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Software company InsightSquared has used the Dreamforce 2013 conference to launch the latest version of its analytics tool aimed at helping smaller enterprises stay competitive. The turnkey SaaS solution can be up and running in under a day and incorporates three new technologies. Reports from the system can be generated using a straightforward point-and-click interface and offer immediate insights that can be used to boost sales performance from day one. Fred Shilmover, CEO of InsightSquared says, "We are taking sales and marketing innovation to a new level by making business intelligence powerful yet easy to use, which has never been done before. Visitors to the InsightSquared stand at Dreamforce 2013 will be able to register to get a sales report in 60 minutes. Conducting the sales analysis process helps companies to investigate current sales performance and exploit opportunities for business growth and development.
Preparation for the air vacation is actually the beginning of the trip, because when you start planning, it gives you a thrill of anticipation. See What’s New in the Latest VersionOur newest version is full of features to help you make better charts more efficiently. Restaurant Operations & Management Spreadsheet Software Library for ExcelThis series of nine pre-configured and customizeable Microsoft Excel restaurant spreadsheets organizes critical data from your daily POS system sales, labor reports and food and beverage bills. The entire set of nine Excel workbooks are $129, a huge savings compared to purchasing them individually.
Daily Sales Report: Designed to track your sales data from cash register or POS reports, the worksheet organizes daily and week-to-date results.
Daily Sales Report plus Labor Summary: The worksheet tracks your sales data from cash register or POS reports and organizes daily and week-to-date results. Labor expenses are also tracked by department against the sales so you can check your daily and week-to-date labor costs as a percentage of sales. Weekly Sales & Prime Costs ($49): This spreadsheet takes this spreadsheet series to its logical conclusion by also accounting for your weekly food and beverage purchases as well as beginning and ending food and beverage inventories. Weekly Food & Beverage Purchase Log: Summarize your daily food and beverage purchases on a single weekly log sheet.
Employee Schedule & Labor Cost: This is one powerful tool that every restaurant operator should be using! Food & Beverage Inventory: Counting and calculating your end-of-month food and beverage inventory is made as easy as can be with this spreadsheet. Menu Engineering & Profitability Workbook: This is a powerful and fully automated tool for assessing the profitability of your menu items based on their food cost, selling price and popularity. Weekly Sales Projection: This is an easy tool to help project daily and weekly sales by day-part. Payroll Accrual: Accruing payroll at the end of each month is unquestionably the most important task that 99% of independent restaurant operators ignore.
Having a structured sales process based on a sales funnel with well-defined stages is essential to managing the sales process and forecasting future sales. It is equally important to do comprehensive win loss analysis of sales outcomes so that one can learn, in equal measure, from patterns of sales wins and losses.
It allows the sales organisation to dramatically improve sales lead-to-order conversion rates. This Sales Funnel Excel template incorporates a comprehensive Win Loss analysis with an extensive list of reports and graphic charts.

The template is totally flexible and allows the user to specify the win loss analysis framework and level of detail by setting up a customised list of reasons for wins and losses.
Completed opportunities are then categorised by selecting the various outcomes and reason for these outcomes from dropdown lists. Check our comprehensive 21-page User Guide to see the full range of extensive features. Entering new sales opportunities in the sales funnel template is then made "quick and easy" by selecting the table entry from a dropdown list.
The sales funnel net value of each opportunity is calculated based on the funnel stage and associated probability of closing an opportunity in that stage of the funnel.
We promise to never spam you, and just use your email address to identify you as a valid customer. Click the button below to add the Sales Funnel Excel Template with Win Loss Analysis to your wish list.
But for small and medium businesses building up the kind of intelligence database needed can be time consuming and take staff away from the task of actually selling. Designed to work with the Salesforce CRM application, InsightSquared 3.0 has been put together based on feedback from experienced CEOs, along with sales and marketing professionals, in order to provide best practice reports and drive effective sales management. Instant Sales Insight allows managers to clearly see the relationship between sales activity and conversions. We’re delivering industry-changing innovation and setting a new standard for what modern business intelligence should be".
Try CentriQS complete task management solution for planning, tracking and reporting tasks, projects, and schedules. Use the following checklist to find out what steps you can take to carry out the process and improve your company’s sales activities. In order to gain helpful information on how efficiently your organization utilizes its working capital within a certain period of time, you need to calculate the turnover of your working capital. If you try to use sales performance indicators (like Time to Market) you will find out that some of your products require more time and effort to be delivered to the target audience. There are three sales cycles including Retaining Customers, Attracting New Customers, and Enticing Existing Customers.
All too often, POS data is automatically posted to accounting software without critical review by a manager, and then the ability to make timely decisions is lost.
The result is a weekly cost of goods sold (COGS) summary and a prime cost report which indicate your restaurant's total F&B usage plus Gross Labor in both total dollars and as a percentage of the current week's sales. This helps you schedule every labor hour of the day to provide you with instant feedback of the costs associated with your scheduling decisions. Enter your restaurant's product list and unit prices in the inventory template, and thereafter, the form does all the math for you with totals by category.
Five worksheets are included to assess all your menu categories from appetizers to desserts. Simply input estimates of customer counts and check averages for each meal period and the worksheet calculates sales totals and daily percentage contributions. It can be many months before the implementation of a traditional sales intelligence platform bears fruit. Sure Forecast ensures more accurate forecasting based on existing conversions and pipeline deals.

Increase productivity of your small business or office by better organizing your employees' tasks and time. You need to divide your company’s net income by last year's earnings and multiply this expression by 100. Your task is to define these characteristics, analyze their impact on sales and develop a strategy for increasing the company’s strengths and remedying shortcomings.
For example, selling a technological product usually requires a long certification cycle that extends the overall sales cycle and so stretches out the time necessary to deliver this product to the target customers. You need to investigate sales performance for each of the cycles and identify ways for improvement. Kitchen, Front of House, Managers, etc.) utilizing the labor report information from your POS report and salaried employee inputs. Use this report to manage both your labor and your purchases and to keep expenses in line with sales budgets. Compare the labor expense of each scenario with your projected sales to determine optimum employee scheduling. Use in reverse to determine how many covers or check averages are required to generate total sales. Thirdly the Smart Pipeline Manager makes it easier to spot high probability and high risk deals.
To calculate your annual sales growth you need to subtract sales revenue for the last year from the current year and divide this expression by the sales revenue from the last year. It helps you analyze your company’s sales performance and identify actions necessary to increase sales and profits while minimizing losses. Try to use information on seasonal variations, random events and cyclical sales to adjust your sales strategies and exploit development opportunities.
Online surveys will help you gather valued information that you can use in forecasting your future sales figures. In such cases you need to investigate your market and define the best customer segments and niches with minimized sales cycles. Then use the plan to create your actual weekly schedule and track the actual labor costs against your plan and actual sales for feedback. A high-level turnover could mean that the company involved too much capital in sales activities. If the first indicator is higher then you need to allocate additional financial resources in order to sustain your affordable growth. Now you can use the indicator to investigate what products have shown an increase in sales and what products have been sold with declining. If the annual sales growth is lower then you need to consider reducing your sales investments for the upcoming year.

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