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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. While determining which promotional strategies to include within your budget plan, you must first consider your overall expense budget. Small business can greatly benefit from proper planning of business expenses and budgeting. By preparing your budgeting template with the help of a software spreadsheet, you will be able to easily make the overall calculations simpler. This type of a spreadsheet will give you an estimate of the overall projected expenses for sales, market research, promotion, staff compensation, distribution etc. A multitude of business projects as well as personal initiatives, can greatly benefit from a budget plan. If you are planning a direct marketing campaign, this template your give you step by step for a successful outcome. This template gives you an overall outlook on the potential of a certain channel before taking affirmative marketing action, including strategies and deliverables planning. This template givis you all the product development plan schedule, tasks and it's a great template for your product life cycle.. This dynamic dashboard gives you product analysis, kpi for sales, product report, sales people performace and competitor analysis.
This template gives you the market averages by comparing your expenditure and resources to your competitors. This template helps you to elaborate the marketing tactics in order to accomplish your marketing strategies.
This template helps you to forecast your marketing budget needed for your marketing project. Watch our presentation videos to know the best Project Management tips developed by Senior Project Managers. This will help you to ascertain how much can you afford to allocate towards the promotion, distribution and sales, of your product or service.
Open excel and use the column headers for typing out the months and a separate subtotal column to record the year.

The goal of this spreadsheet is to allot expenses periodically so that the required funds are available when needed.
Determine your objectives for the promotion planning – You need to ascertain the key objectives and strategies for your business. Set up the spreadsheet by listing out the strategies as per the timeline set by you – Create columns for dates, objectives, strategies and expenses, for achieving the prime goals for your business. Estimate the income projection for your business – Determine how much income will be utilized on the total operating expenses and how much can you allocate toward the sales and promotion strategies. Determine the estimate cost of individual strategy – Find out the costs of building and maintaining your company website, joining networking groups and placing advertisements with various print and broadcast media. Set up your budget within your spreadsheet for the business you can afford to carry out – This type of planning must be based upon the income projection and available cash. By filling out the planned figures in each of the .xls template cells, you will be able to easily forecast which type of spreadsheet will work best for your type of business setup. The expense budget template for MS excel will run you through a series of costs that are being currently unaccounted for. It is based on the Systems Thinking Approach, and guides the development of the strategic marketing and sales plan in the context of the bigger picture corporate strategies. Next, group the row headers together into various sections for indicating different expenses. For instance, if you run a small business, you will probably require only a few line items for promotion, channel support, newspaper advertising, expenses to market and distribute your goods to various places, creating a web presence and paying the salary of a few employees.
The historical data will offer information on the efficiency of various marketing strategies. In case you have been using a percentage of historical sales method, you could enter the formulas in the column representing a specific month and then duplicate it for all the other months. This sheet is usually created by the sales department in coordination with the organization’s finance team.
Your objective may be to sell a specific quantity of products within a specified period of time.
Your strategies must be set with a time frame such as goals to be attained within a week, a month etc.

It will even give you an overall understanding of multiple strategies to help you market your product or service.
Using this template will allow the user to follow a rigorous process in developing the marketing plan, that takes into consideration the external business environment, and the internal corporate strategies and goals, then develops clear marketing goals, strategies and action plans to implement effective marketing. Thus, you can create rows for recording office expenses, market research, office salaries, marketing communications, catalogs, advertising, branding, promotions, investor and media relations, direct and online marketing, website design and support, customer acquisition support, sales lead generation and distribution channel support. However, if you run a larger business with multiple products, then you may need a dedicated spreadsheet for each product.
For instance, if you have participated in various trade shows in the previous year, then it will reallocate your available funds towards those events that have produced the maximum sales-generating leads. By using historical financial statistics, you will be able to show the management how specific increase in promotion expenses will lead to an increase in sales.
The overall budgeting is based upon the targeted plan for attaining higher sales and the resulting profits. Your strategies must include joining an array of networking associations, press releases, printing a brochure or creating a website.
In case you don’t have any historical data, you could use the comparative data or industry trade association data from related industries. Thus, for instance, if increasing the online marketing expense by 10 percent last year had led to a 20 percent increase in the online orders during the year, then your company’s management may even agree to a rise in the online market spending this year.
For instance, if you own a restaurant business, then a new home and office construction projection within your area, will help you plan the expenditure for potential sales and incremental promotion expenses.
Thus, for instance, merely increasing the advertising expenditure from 5 to 10 percent, will not directly result into the doubling of sales as these two factors are not necessarily co-related.

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