and the frame rate a bit lower. The video in VLC player, plays towards the right side bottom of the screen and when i try to drag to the centre of the screen, the video is not covering the window of VLC player instead its still towards the right side bottom.
That’s right, VLC is developed by the VideoLAN Project as a free way for everyone to play their videos. I thought your method would apply permanently to the one video which is in the wrong orientation but leave all others alone. Why struggle with your media player when you could be watching videos and DVDs the easy way? DownloadAdmin™ works on any computer that has Internet Explorer 7 or above and is compatible with Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7.

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