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You have probably heard the term “going viral” before but if you are running a business going viral could give your organization a massive increase in sales.
If You Are To Dedicate Yourself To Truly Mastering Only ONE Category of Knowledge, Only ONE Skill-Set, Only ONE Competence – What Should It Be? Open-ended questions are designed to encourage communication and a full, meaningful response from whomever you are speaking with. These questions demand more than a ‘yes’ or ‘no.’ Open-ended questions are an easy way to start good conversation. For Example: To live life completely, honestly, and compassionately, with a healthy dose of realism mixed with imagination and dreams believing that all things are possible, if one sets their mind to finding an answer. Practice your introductions and be able to clearly and concisely explain who you are and what you do. It doesn’t have to be golf, but it will work to your advantage to have a recreational activity under your belt that you can skillfully participate in with a potential client, customer or connection. Sometimes the greatest place to talk business is away from the office, enjoying the fresh air. You can only hit the bathroom so many times before someone will start to wonder if you’re nursing a serious case of the diarrhea. Whatever it is, try to do exactly what you promised when you made your connection, and do it within 24 hours if you can!
On today’s show, we will discuss how to really make offline Networking events work for you in your direct sales business. Shavon, You’ve been entered into a drawing for a free month of my inner circle coaching program. And, make sure your name is entered in the drawing for a free month of Social Media Backstage Pass Coaching coaching by completing your review!
Learn more about building an effective Network Marketing business both online and offline in my Direct Sales Online Coaching Program! Because Elite Computing Solutions is Molex CAT5E trained, clients can feel confident that any structured cabling done is to the highest standards and carries a 10-year warranty on permanent installations. The increase in reliability, speed and range of wireless networking has made this a viable solution for office and home use. In buildings where installation of additional cabling is not cost effective or not permitted.
Purchase behavior has changed radically in recent years, but today, more than ever, networking is the key to sales effectiveness. Every sales team engages in networking, but in our current sales landscape, where customers are well informed and savvy, your sales team must be trained to make sales networking a prioritized strategy. When a Customer has already identified a problem and is researching solutions, they typically have determined 60% of their purchasing needs.
When your team engages with a customer or prospect, they continuously gather information or insights about the buyer and the organization. Collection of insight data in a form, other than text, to permit aggregation, analysis and use in the selection of content, value and strategy is critical for your success.

Close the loop between sales and marketing and make sure that you are supporting the networking and engagement goals of your sales team. Older sales management models have sales people looking for decision makers who have an immediate need. Do you want building client relationships, networking, strategic alliances, goal setting and tracking? Unused copy of Humans of New York photographed by Brandon Stanton, a photographic census of New York City taken in the summer of 2010, St. Social networking, when done properly can really help you realize your full potential but you will need to first identify who is your target audience.
The way this happens is you get people talking about your organization on Facebook and Twitter. If you establish a rapport with your subject via some friendly conversation, it makes the work of networking much more comfortable. Putting the work into developing your own personal value statement will come in handy in future conversations. It’s also crucial that you supply supporting facts and details to give people a deeper understanding and greater appreciation of what you have to offer. Those you are meeting and speaking with, will not perceive your ringing phone as popularity but rather as a lack of class which can damage potential trust. Your finish is just as important as your introduction, and exiting a conversation can be difficult. You’ve made some sales networking connections, collected some email addresses and phone numbers, so now what? I’ll cover ten tips of what to do and some ideas of what not to do so you aren’t left looking like a Network Marketing Bad Boy or Girl! Click the icon, top left (right between to two title links) to open the player and listen in! Listening to her is so motivating and reassuring when I doubt my abilities to succeed in MLM. Arrive early – take advantage of this time to network with others who come early as these can be powerful connections you make! Have business cards – always be prepared because people will ask and wait for them to ask. Have your elevator pitch and networking conversation practiced and ready – be polished and effective. Find Networking events such as the Chamber of Commerce, BNI, Referral Network and other type of events. Whether you are installing an office of 300 users or need a few extra points for new users or network devices we will be happy to help. Networking is about meeting potential customers and leads, and building a relationship with them, with the goal of being in the right place at the right time to be considered when an opportunity arises. If you standardize and capture key insights you will be able to discern when a business could potentially benefit from your solution even if they do not yet perceive the need.

You want to produce material that supports delivering unique insights and helps position your company as thought leaders in your industry. Once you have identified your target audience you can develop a marketing plan to get your name out there. Every person on these social networking websites knows other people who know other people and so on ….
There is an entire world that exists online, and it is to your benefit to become a part of it. When your details are compared, you want to make sure that an accurate and authentic picture of you is painted.
Even simple messages will leave a nice taste in every one’s mouth and you’ll be remembered for it later. You have to make a lifestyle of it for a good 6 months to a year before it will start working in your favor. Identifying and targeting businesses that are not yet in a buying cycle can be a competitive advantage.
As you refine this process you can develop filters to identify the potential of your prospects, the probability of closure and the energy to invest. Marketing efforts and sales processes need to dovetail so that your sales team has the information of great value to your market. If you can get people talking about your product or service there will be a massive spike in the total amount of interest in whatever you are selling. A cell phone with text messaging and email capabilities will help you to increase your responsiveness when needed. Maybe you’ll suggest or book a lunch appointment, or a coffee, or perhaps you’ll send an informational email. By helping these businesses understand new trends in their industry, or providing considerations on how to improve their business, your team develops a position of leadership. Your team should understand that the goal is to position themselves as trusted advisors, experts whose opinions should be sought out. Give your sales team the training and tools they need to light up their networking and support it with an insight selling strategy. When networking is as much as how your sales team can help others with their expert knowledge, as it is about who they can sell to, it will be a rewarding investment of time.
For instance, if you’re a ‘marketing director,’ then schedule a lunch or coffee meeting with other marketing directors.
You could also join a club or group of professionals in your area in the same field of sales in which you are involved.

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