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Photography Marketing & Sales is the cornerstone to any successful photography business. Many photographers mistakenly believe that a successful photography business is based on excellent photography skills alone. Marketing is something that needs to be built into your yearly plan and worked on throughout the year. Social media marketing for photographers is in its own category because the tools and strategies used are very specific to online marketing.
Being a high-end wedding photographer is not for everyone, and it is certainly not as glamorous as it looks. Bridal shows can work for photographers, although it’s not my most highly recommended strategy.
Our MissionPhotoMint helps wedding photographers like you get results quickly and efficiently in all areas of your business. No matter the size - startup business, small and medium sized enterprise (SME), or large corporation - marketing and sales are critical to every companya€™s success in the market place.
Too often, particularly in smaller and medium-sized enterprises, sales is performed in an untargeted and opportunistic way and good money is unnecessarily spent on suboptimal mass advertisement while there is no clear marketing and sales plan and no marketing and sales strategy in place. In a highly competitive market environment, professional and cost-effective targeted marketing and sales, based on a clearly defined marketing & sales strategy, is essential.
With a strong focus on startup companies and small and medium-sized enterprises, Skywave Solutions helps clients to develop their marketing and sales strategy based on cost effective marketing and sales plans that are optimally aligned with their market opportunities and tailored to their individual needs and budgets. Please contact us for more information on our marketing and sales planning services and integrated business solutions or for a free initial consultation. Share this postSome time ago, I made some observations stemming from my stint in B2B solutioning on how the marketing and sales functions in an organization can overlap and complement each other. While not all marketers are content marketers, those that are, surprisingly, can do more than a bit to help their often-estranged sales cousins in the line of fire. The problem is, if you set out to create content for those purposes, you’ll likely create content for those and little else.

Effort has to be made to ensure the sales folks are following what you’re putting out. Who feels comfortable working with somebody whose left hand doesn’t know what their right hand are doing? Thought leadership is useful for a business and valuable to customers, but it’s not always all it can be. Truly relevant content stems not only from what subjects resonate most with customers, but how those subjects are put across. New clients do not simply walk in the door begging to hire you, no matter how good you are or how strong your reputation is. You’ve already photographed the wedding, so why not offer clients a beautiful way to enjoy their images? Have you had one or two weddings published and want to learn how to get more weddings published? If you think this is the right fit for your studio, learn some of the insider secrets to doing it well. As your studio grows, naturally you’ll want to increase your ability to book weddings.
We teach photographers at every level how to increase profits, streamline studio operations and get more time for the things you love: shooting incredible images and spending time with those who are most important to you. One of them is directly helping the sales reps do their jobs (as opposed to only targeting the customer). Imagine the mortification when little or none of all that rich, resonant, useful information you’ve been putting out to them is known to their sales reps. It may sound basic, but it has to be stressed: taking it for granted that the reps know what their customers do can be a huge mistake, especially if content marketing has been working well for you!
What happens when, as a buyer, a marketer tells you how a solution will solve your problem, only to be followed by a sales rep who goes into detail on what exactly the solution does? A piece of content not only has to cover an offering’s pros, it also has to assist sales by showing readers how those pros add value.

But by also using it as sales enablement, especially in B2B environments, an organization can reap dual benefits from the same source. There are a number of different approaches to designing wedding albums, so learn how to do it profitably.
I’ve written THE guide to getting weddings published, so you will find just about every answer to every question here.
Networking and vendor relationships and referrals are some of the very best marketing you can do as a photographer.
This: nobody selling you on how those details solve your problem, or why, indeed, you should buy it from them. Whether you’re personalizing content for one or creating catch-all content for many, you need front-line insight into how they consume content and what they look for in it to add those little touches that convince. Unless you can do the former, leverage those personal relationships reps have with their clients to get the latter. Marketing will lead to inquiries and leads, but how do you actually turn those leads into booked weddings?
What makes editorial submissions such a great marketing strategy is what you do with the feature after you’ve been published. Even if they do know, again, you need to be in sync with them so everybody’s on the same wavelength.
Photography marketing is not something you do once a year, but should be a consistent part of your business approach.
Not only do they get great enjoyment of the images you have created, you also earn more profit, which helps you stay in business.

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