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In some organizations that have reached a critical mass and level of maturity without a formal integrated marketing strategy, it is best to consider a phased approach to implementation.
Check out how this firm began with defining their strategy, sharing it with their entire team and unified their entire staffing firm toward a common repeatable goal. With thousands of firms competing for the attention of clients, candidates and attracting new internal staff.
It is one thing to feel like your site is out-of-date and is entirely different to realize that it is not driving candidates or clients. Check out how this staffing firm brought their site from 1990 to 2015, integrated with erecruit and modernized their entire workflow in the process. This is a very common thought, but the reality is do you know how to use social media to drive awareness amongst clients and truly generate candidates.
Check out how this staffing firm has driven superior candidate flow utilizing social media.
The development of an effective article marketing strategy for your business might be beneficial to you, but only if you want more targeted eyes focused on the content you create online.
The way in which you construct your primary articles for your website or blog is not much different than when you create promotional articles for distribution to an article marketing directory. Your target market finds your content through search engines, giving you much needed site visitors (traffic). Every keyword ought to be thoroughly determined, then further analyzed to see which websites are making use of those search terms.
You may be able to see how they are written and constructed and how they lead a reader towards a strong call to action at the bottom of the page.
White space is crucial, so your readers should not be confronted with something that looks like an essay or thesis – simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. You should use your keywords once at the beginning of your article, several times within the body of the text, and once more in the final sentence.
Make sure your offer is relevant and encourages the reader to click by means of offering further information and solutions to their problems. As with anything else in life, the more you implement what you learn, the better you will get and the simpler the process will become. Promotional articles are created by using automated marketing tools like Article Marketing Robot (AMR). Article Marketing Robot creates readable, unique versions of your original content and is a huge time saver, making it a tool of choice for the serious online network marketing professional.
Your readers must be able to navigate through your content with ease and they must feel that you have the answers to their problems. Having a strong article marketing strategy, leading with value and having an extremely high converting offer will allow you to ramp up results and get your business into positive cashflow early on.
This strategy will allow you to stay in the game, as you reinvest some of your profits back into your marketing efforts to scale up your business. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. If you don’t have either one of these you should still keep reading, because understanding this simple trick, and seeing what it could do for your business should motivate you to go make it happen!  Don’t forget, theres not better place to get the tools and training to help you build that list than here inside My Lead System Pro.
Alright, let’s dive in!  Now the steps I’m about to describe will be explained more deeply in the video below, but the goal here is to identify people on our list who are interested in what we’re offering them, and then appeal to all 3 types of buyers.  Those who buy for benefit or gain, those who buy based on logic, and those who buy based on fear of loss. Create another strong call to action reminding Jon of limited quantity or deadlines.  This lays the groundwork to leverage fear of loss in your next email. After 48 hours segment the non opens from step 1, and send them the same step 1 email with a different subject line in efforts to grab their attention. Once more people have clicked the link in your second send of email 1 you’re going to treat them exactly the same as you did the first group that clicked. One thing I would suggest is that, depending on timing, you may want to exclude these segments from your main broadcasts while you’re having this “conversation” with them. Success With A Home Business Really Boils Down To Just One Thing What’s The Best MLM Marketing Strategy To Grow Your Business? For example, this diagram illustrates researched levels of importance for different types of promotion in B2B marketing.
If you apply the science of business-to-business marketing, you'll develop winning strategies and sustainable competitive advantage. New products are the lifeblood of your business… don’t take risks – use trained, knowledgeable new product launch marketing consultants to be sure of success.
Remember, "Procrastination is the thief of time" and the sooner you act, the sooner your Organisation will be humming at greater efficiency. To cut through the brand-positioning confusion, we have developed a brand and positioning framework. Strong positioning is the lifeblood for every B2B tech company, even the smallest start-up. We have developed a brand and positioning framework to help our clients better understand the distinctions between branding and positioning and how they play together. As you can see, IBM uses SmartPlanet brand to unify thousands of products they have, which is also connected to their product positioning. IBM is a sophisticated, well-know example of using effectively using branding and positioning.
SalesForce, is another well-known example, though one could argue that NO SOFTWARE is closer to positioning than branding.
Good branding creates an ever-lasting experience in the buyer’s mind as articulated through images, voice, style and feelings. Positioning starts with a product, service or solution. Positioning is the necessary foundation and the starting point for a Brand identity.
Branding is also important for larger companies managing a sizeable portfolio of products. Brands provide a unifying identity across multiple products, while providing a singular, differentiated point of view to drive market awareness. Brand becomes less important in B2B technology markets with products that have unique IP, or that are continually being disrupted by the next platform or wave of innovation. However, for some B2B companies and markets, the combination of a strong product positioning AND a memorable brand experience makes sense and can become a formidable competitive weapon. This is particularly the case in markets that have “crossed the chasm and gone Main Street,” or for companies that need a unifying brand to pull together a disparate collection of different products. PeopleSoft effectively combined its “California Culture” brand with strong product positioning to carve out a distinct position in the ERP days. In summary: while branding’s not for everyone, and works best in specific situations, EVERY B2B tech company needs good positioning as the starting point. We recently conducted a survey of 50 technology industry sales leaders to find out if they use the presentation materials they get from marketing, and what their marketing partners could do to improve the quality and effectiveness of what they produced. They have a specialized focus (like social media management, big data analytics or IT operations). They’re leveraging an inflection point in the market (like mobile marketing or IT-as-a-Service). And, they have a strong, engaging point of view that captures the imagination of the market.
Companies need to abandon the traditional product-centric approach to positioning that plagues most stories with me-too feature lists and vendor geek speak. Answering these questions is harder for most than they think it will be.  Try it out on your company to see if you have a powerful, differentiated story. What do successful companies of every size — from Apple and Cisco to Riverbed and Workday — all have in common? Today more than ever, tech companies are moving a mile-a-minute and marketing executives are looking for quick ways to make a big splash in the market.

We have a client with innovative IP that has developed a disruptive cloud infrastructure platform and service. By changing the conversation from “different” to “better”, the company immediately strengthened their competitiveness in sales cycles. According to Gartner, one-third (30 percent) of marketing-related technology is now bought by marketing, not by the CIO.
And that requires a different selling strategy than most B2B tech companies are accustomed to. If you can connect your products and services to these or other technology-based marketing initiatives, you’ll connect with the CMO.
You need a crisp, clear way of communicating how your company will solve a huge problem for the CMO.
If you’re talking back-end system integration and gigaflops per second, you’re going to see the CMO’s eyes glaze over. Tie your sales efforts to funded initiatives and show the CMO how the initiative will deliver more value to the business faster.
Over time, the average CMO is going to become more and more sophisticated about technology, and the average CIO is going to become more knowledgeable about marketing. However, pick up the paper on any given day and you’ll read about another failed subscription-based product or recurring revenue company. However, very few technology companies understand the range of monetization strategies, nor deploy the optimal pricing and packaging to earn loyalty and drive a successful subscription business and valuation. You’d be surprised how often clients describe their market as “SMB” (small and medium businesses). Good targeting, like good strategy, focuses on one thing: driving to the point of revenue, faster. That means clearly understanding who your buyer is, and focusing your time and precious resources on selling to that person.
Not too long ago we were working with a software company that was just killing it, taking share from much larger and more established competitors. The key is to go beyond simple characteristics and get to the things that define behavior andmotivate action. Why do your customers buy your product? Chances are it isn’t because they are a CIO or because they work in a Fortune 500 company. Current sales and marketing initiatives can continue while the new integrated strategy is defined and planned.
Together, we create a clear and definable strategy for marketing and sales focused on delivering upon your specific business needs. Your article marketing strategy should include proper SEO (search engine optimization), backlink creation and article promotion.
Google finds your content via a specific algorithm designed to provide searchers with the most relevant and up to date information, making it imperative for you to implement a cutting edge article marketing strategy that trumps your competition. Then, you have to figure out if you can contend with the best websites which will be utilizing those key phrases. If you do not like to write, or feel you are not good at writing, it is a good idea to spend some time reading some of the top articles in popular article directories.
The best articles contain lots of brief paragraphs, are well written in a widely-used language, and do not use too many complex words that your readers may not understand. They are seeking to find specific phrases and expressions that are relevant to their major problem, so you should always attempt to provide them with the solution they are looking for.
The majority of folks are on the web are looking for answers to troubles or questions they have, so you ought to make your article informative and valuable, leading the reader down to the bottom of the page where your call to action should be.
Maintain tracking your stats occasionally to see which articles are attracting the most readers, that way you’ll be able to write further articles in that style.
You must take into account on and off page SEO, keyword research and article promotion strategies if you want to end up on page one of Google. They say the same thing but in a different way, so as to avoid duplicate content violations. In minutes, you can use AMR to create unique versions of your original content and set the system up to spin and distribute unique versions to hundreds of high authority article directories on the internet. The number of high quality backlinks to your primary content is one of the things Google’s spiders are looking for when they scan and index your content. Think about why have you decided to turn to the internet – are you looking for more traffic, sales and leads for your business? See how these guys created a system that made over $6,000,000.00 in sales in less than 5 months while helping thousands of average people make their first sale online with a brand new approach! However, it will require both organization to team together in this effort, developing a strategy initiatives vs. However if you really do want to achieve XYZ yesterday’s offer is pretty much the complete answer.  I mean THINK about this”…. Get the most out of this single offer by segmenting and reaching as many people as you can.
B2B management requires an intricate weave of all aspects of the 8P's of the Marketing mix. Just email us by clicking this button or fill out this form and a consultant will get back to you ASAP.
This framework has been successfully used to educate our clients and help them clearly understand the distinctions between branding and positioning and how they play together. Positioning is key to engaging and winning sales cycles and establishing a distinct, prominent corner of the room in the market category. However, a strong brand personality can be quite effective driving differentiation in commodity B2B markets or unifying a broad portfolio of different B2B products.
IBM and SalesForce are two good examples of this interplay – though one could argue that NO SOFTWARE is closer to positioning than branding.
Salesforce on the other hand has heavily leveraged it’s “No Software” mantra as a provocative viewpoint and rallying cry for the entire company. The “Smart Planet” brand is used as an umbrella and rallying cry that brings together a large portfolio of different products and services. Please note the way they have packaged their solutions into Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, etc.
Or we receive a desperate call by a tech executive to come in and clean up after an expensive branding effort that missed the mark. It is common for B2B tech executives to use the term Branding when they mean Positioning, and vice versa.
It also articulates the competitive, differentiated value delivered by the company or product so that is resonates and is understandable by the target buyer.
Without unique IP, secret sauce or unique product differentiators, branding becomes the unique differentiation and justification for commanding a premium price.
In our work with over 200 companies, we find that very few companies are able to translate their product, service, or IP into a message that resonates with buyers, clearly differentiates from the competition and captures the imagination of the market. The value of this technology is significant because it delivers a 2X performance for ? the cost – and has the promise to completely upend the market. That percentage is only going to get larger as marketing becomes increasingly tech-centric. Over the past year, more and more of our positioning engagements have been with clients targeting the CMO. Take a quick look at a couple of examples and you’ll see that tech is the new key to marketing success. SAS recognized that the CMO’s mandate has evolved to managing multiple channels, media, campaigns, and analytics all in real time.

Show the CMO specifically how your product will help marketing prove its value—tangibly and quantifiably—to the CEO.
You need to understand what kind of technologywill be making the biggest impact on the CMO’s business goals so you’re prepared to align your solution with the CMO’s key initiatives. And you need to tailor your story for each CMO’s specific situation, because CMOs are not created equal. Many executives worry that they might take legitimate opportunities off the table if they define their market too narrowly.
It’s not about contact lists or SIC codes, and it’s not about demographics or company size.
One of our clients, Citrix Online, built a very successful franchise focusing on small businesses, and small teams in the large enterprise.
An aligned strategy turns customer insight into market impact to drive profitability, allowing you to make smart tactical marketing investments where you can grow the business. With the basic foundation of a clear value proposition and well-crafted messaging, new initiatives or campaigns be rolled out to one or two key projects or events on a pilot basis – and then phased in over time on subsequent initiatives. We design, develop and implement marketing services, channel selling programs and event strategies. Each company has very clear differences and we work to capitalize on those with a strategy that is most importantly executable. The use of carefully selected keywords and phrases is crucial should you aim to rank your content on the major search engines. Employing bullet points also makes a page of written text much more appealing and straightforward to read. You may also want to add affiliate links to relevant products, services or tools that you are promoting, within the article so as to monetize your traffic. The titles in your article should by eye catching and give the reader the ability to navigate towards the locations of your article content that interests them most. Despite the fact that you might be writing to attract the search engines, you should bear in mind that it’s humans which are reading your primary articles.
Google will only index one version of an article and disregard additional copies that may exist.
It’s good practice to add relevant anchor text in your author bio box, linking back to your original article that is posted on your website or blog. Therefore, should you choose to employ an article marketing strategy to generate leads and online sales, you will need to learn how to leverage systems like AMR to your benefit.
If so, you need to understand how to position yourself as the expert in your niche, create valuable relevant content, and promote that content so potential customers and prospects will find it quickly. Brand articulates the company personality and voice, expresses the ever-lasting experience the customer can expect and speaks to the buyers aspirations. But it’s open enough to allow it’s positioning pillars to change over time to meet buyer needs.
Positioning is key to selling, establishing a distinct “corner of the room” in the market category, influencing the buying criteria and engaging sales cycles.
Branding gives voice to aspirational associations, and articulates the unique experience buyers can expect.
Check out Firebrick’s new video and find out, in less than 3 minutes, how to create a breakthrough positioning story. Your score will indicate whether or not your company would benefit from a positioning project or refresh. Now they are having  conversations with their ideal buyers that is road mapped to their buyer’s needs. In fact, Gartner predicts that the CMO’s budget will be 2-3 times the CIO’s budget by 2017.
Seeing that revenue is now at the heart of every conversation, the company introduced a customer intelligence platform with built-in analytics, allowing customers to find the most profitable growth opportunities and more intelligently manage their marketing investment. For example, the CMO may be looking at marketing automation solutions such as Marketo or Eloqua. They’re dealing with multiple channels, from direct to e-commerce, multiple business models, online sales processes—and anyone can broadcast an opinion about your brand at any time. And a new generation of companies and products has taken advantage of this inflection point – Workday, Box, ZenDesk, Citrix Online, Joyent, Yammer and of course, SalesForce – and the market is rewarding these companies with committed revenue growth and large valuation multiples. They lose sight of the fact that the buckshot approach is not only expensive and inefficient, but it actually results in fewer sales and a lower rate of customer acquisition than a more targeted approach. These can be helpful for buying advertising, but not so helpful if you’re trying to establish a meaningful connection that will motivate buying. However, the constraints of this broad focus were preventing them from breaking through to the next level of growth.
As soon as a clear picture starts to emerge, a picture that others can see as well, you’re getting close.
Getting sales and marketing to work together and produce bottom line results requires an integrated marketing strategy. Our results speak for themselves — enhanced sales productivity, increased channel effectiveness, and incremental business opportunities with new markets or partners. Don’t put links to your website or other offers within the body of your promotional articles as your content could be rejected by directories. You can also outsource these tasks when you are ready so as to gain more time freedom and leverage. We hope you have fun with this, share it with your contacts to compare scores, and tell us what you think! They pride their technology on being so “different” than the Amazon Web Services, Rackspace and others in the burgeoning market category.
This shift set the stage and enabled the company to articulate a value proposition that no competitor can match. Your products, services, and solutions must be linked to business benefits using the metrics the CMO cares about: customer retention, online conversion rates, cost per lead, lead generation efficiency, etc. If you’re using any of the following ten words in your presentation to the CMO, you’re going to hear crickets chirping: open, flexible, powerful, collaborative, agile, empowering, comprehensive, scalable, extensible, future-proof.
It’s about knowing your target so well you could almost predict what they’re going to have for lunch. They knew their target so well they were able to give her a name, and everyone in the company felt they knew her personally—her aspirations, motivations, challenges, psychographics, etc.
Through our work together we discovered they weren’t targeting “small businesses,” but rather organizations that were eager to embrace a new way of working, whether they were a 1-person consulting firm, a 30-person department or a massive multi-national organization.
This will allow you to focus your efforts in areas of your business that require your specific attention.
The CMO may be evaluating social collaboration solutions like Jive, Chatter, or Yammer to leverage customer feedback, or gamification solutions like Badgeville or Gigya. Some are worried about cutting cost and risk, others want to take a big risk for a big reward. Mary, although she was only a composite, was able to help guide positioning, campaigns, and selling.
Consumer products CMOs have very different concerns than financial services or retail CMOs.

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